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Worst and Best Advice

Today’s challenge is about another reflection on your past. I feel like, as writers, we’ve all definitely gotten some advice from others. Now… some of that is good advice, and some of that is bad advice. 

I want to take you through a bit of each.

We’ll start with the good. I think one of the best pieces of advice that I’ve ever gotten came from when I was pretty young. I don’t remember who told me — maybe I read it from an author, or maybe it was one of my teachers. But the best bit of advice that I’ve ever gotten was to keep writing. Don’t quit. Even when you feel like you don’t have anything left. Even when your stuff gets rejected, even when you get a negati…

OH! I remember where this came from now. Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wrote Phantom of the Opera fanfics. And once upon a time, she wrote that Raoul turned into a drunk.

The fic? Super popular. 

Along with the super popular came the droves of what we will call the Negative-Nancy-Type. They moaned and cried and said that Raoul would NEVER be a drunk (Suck it. It’s cannon now xD) and wah wah, attacked me, flamed me, started a bit of a war in my comments with people who liked the story… and ultimately got it taken down.

I wanted to quit writing. I was a devastated little teenager who lost something that had over 600 comments. That was a big thing for me at the time.

And then one of my friends told me… no, you don’t give in to that. You keep writing. 

You keep on keeping on, and you show them and everyone else that they can’t stop you. Even if you don’t feel like it, even if you’re upset.

Push through.

And I did.

It’s something I still try to live by. There are times when life gets you down, hard. You lose your work. Your file corrupts. Someone flames your story, or tries to tear you down.

You keep on. Even if it seems like it won’t get better.

Keep On Writing On ❤

Now then! For the flipside. The worst advice that I have ever heard, and I’ve heard it from multiple people… is to wait for your muse to tell you what to do.

It’s kind of really the opposite side of the coin there, because I swear to you… when the trolls got that fanfic taken down, the kidnapped my muse, poured gasoline over her head… and they sat her on fire. Then they laughed. And they roasted weenies. And they sent me pictures.

The thing is, you can’t wait for some imaginary flight of fancy creature to light on your shoulder and show you the way. You won’t always have the perfect inspiration.

Sometimes you just have to write even when you’re feeling blah. In the end, you are your own muse. Your determination, your ability to keep writing even when you don’t necessarily feel like it, your characters and drive and story should be your muse. Let your talent and your passion be that little flight of fancy. And maybe sometimes you have to drag it out kicking and screaming… but it’s always there inside of you, and you don’t have to wait around, you know?

This isn’t to say that it is wrong to take a break. If you need to, you take time away from your writing… but acknowledge that you’re doing it, you’re making that decision. It isn’t some mythical creature barring your way. If you do that, you can pick it back up when YOU are ready, not when Aforementioned Muse tells you to.

So yeah. Those are my two best and worst tips. I could stop here, but we’ll go ahead and throw out a few more fun tips and not so fun tips I’ve gotten.

On the good side: 

  • Save, and save often.
  • If you get stuck in a scene, make a note, push through, and come back later.
  • Plotting, even the smallest bit of plotting to know your general beginning, middle and end can save you if you’re the kind of person who tries to pants and never finishes things.
  • Scrivener, 4theWords, and mywriteclub are you friends.
  • Fanfiction can really help you grow as a writer.
  • So can RP.
  • Read. Read. Read.
  • Your writing is always worth it. 
  • Never give up.

On the bad side:

  • You need to make sure your first draft is perfect.
  • You don’t have to read to grow as a writer.
  • All first drafts are complete shit. (Fight me.)
  • You’ll never be taken seriously if you write fanfiction.
  • You can’t write xyz. (Fight me x2.)
  • Unless you’re published, you aren’t a writer.

So yeah. There we are! A few of my best and worst writing tips and advice that other people have told me. What about you? What things have people told you that are just… fantastic, or maybe should go into the bin! Let me know!

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
Author Amanda McCormick
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Blog Challenge: Your Writing Journey!

Today, the question that I posed for my blog babies was this! I think that it can be a real joy sometimes to look at where you’ve come from. It isn’t just about seeing how much technology has advanced (which, wow… it super has!) but also it shows us how old we all were when we started writing, where we started… it lets every single one of us see that we’ve grown as writers in talent and in our tools!

So, I’ll go ahead and get this started off. Once upon a time, I decided that I was going to write a book when I was in the 6th grade. Had I ever written a book… or really much of anything before?

Nah, not really.

Did it matter?

Not in the least.

So, I picked up my composition notebook with my Harry Potter bumper sticker on it (Big cringe) and I started writing. 

Did I have any idea of what I was doing?

Nah, not really…

Did I have a story that was half fantasy, half weird love triangle, all dragons and all witches?


What, did you think I was lying?

Now, I wouldn’t let the contents of that sucker see the light of day for anyone to read, but I am still extremely proud of the fact that I wrote it. it was the start of a real journey for me. Before that, I’d always made stories up in my head (so. many. stories.), but I never thought that it was worth writing them down. It was honestly a teacher say, “Wow, Amanda, you should think about writing!” after reading one of my school papers that got me to getting. ❤ I think that all writers who got kicked in the pants that way have that one teacher they’re thankful for.

So, wee baby Amanda at the age of 10-11 wrote her first book. And then I realized that I was completely addicted to writing. So… wee baby Amanda who was still a wee baby hopped her butt onto the computer that was in her parent’s room. Windows 98 or 2000 or something really cringe like that. Microsoft Word Version Old (I just went and looked at the file. Microsoft Word 97, my dears)… and I typed out book #2. 

Now, we’re going to take a brief interlude here to say that I was actually extremely efficient at typing even when I was younger. One of the games that I played all of the time on my parents computer was Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 5 (I went and looked up the exact version of it to make sure that I was correct here)… and one of the games on there… you were in a submarine, the music was tense… and there was a little sonar thing in the corner that showed this shark getting closer and closer to you unless you typed fast and accurately.

Submarine Game - Lose - Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 5 - OPL3 - YouTube
You don’t understand how scary it was…

I learned to type like the wind, less Jaw eat my ass.

Okay, interlude over. So… I typed out that second book — my first typed book. And I was even more delighted with myself when I had my Aunt print it out for me at work (she was at a hospital with access to ink xD). I immediately started working on my next book… which I mostly finished >_> And then started in on a big undertaking — my first trilogy. 

At that point, the computer that I’d so meticulously worked on in my parents room had been moved to my bedroom… and I’d frequently sneak out of bed to work on my novel. Because I was going to be an author, of course. Publishing plans and flights of fancy were swirling in my head.

Desktop Computer stock photo © Feng Yu (devon) (#199993) | Stockfresh
And yes, I saved every book I wrote on this sucker to a FLOPPY DISC. Fight me.

Book one down. Book two down. Book three mostly down (because I was too young and way too in the South to let my main character just have BOTH of the men she was dating and I didn’t want to kill one of them xD)… and my writing journey continues. 

I babysat. All summer. I kept my kiddo over night, I worked my butt off for 20 dollars here and 20 dollars there. And I finally, FINALLY saved up enough to have my Aunt (same one who printed out my book for me) to buy me my very own, super cool, super official (you could kill someone with how heavy it was) Dell Laptop.

I was so fucking proud of myself. I’d gotten this thing, and I was so ready to just… write up all of the words that existed in my head.

And I did. >_> I fell hardcore into fanfiction (, you monster), I wrote 3 or 4 more books… and I updated my Microsoft Word from year to year as the new versions came out.

Fastforward to NaNoWriMo — the year is 2013, Amanda has just created her first writing group on Skype… and she discovers a program called Scrivner.

Boom. Life. Changed. 

I’ve ranted and raved about the program before, so I won’t go into huge detail… but think organization, chapter separation, a place for notes and pictures… everything all in one location.

Before this, my books all had a folder. Each folder had at least 5 folders inside of it. “Notes, pictures, scrap scenes, plots, actual book, actual book take two, etc.” 

I found Scriv, and all of that could fit into one solitary location. It really revolutionized the way that I wrote, and I was so proud of myself. (At this time, I was on my…  like 5th or so laptop and I’d moved across the country from Kentucky to California.). I used that exclusively for quite a few years. And then (another 2 laptops later… shut up, I have bad luck) I discovered the website 4thewords. Now, 4thewords is a cool little interactive website/game where you can write words to kill monsters. 

I had also, at some point, discovered GoogleDocs. 

The evolution of Amanda is almost complete. 

2020… a filthy, dirty year full of filthy, dirty things. But one good thing came out of it. I got a Macbook Air. With Scriv3 and OmmWriter. The latter is a basic writing program that comes with music and typing sound effects. Amazing. Wonderful. Kiss the air. 

So we have Amanda, who uses Scriv, GoogleDocs, Microsoft Word, 4thewords… on her Macbook and on her PC. The evolution of the writer is complete… and somehow, over a fleet of broken laptops, a million different word processor tries, I’ve finished 13 or so manuscripts, I have about 20 others in progress or mostly finished… and I’m still evolving and growing every day as a writer. 

Life’s funny. Interesting, funny, and it’s fun to think about where my writing journey will take me in the next 20 years. (God, am I really that old?)

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
Author Amanda McCormick
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Blog Challenge: A Good Day

Oh damn, she was too lazy to make a graphic this time.

Today’s challenge: Pat yourself on the back. Tell us about a time when you had an amazing writing session! How many words did you get? What were you working on? How did it feel? Remembering how good this is can help you strive for these awesome days again in the future!

I will casually look at the quote above and pretend that I made a pretty graphic to go along with it. Sometimes, you’re just a little tired and you end up not doing that. Today, my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, and I’m afraid I’m going to need a second or third cup before I really wake up.

Until then, I can go ahead and get to getting on the question at hand. There is something oddly fun about reflecting back on your past and your accomplishments. I think that sometimes, a healthy dose of bragging can actually be good for you. I do not recommend being the type of person who just pontificates daily about how awesome you are — that’s how you don’t get to have any friends.

But… if you want to take the time, sit back, and write a blog about your accomplishments? Hell yeah. I’ve realized while being involved with the writing community that we’re a pretty great group of people. More often than not, if you do talk about those accomplishments and you aren’t doing the above ‘I am the best’ that I talked about… the community just wants to be happy for you. They want to celebrate your accomplishments, even if it’s just those 100 words that you were so excited about finally getting on your fic.

For me, I think that one of the biggest and best writing days (in the singular) that I had was the first time that I did a 10k day for NaNo. I really went into it unsure of if I was going to be able to, and then the words just flew from my fingers. There was something really intoxicating about what I’d just done, and amazing in the fact that I’d gotten so many words.

Yeah, they were first draft words, but they weren’t bad words.

I made a habit of doing a 10k first day for NaNo every year after that, and it’s a habit that I haven’t broken yet, and one that really brings me a huge amount of joy every time I do it, I think more because I’m remembering how amazing and accomplished I felt that first time more than anything else.

I can remember finishing that book in my first year of NaNo — I was on a real high from joining the community, getting to find so many amazing people to write with, and writing my first (pretty fat) fantasy novel. I had my husband take me to staples and we printed it out with a coil binding and plastic covers… and yeah, I was pretty happy about it.

It’s little experiences like this that really help us to strive forward as writers, I think. There are moments when we feel a real sense of accomplishment. When we know that we did the thing, and we can do it again. I live for those moments — even better, though. Now that I am on a big, active writer community (My Discord Server), I get to see other people experience those moments as well. It honestly makes me just as if not more excited now-a-days to see a fellow writer who really got into what they were writing, who is really proud of how well they did.

I love to see it.

So, tell me about a time that you had an amazing writing session ❤ Let me cheer you on!

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
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Weekly Update (9/1/20 – 9/6/20)

Let’s get to updating on what I’ve been doing this week! I was trying to spread my updates out, but I think that one of the best ways for me to handle it what with me doing a writing challenge will be to update reading and writing in one swoop. So first!


I haven’t written today (oopse), so my total is 17,185, I am intending to get 3k today (at least), so assume that my count for the week is right around 20,000 words.

Not to shabby for one week’s work. As of yet, MilWordy hasn’t actually gotten all that hard for me. It might have something to do with the fact that I’m waking up pretty early and getting my words in before noon-time rolls around. It might be the fact that I’m on the wings of that first week and I’m feeling that high. I have a year to crash, so there’s a chance it will happen.

Whatever it is, I’m going to ride it out for as long as I can and enjoy the influx of words while they’re coming easily.

My Discord Server is doing quite a few things to help out with getting our word counts in. We’re doing daily check-ins, we have an amazing spreadsheet, and we are doing blog challenges and events! I’m really hoping that we can keep our momentum going by being a community, because honestly… there’s nothing better for a writing event than a bunch of your friends doing it with you!

As to what I’ve been writing, I’ve spread it through 7 Projects so far. 2 of them are novels, I have RP going on, a journal, this blog, and then commission work and a short story collection.

That’s really one of my tricks in this particular adventure — I’m trying to have a wide variety of things that I can work on. I usually want to put at least 1k into the novel that I’m currently working on, more, if I can manage… but having little other things to dart to while I’m in the process really, does amazing things for keeping my creativity flowing when it might otherwise stagnate.


I’ve been a bit lax on my reading this week, though I’ve still gotten plenty done. I’m chugging right on through Pet Semetary, I ordered a copy of The Stand, and I am working on reading a physical copy of The Shining.

I’m doing a pretty good job of picking through Words of Radiance as well, though I really want to just sit down and have a good binge session with that. I think if I can get a 10k writing day in soon, I might reward myself in that fashion. That could be a lot of fun, and a great motivator for me.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do when I eventually get off of my Stephen King kick. I’m really wanting to re-read all of the Anita Blake books, so probably that? I should fly through those pretty quickly as well, so that will be a fun little boost for my reading goals!

Anyway, that’s pretty much all that’s going on with my reading and writing. Life is going how it always does. I went and got some Halloween decorations and put them up today (fight me), and I spend most of my time taking care of some very clingy children.

It’s pretty good, all things considered ❤

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
Author Amanda McCormick
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Writer’s Block? Yes or No?

Hey! So, for those of you who don’t know, I do a blog challenge over on my Discord Server! I thought that I would get fancy and actually make a picture for it… because why not? if you want to, feel free to follow along! I’m going to start posting links to the people who join, the people who write, and the blogs that they post! If you’re participating over on Instagram instead, I’ll reblog you there!

Anyway, today’s challenge is:

I made a fancy picture, pretty nifty, eh? Not really, I know.

I know, I know. I think I’ve written a blog or two on this before. But thoughts and feelings change through the years, and I like to revisit some topics, especially when I’m doing a blog challenge.

So, my answer on this used to be a hot take… but it seems like authors have so much more of a voice lately, so there are so many different answers. I’m actually excited to see what people think about this one, because I always find the perspective of this question fascinating.

For me, on a personal level, I do not believe in writer’s block. I do not believe that a little muse is on my shoulder, fickle and hateful and willing to abandon me in my time of need. I believe that you can feel inspired to write, certainly, but I don’t think that any kind of block of absence of a muse can stop you from doing it even if you don’t feel like it. To me, writer’s block is just a mental thing that you have to overcome — either you’re going to say to yourself “Look, self, you’re gonna write anyway. It might take an hour instead of ten minutes, but you’re going to get this scene.” Or… you can go and lay on the couch and binge Dexter on Netflix for the tenth time while eating left over Panda.

I mean.

That isn’t a glimpse into my life, really…

The thing is, even though I don’t believe in Writer’s Block, I sometimes let it get me anyway. I know that it isn’t a real thing. I am aware of the fact that all that I have to do is get up, get onto my computer, and get to writing… and you know what?

road to el dorado can't do it gif | WiffleGif

I say, “No. I’m blocked. Can’t do it. Not today.” I let myself fall into that trap of writer’s block, even if it’s something that I mentally know doesn’t exist and doesn’t stop me from getting my words in. It’s easier sometimes than facing the fact that I don’t want to write.

And that’s what I’m getting to here. I think as writers, we often times feel like we have to want to write all of the time, no matter what, we are always inspired and the words are always flitting from our fingers like little sparks of joy.


Haha, no. One of the main things that has really helped me to get over the concept of ‘writer’s block’ as a whole is realizing that I’m not always going to feel like writing. There are days when it’s actually a bit of a chore to get up and get to typing… but more often than not, once I actually get over that initial hurdle of my couch calling me to watch Dexter or Lucifer, or house renovation shows… once I get to typing… I realize that it’s not actually that hard. If I have a deadline, if I need to get x amount of words, I can always get up and do it… and in the end, my words when I’m feeling inspired and englightened are just as good as the words that I get when I’m feeling sluggish and need four cups of coffee just to get the motor running.

When we can forgive ourselves for not being constantly inspired, and not constantly wanting to write, I think that it’s a lot easier to get to it even when it doesn’t come easily to you. And more than that… I think it’s easier to give yourself that binge break occasionally when you need a mental break, as long as you have the awareness that it isn’t happening because of some huge, unsurmountable wall that you can’t get over. You can stop, watch TV for a few hours, and then get up and get back to writing the next day. There is no writer’s block — there is writer’s guilt.

Stop being guilty. It’s okay.

Of course, this is just my personal take on this! I’d love to hear what you guys think!

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
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Currently, 9/3/2020

I knew that I still had this image somewhere in the depths of my blog photos.


I am currently loving Monster Coffee Kona Blend. I wanted to get a coffee subscription for cold coffee, because I am a caffeine addict and I don’t know how to function without at least 80% of my blood stream saturated with the stuff… and it’s so yummy. It really gives me the boost that I need when I’m feeling a bit sluggish (See: I have two children who have insomnia just as bad as I do, and there’s no escape from never sleeping.)


I’m reading a few different things. Recently, I’ve realized that I enjoy reading even more if I have 3 or 4 different books that I can flip through in different formats. I don’t know why, but it makes me really happy.

Pet Sematary: A Novel: King, Stephen: 9781501156700: Books

The first thing that I’ll talk about is Pet Semetary. I’ve been listening to this for a little bit now, and I have to say that I’m seriously enjoying it. I have the Audio Book version, and Michael C. Hall (See, Dexter Morgan) is reading it… and I have to say, he’s doing a freaking phenomenal job, and it’s making me listen to it slower than I usually do audio books, due to the fact that I haven’t blasted him up to 2x speed so that my brain doesn’t get bored with what I’m hearing. He’s so good at the reading that I just want to listen to the voices and characters that he’s creating.

The Shining by Stephen King, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Next up is The Shining, also by Stephen King. Are you seeing the trend here? I’ve recently started reading a lot of his novels, and I have to say that I’m getting addicted. He just has a way with his writing, words, stories and characters that is really intriguing me. I find myself wanting to dive into more and more of his works. I’ve been hitting the more popular ones so far, but I’m going to get into the lesser known things eventually, and I’m seriously looking forward to it.

Listen to Words of Radiance Audiobook Streaming Online Free

And then finally… Words of Radiance. I seriously can’t with this. It gets its own blog post. This is the second book in the Stormlight Archive series, and it’s honestly so beautifully and well written that I could die.


So, this isn’t as easy to answer as other things. I’ve been watching CocoMelon and I have been watching Epic Rap Battle. I’ve been watching ABC Monsters… and occasionally, I’ve gotten to watch Kate Cavanaugh. My kids rule my television 99.9% of the time, and I spend most of my time doing my best to make sure that the things that they watch are educational.

On the off chance that I am allowed to pick what I’m watching and I don’t have to be on youtube, I’ve been peeking at a lot of home renovation shows lately. It’s a new guilty pleasure of mine, and one that I will indulge whenever I am given the chance. So, the current Jam is a show called Fixer Upers.

Love it. Love it. Love it.


Entirely too much? I’m doing MilWordy and I have a ton of projects going on. My Discord Group has about 20+ participating, so we’re all honestly writing our little hearts out. I guess if you wanted to get technical, currently I am writing this blog. Ha. Honestly… I have 2 novels that I’m really prodding into the most. One is called Canceled, and is about a Narrator, and then one is called The Darkest Deep… and is about sea monsters and the end of the world?

I’m also diving back into RPing, and it’s been so enjoyable to get words down with other people. There’s something so appealing about the creativity that comes with spilling into a world with another person there with you. I love it. I really wasn’t lying about currently writing this blog, though? I am going to to get blogs down at least every other day, because it helps with MilWordy words, and it’s also just a good practice for me!

Listening To

Help me.

What? I told you that my kids have an addiction. Ha. Other than that, I have actually been listening to the soundtrack for the movie Before I Fall a lot lately, because it fits a lot of the vibes of one of the books that I’m writing. My listening really varies a LOT though. I have a Spotify, and I have a playlist for every single book that I’m writing, and it ranges from classical to Veil of Maya, so.

Thinking About

Buying a house. My husband and I have been renting, and it’s really time for us to just own something with a yard and a fence and a place where our kids can play… and a place where I can paint the walls whatever color I want and have a little mini library.

Hush. I have needs.


See above. Ha. There are a lot of things that I’m anticipating, though. I’m anticipating the cooler weather, I’m anticipating fall. I’m anticipating some day when I can go outside and play with my kids without masks. I’m anticipating this first month of MilWordy to be over, because I’m honestly ridiculously excited to see how everyone’s stats are doing.

I’m also anticipating the next DLC for Borderlands 3, cause it’s going to have my boy Kreig in it, and I wanna see how he’s feeling.

As far as my writing goes, I’m really anticipating getting the first draft of these two novels finished. I have over 10k in each of them, so I’m getting into some of the really good stuff now that we’re through the intro, and there’s just always something so exciting about finishing a first draft. Hopefully by the end of MilWordy, I’ll be drowning in a bunch of drafts I can work with.


Gosh, it’s a crazy wish… but I’m hoping that the world can change? The state of everything right now is wild — the state of how things have been for a long time is wild. I want to leave my kids in a world better than the one where I grew up, where equality is a real thing and people don’t have to be afraid.

I’m wishing for a house.

I’m wishing for good words for the day.

I’m wishing for coffee.

I guess I’m just wishing for peacefulness?

Making Me Happy

My kids. My husband. My writing server. My family. Honestly, even though things are crazy right now, I have so many things to be thankful for. There are so many good people in my life, and there are so many people right now fighting for the change that I spoke of above. At the end of the day, having my one year old cuddle with me in my arms and my three year old falling asleep on my legs is pretty amazing.

Add to that a husband who works so hard to make sure we have an amazing life and supports me in all of my writing endeavors, no matter what.. well… my home life is pretty awesome.

My writing server is an absolute delight right now. We have so many people active and participating, and I can’t wait to see how they do with their writing challenges this month and year!

I’d love to see you guys do a Currently post as well! Link back to me if you do!

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
Author Amanda McCormick
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MilWordy – Day One

Oh goodness, it’s that time, isn’t it? MilWordy has started today (I talked about it in a previoius blog post HERE)… and I have to say that I’m more excited about it than I have been for a writing event in a while. I mean, don’t get me wrong… I get the real hype every year when NaNo comes around… but this is something different. This is even more exciting to me.

It’s a year long thing, and we have so many people participating in my Discord Server that it really feels like a group event, group accountability, group activity! I know that there are tons of other people participating as well, so I’m hoping to make some new friends via Instagram and here while it’s all going on.

I have my spread sheet made up and set out. I’ll share it with you guys, in case you want to get some ideas!

My very colorful google docs spreadsheet. I’m a bit odd, ignore me.

Basically, I have it split into a few categories:

New Stories

In Progress Stories

Creative Writing


I could have just kept it all as one big running track, but I really like to see where I’m putting my words, and how I’m utilizing my time. I think that a combination of the spreadsheet, and then keeping track by hand (I’m going to be getting a notebook set up for just MilWordy, so that should be really interesting to see how that goes) is going to give me the stats and information that I want out of all of this.

I think that one of the main things that I’m hoping to get out of this, at least on a personal level, is the fact that I’m going to be getting into a properly consistent writing habit again, for one… but secondly, I’m going to be finishing the handful of outlying projects that I’ve had sitting for a while.

I have a duology that I want to publish — probably self publish… and I’ve been putting off working on that because I want to write the second one before I really start working on that. I should finish it because of MilWordy.

I have a horror/romance that I want to try to traditionally publish… and I’ve been putting off that as well, because I just wasn’t sure if I was ready to try to publish… and I’m going to finish that.

All of the projects that I have listed are in varying stages of “I want to be working on this, I know that I should be.” And even though I have around 10 finished drafts of stories, for one reason or another (the series isn’t complete, I need to rewrite, etc) I haven’t been working on it.

Well… Amanda… welcome to the fact that you have a year to get one-million-freaking-words, so if you don’t finish them in that time, you’re doing something wrong.

I’m really going to just take this as an opportunity to finish everything that I want to finish, and to get myself in gear and ready to publish. I think it’s a good goal.

I hope it’s a good goal.

I’m ready to find out.

What about you guys? What are you doing for MilWordy, what are you hoping to get out of it? I’d love to hear all about it!

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
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MilWordy Challenge!

I’m going to try to do do Kate Cavanaugh’s MilWordy challenge. Oooo, what’s that you ask? Well, I just so happen to have a video that will explain exactly what it is, handy and dandy!

So, once you’ve watched that, you’ve garnered the fact that this is a challenge to write one million words in a year. I thought about doing this before, but I got distracted.

I’m honestly crazy for trying right now, what with the fact that I have kids who distract me so frequently that I know it’s going to be really hard for me to do.

But… I figure… even if I only get half of it? Even if I only write 500,000 words in a year.

Dude, that’s 500,000 words in a year. That’s a big whopping amount of words.

I have a few things that I’m going to use to get through this – first of all, I’m going to let the people on my writing Discord (INSERT LINK HERE) know what I’m doing. I think that having them keep me accountable is going to be a great way to get things going.

Secondly, I have a pretty cool spreadsheet that I plan on working with, tweaking, and hopefully making perfect for the situation. I really enjoy my stats, writing down things. Seeing how I’m doing.

And third… I’m going to be telling you guys all about it. I’ll probably update y’all once a week, and then one overall update for the month. I figure that the best way for me to do this is to just make sure that I’m accountable on as many venues as possible.

So… I’m also going to have it on my Instagram (INSERT LINK HERE) if you guys wanna to follow along there. There will probably be short videos as well, on that front.

So, if you want to follow along or participate with me, just check out my discord or Instagram! I can’t wait to see what we can get accomplished in 12 months!

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
Author Amanda McCormick
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I Always Come Back

Ha, you guys knew I’d end up coming back, right? I try to keep consistent on this blog, but life does occasionally get in the way. That’s part of what’s so good about a blog though — I can come back some time later and enjoy the fact that there are still people here, ready and waiting to read.

So, for a few updates for this blog. I won Camp NaNo. I finished the draft that I was working on (Committing Murder), got it printed, and worked on another draft for a bit of the remainder of the month. I’m pretty pleased with the progress that I made.

I’m also reading a lot more. Libby (which I will do an entire blog on) is a lifesaver, and I’ve started The Way Of Kings by Brandon Sanderson… so. Good. Oh my God. Entire blog about that one happening as well.

I’ve also gotten a new gaming computer and a new laptop, which… again, blog about those later xD and started using Instagram <— Clickclickyclick to see.

I’m using a planner, and hopefully I’ll be starting off with 3 posts a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). So… Friday is updating about my reading ❤ I’ll see y’all then!

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
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I am suffering from an inability to concentrate. I’m used to be able to get out and get some energy out, or get out so that I can come back and focus… and here I am, not being able to get out. It’s messing with my concentration (that, and the fact that my children are wilding out because of the stir craze).

So, how do you deal with your concentration being a bit wrecked because you don’t have the ability to follow whatever usual routine you used to have?

Well, first of all, you accept the fact that your routine just isn’t going to be the same for the moment, and there isn’t anything wrong with it. You might be able to get more words, you might be able to get less… but things are going to be a little different… so… you need to establish a new routine. Set yourself up a new schedule, set yourself expectations. You have to change things around so that you’re getting a new habit going — unless your habits haven’t been changed by everything going on… in which case ❤ Awesome and you keep on keeping on!

❤ These are the things that have worked for me, though. I downloaded Microsoft To-Do (across phone and computer), I set new goals for myself, and I try to just get it done as much as I can. And as for concentration (I’ve been writing this blog for the past hour because of the lack of it), just steal away the quiet moments that you can. Set yourself apart at least 15-30 minutes to write if you can manage, and take advantage of it. Do what you can, the best you can. It’s all that you can do right now ❤

I think the most important piece of advice, and the one that I can give a 100% stamp of “this is right” on is this… don’t be hard on yourself right now. Things are weird, things are changing, and you are allowed to be thrown off ❤ Just keep trying.

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
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