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Life and Writing

Hello, everyone! You haven’t heard from me since the end of NaNo (I won with around 112,000 words!), and that’s because I needed a break after all of that writing. Well, that and the fact that my little one has been majorly fussy for the past week. I wanted to go ahead though and let you guys know what the future of this blog was going to be, what with the baby, the new year, and everything else!

No worries! Of course! I’m actually going to try to get back onto a daily posting schedule, while maybe taking the weekends as a “could post, but might just nap” time. I will be featuring weekly “What I’m Reading/Author/Book spotlights” or Book reviews, if I’ve finished the novel. I’ll be doing weekly writing prompts again. I’ll also have up writing tips/writing with kiddos tips, more about books and reading, and my overall thoughts! I’m really excited to dive back into it! I’d also love to hear from you guys!

Have you written a book and you want to be featured on the blog? Just hit me up here, or send me an email –! If you have any blog suggestions or any tips that you’d like for me to discuss, I’d love to hear about it. Part of what I adore so much with this blog is getting to interact with all of you! I can’t wait to dive back in to posting every day!

Until then!

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Life and Writing

Now that things are settling down, I’m hoping that I can get back to blogging again. I do know that it probably won’t be an everyday thing for a little while… because I certainly have some distractions that are stopping me from being able to commit to sitting down every day and formulate a coherent blog xD but, things are finally calming to the point that I feel like I can post one or two times a week again without fail.

I have to say that life with a newborn and still trying to write is challenging, to say the least. Hell, life with a newborn and trying to do things like eat regularly and get showers when I want is a challenging thing. Still, I’m managing to do those things (mostly)… so I think I can do this, too!

Things have been so strange and different! I do want to thank all of you for the congrats on the baby ❤ I’m sorry that I couldn’t get back to them sooner… hectic. Things are hectic when you’re a breast feeding mother; all that the kiddo wants to do is be on my chest. Most of the time, when I finally get him settled down to nap, if I get time to go to the computer (I’m usually scrambling to do laundry, eat, clean while he’s down), he’ll manage to wake up because he can sense that I’m wanting to be a little creative.

It’s just how he do. I’m not upset about it – I actually expected myself to need a month or two to adjust to everything. Hell, I expected to need to take a month or two to just heal up and want to be doing things. Thankfully, I felt pretty good the day after I had the baby, so I’m not having to worry about that. I just have to worry about the fact that I need to figure out a new writing routine… and that’s what this is all about, really. I am going to figure out a new writing routine. I know things are going to be a little easier when I get a mobywrap, because I’m going to be able to wear my little monster. He’s a mama’s baby, so he will be a lot happier on my chest. But, I’m going to figure it out. I am determined, and it makes me excited that I’m determined. My writing mojo kinda disappeared for a while during my pregnancy, but it’s come back in full swing.

It’s just a matter of figuring out where it fits into my new life. I know things are different, but just because things in your life change, that doesn’t mean that you have to change your passions.

You just have to figure out how to adjust.

I know for now I’m probably not going to be doing any in depth work on my novels, as much as I’d like to. For now, I’m probably going to work on fics when I can and try to get some writing prompts done. I’ll be doing RP replies. It will help me get back into the proper swing of writing, without being a novel that I’m just gonna have to tear apart again if I end up doing something poorly because I was stressing myself into doing my novel.

I do think that by November, I will have things figured out enough that I’m going to be able to participate in NaNoWriMo. I’m excited about it, even though I’m not sure what I’m going to work on. I had hoped that I would have finished my two novels that I’m wanting to option for actual publishing so that I could work on their sequels…

I don’t know that I’m going to be that figured out… but that’s the point. I’m going to take it day by day, until I figure out how to get my writing into my schedule again.

I’m going to take it day by day and remember that we need to always make time for ourselves and for our passions, no matter what is going on in our lives. I want to teach my little sweet miracle baby that it is always important to pursue your dreams, even when things get hard. I’m not going to fold now and let him be the excuse for me to not be a good role model. No, I want to teach him that dreams are always worth striving for, and passions are what make us burn on the inside.

So, hopefully, when I write my next blog, it will be with an update of the things that I’ve gotten done!

Until then, though! Keep on keeping on! Keep on writing, and I hope that you’re all doing fantastic!

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So… the July Camp NaNo that may or may not be won… that’s what I’m calling this particular Camp. You see, the thing is… I’m due to have my little baby July 7th >_> The fact is, I don’t know how much writing I’m going to be able to get done in the month of July…

But that’s exactly why I signed up for Camp. I sat my goal relatively low, and I want to see if I can hit it. I very much want to try to push myself to still get writing done, even when things are so chaotic. I’ve just gotten settled into my new writing environment where I can actually sit and write again. I’m really, really ready to get back onto a schedule.

It’s just going to be a matter of figuring out that new schedule once the baby gets here!

I am definitely going to take you guys on a strange journey of trying to figure out how to write while I have a newborn, but I figure that Camp is a great dry run for actual NaNo. My goal is to be able to still win in November.

I think I can do it ❤

Until next time, guys! Let me know about your Camp NaNo plans!

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Tag Thursday

What is today? Today is a Thursday >_> and apparently the day that I decide to get back into my blogging. I’ve feeling great! I’m going to do an update blog after I finish this, but I wanted to get back into this exactly how they’re supposed to be going… so, Tag Thursday it is! I grabbed this tag from Jenna Moreci’s vlog! Enjoy, because here we go!

What kind of writer are you?

I am taking this to mean what genre do I write in? I dabble here and there, though you’ll mostly find me in the young adult area. However, amongst that I’ve done horror, paranormal romance, and high fantasy. I also wrote most of a lesbian sci-fi romance for NaNoWriMo this last year… I pretty much go wherever my muse takes me; it’s my favorite thing, exploring avenues that I haven’t been down yet… because you never know what surprises you’re going to find!

When did you start writing and what made you want to try it?

Shoot, I’ve written for a long time. I’ve always, always loved to read, and even before I was physically putting them down… I was writing entire novels in my head to put myself to sleep, finishing up books the way that I wanted them to end. I wrote my first novel in 6th grade though. I guess what made me want to try it was just the knowledge that there were so many worlds out there that only I could make. I also really, really wanted to make other people happy, the way that books made me happy.

What inspires your stories?

There is no one thing that inspires my stories. Sometimes I just have a dream, and realize that it needs to be a novel. Sometimes, it’s a writing prompt that I see. Sometimes, I go to my husband and I say: I want to write a novel about zombies. Tell me something that would make this interesting… and then he gives me a twist to it, and it turns into a novel. My creativity more than anything else inspires me, and the world around me.

What themes do you explore in your writing?

No particular theme. I feel like those are kind of something that you discover as you’re plotting your story out, isn’t it? I’m not the kind of person who is centric to one theme and one theme only as a driving force. I’m everywhere.

Are you a plotter, pantser, or plantser?

I would consider myself a plantser. I plot, but I don’t plot so heavily that I don’t have wiggle room. I try to leave myself space for discovery while having a clear route from beginning to end – if I just so happen to deviate and see something along the way? Well, all the better, yes?

Where are you in your writing journey?

I… am… in a weird place. I have two novels that I really feel like I could seek publication with if I ever got them properly polished up. I have an amazing support system in my husband and family, and I’m pretty happy with the social media presence that I am very slowly garnering. I don’t know… I’m just on the teetering edge of really going for it, I guess. But being pregnant and wanting to really show my kiddo that you can go for your dreams may be the push that I need.

Have you entered any writing contests, and have you won or lost any?

Uh? Yeah, I’ve entered a few in my lifetime? I’ve won the few that I entered, but it hasn’t been too many? I’m really weirdly private about my writing… which I should get over, since I wanna get published.

Who are your writing heroes?

L.J. Smith and J.K. Rowling. – L.J. because she’s the one who really got me into the genre that I started writing in. Rowling because she was turned down so many times, and look at her now. Honestly, everyone who strives for and acheives their dreams inspire me.

Have you been to a writing conference?

Nope. I should change that.

What are your top three tips for newbie writers?

Ohhh, top three tips, huh? Well, lesse.

  1. Keep writing – that’s the hardest part. It isn’t always going to be good, and it certainly isn’t always going to be easy… but the best thing that you can do is keep writing, whenever you can, because it’s going to make you better, and it’s going to help you to grow as a writer.
  2. Don’t be afraid to take constructive criticism – I’m saying this to every form of artist, from writer to musician to someone who draws. You have to be able to take constructive criticism (not people being a dick, never take that). But when people tell you how you can improve, you need to listen. Never become complacent. Do not stop striving to better yourself. The moment that you think you’re the best you can be is the moment that you will never improve again. The only person you are in competition with is yourself, but you should always try to be a better artist than you were yesterday, and most often than not, constructive criticism and always trying to learn is the way to do that.
  3. Give yourself a break, but only in moderation – Sometimes, things aren’t going to work out the way you think. Sometimes, your book isn’t going to get accepted. Sometimes >_> you get pregnant and are so sick/distracted you can’t write for over two months. It’s okay to give yourself a break, but do it in moderation. Don’t let a necessary break turn into excuses. You know yourself, push yourself as hard as you can without breaking.

And there we have it! That is the Author’s Life For Me Tag! I challenge you all to complete it and link back to me, so I can see your answers!

Until next time, you guys! Keep reading and writing, and keep being amazing!
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Monthly Wrap Up

Scratch the month in the photo and bring it up to the word yearly, and you’ll have exactly where I am! I’m going to go ahead and get my Yearly Writing Update, and I apologize for the fact that I haven’t give you monthly updates for the past little bit. Like I said (like I’ve said way too much) I’ve been busy and having things going on a lot… but all of that should be coming to a head soon, and I should be able to go into what’s actually been going on! I’m excited for that.

Anyway, no need to explain those things. Let’s get on with the update!

yearHere it is. It’s just a small chart, and it seems like it doesn’t hold that much… but goodness me, it holds all of my writing for the year. I can’t believe that I got so far. Let’s start first with the goals that I set for myself.

Main Yearly Goal: Write 1000 words every day of the year. I am super proud to say that I accomplished this! There were times when I thought that I wouldn’t be able to, and times when I wanted to cheat and count writing that really shouldn’t count… but I sucked it up and I made it through. I stuck to my personal goals and the parameters I set myself at the beginning of the year… and I made it. I had to fight for it some months, and some months it came completely effortless… but I made it. And more than that, I really learned a few things about myself. Writing every day helps with my stress, and it truly does form a proper habit. On the days that I didn’t get to write my words until close to the end of the day, I felt stressed, I felt unhappy, I felt incomplete. Writing is a part of me, and this year of experience taught me that.

2016 Stretch Goal: Write 1 million words in the year. As you can see, I didn’t accomplish this goal, but I’m not upset about it. I set my stretch goal as something that I will have to perform excellently to achieve, as something that I will have to super push myself to do. It’s something that I can work towards, so that I have the ability to push myself and to better myself. I didn’t make it, but I made it extremely far. If I’d have kept my goal of only 1,00o words a day, I would have had around 400,000 words.

Instead, I have nearly 850,000. I doubled what I wanted to do, I doubled my minimum goal. I damn near got to my 1 million. It gives me hope, and it gives me something to work even harder towards in 2017.


Overall, 2016 was a pretty amazing year for writing. I ended up getting back into fanfiction fairly hardcore throughout the year, and I’ve made some fantastic relationships and expanded my writing ability over it. I’ve started on a second draft for my novel Cerulean Darkness, which is something that I’ve never ventured into before. I’ve also set a pace for myself for my writing this year.

I’m going to do at least 500 words every day in creative writing – original creative writing – throughout 2017. I’ve gotten more comfortable with short stories, with writing prompts, and with blogging. I’ve expanded my readers by so many, and I really have to thank all of you for that. You’ve been amazing, and an inspiration. Getting to talk with all of you and get your input as well as getting to know you has been a real pleasure.

I feel like I’ve grown as a writer in 2016. I feel like I’ve expanded my abilities, and opened so many doors for myself… and I’m so excited to walk through those in 2017 and see where they lead. I’ve set myself some fantastic goals, and I can’t want to start striving for them!

I would love to hear about your year in review. How did you do on your writing goals? How have you grown as a writer? Let me know!

Until next time, you guys! Keep reading and writing, and keep being amazing!
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Tag Thursday

Hey guys, it’s December, so I figured I could go ahead and do this. I’m going to try to adjust it to match my book characters instead of being a book tag as usual. I found this on the Goodreads forums, actually! Anyway, let’s get on with it, shall we?

“You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch” – Name a villainous character you couldn’t help but love to hate.

Hmm… out of all of my villians, I think that the one that I love hating is probably Lucifer. >_> Oh, yeah, I mean Lucifer, as in the Morningstar, as in Fallen angel. He’s included in two different series that I’m writing, and even though it’s two different series, he’s actually the same character. He’s so charming, and eloquent, and dangerous… and you have to love to hate him, because he’s everything tempting, and everything that you want him to be… but you know that he’s never going to be any good for you. He’s really fun to write, and I think that’s why I love to hate him so much – trying to make sure that I write a character that’s truly tempting while remembering that he’s evil is just so delightful.

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” – Which book do you most hope to see under your Christmas tree this year?

Okay, so I’m going to change this – instead of what book do I most hope to see under my Christmas tree, it’s going to be what book would I most love to see finished and printed out, so I could place it under my tree. And for that, I’ve actually been debating this a bit. It’s why I haven’t gone so far as to really dive into a new book yet. I’m not digging my NaNo novel, so I’m actually setting that aside. I’m either going to finish my second draft of Cerulean Darkness, or finish my first draft of Limbo. So either my high fantasy novel, or my Zombie novel. I’m debating between these two, which means that it certainly won’t be done before Christmas, but alas… new years goals, I suppose?

“Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer” – Name a character that overcomes major obstacles and learns to believe in themselves.

Well, I feel like a lot of my characters do this? I want them to grow as people, after all… but I think the one that does this the most is Rose from my Limbo series; she begins the story really doubting herself, and wondering why she even managed to survive the zombie apocalypse as far as she has… and she grows and develops through the story to be a strong individual who can fight and really make a difference. The transformation of a character is a really interesting thing to write, and it’s fun to make sure you pace it correctly.

“Santa Clause is Coming to Town” – a) Which character do you think is at the top of the naughty list and b) which character do you think is at the top of the nice list?

Ohhh… heh, okay. So, at the top of my naughty list is actually my character Salem from my Fallout fanfiction series. He’s a raider, so he’s basically the kind of person who takes what he wants, how he wants, when he wants. He doesn’t really give a damn about it, either. He’s so fun to write.

As to the nice list, I’ll stick to my realm of Fallout and say that my character Quinn is on the nice list. He does some things that are horrible, but he always does it for a reason. And about 99.9% of the time, he’s being a very, very good boy. He’s mischevious as shit, but he also does everything that he can to save everyone that he can. That’s my baby Quinn though xD

“Frosty the Snowman” – Which book just melts your heart? 

Hmmm… I think that if any of my books got me emotional, it would be Cerulean Darkness that got me the most emotional. I have some big things happening there, and big things happening in the sequel, and it just makes me feel so emotional for my characters. I love to make my babies suffer, but damn xD That rollercoaster gets to me.

“Feliz Navidad” – Pick a book that takes place in a country other than your own.

My novel Riptide predominately takes place in the ocean. It’s about mermaids. So… that’s certainly a country that isn’t my own, and I have to say that it’s a really fun thing to write and navigate. That one needs a lot more research though, and I’m not upset about it. It’s going to make it so much more fun to write.

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” – Which Christmas book do you use to spread the Christmas joy.

You know, I couldn’t answer this, even if I was writing about books instead of my books. I haven’t read a Christmas book. I am going to try to write a Christmas Short story for the blog though, so maybe that’s what I’ll go with. Story TBD – Christmas Story for the blog xD

“Sleigh Ride” – Which character would you choose to spend the holidays with?

Uhm, if I could pick any of my characters to spend the holiday with… I’d probably pick Lex from my Limbo series. He’s kind of pretty awesome, and I feel like we could get into pretty much any shenanigans that we wanted to? I can’t talk to much about it, lest I spoil the fun… but he’d be a pretty damn fun fella to spend time with.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” – which book, that you didn’t like, would you sacrifice to a fire to warm yourself up in the cold?

Uggh, I don’t really want to sacrifice any of my books? At the moment though, I’d get rid of The Melding – it’s my NaNo novel that I just did. I’m just super not feeling it, and I feel like if I’m going to end up doing something with it, I’d have to completely rewrite it anyway? So burn the pages, I don’t care. I like a bonfire anyway.

“Do You Hear What I Hear?” – Which book do you think everyone should read?
This just seems self-absorbed to twist into my own writing. I guess if I wanted anyone to read one of my books out of all of them, it would probably be Cerulean Darkness. I think that’s the book that I’m most proud of, and the one that I’m probably going to end up pursuing publishing with first. Either that or Limbo. One of the two.
I don’t know x.x

Anyway, that’s it for this tag. I hope that you guys enjoyed it, and I’d love to see if you do it yourself! Just tag me if you do!

So, until next time, you guys! Keep reading and writing, and keep being amazing!
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Writing Tips and Tricks

Oh, so my tip is going to involve me actually doing what my tip says… that’ll be interesting. Honestly, I thought that this was one of the best ways for me to get back into properly blogging – with a tip, and that tip is something that I’m going to take myself.

When you’ve found yourself falling out of your writing habits, the best thing that you can do is to just Jump Right In. That’s right – feet first. Don’t think about what you need to plan, or what you need to do, or how you need to do it. Just… just do the thing. I’ve been sitting and not working on my blog, and yesterday I should have started posting again… but I was too busy thinking about how it wouldn’t work properly, and an Update Monday after I haven’t been writing wouldn’t flow… this, that, and one excuse after another. The simple fact is, you can’t wait for a perfect moment. You can’t wait for the perfect thing.

You just have to do it.

I was going to wait until I felt a little better, and then I realized that I’m not going to be any more sick sitting here and writing out this blog than I would if I was sitting here and watching youtube videos. It’s just a matter of being determined and realizing that you’re going to have to do what you need to do.

So, yes, this is my tip for you. File away those excuses for another day – if you let yourself drop off of your writing habits, don’t beat yourself up over it. I still managed to get my 1k a day, thankfully, but I haven’t been blogging or writing very creatively lately. Just jumping back into blogging every day seemed so daunting… but you can’t let that fear stop you from doing the things that you want to do. You can’t let yourself get overwhelmed… and you can’t make excuses. If you’re tired, you still have 10 minutes to write… if you’re cold, warm your fingers up and write for 10 minutes. If you haven’t properly written a blog in a month and you’re afraid that you’re going to do a bad job (Yes, self, I’m talking to you) then just do it anyway.

You won’t regret it. It may not be the best thing that you’ve ever cranked out, if you’re just getting back into the habit of it… but it’s going to be a beginning. It’s going to be a start, and the sooner you shift yourself back into your proper habits, the sooner it’s going to be coming smoothly to you again. Think of it that way.

Until next time guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
Author Amanda McCormick

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Hey, guys! It’s Thursday, so that means that it’s time for me to get another blog going for NaNo Prep and Tips, since November is right around the corner. It’s important for us to get ourselves as ready as we can! This blog will happen every Tuesday and Thursday until NaNo starts, and then I’ll be posting up tips and tricks on how to get through NaNoWriMo as it goes through November!

But, that will be in November. For now, we’re worrying about what prep you can do before National Novel Writing Month begins! Today, I’m going to talk to you about something that I think is pretty important. This is just my opinion, and you should certainly do what works for you… but I think that one of the most important things to writing a novel successfully in a month is to plot.

I know, the pantsers go wild with rabbling. I’m not someone who will negate that as a style of writing… but honestly, you don’t have to plot your entire novel out. You don’t have to take out the mystery of it…

What you can do is a nice little mixture of the two – call it Plantsing. This is how I generally outline my novels, and I find it so important to getting a cohesive novel out by the end of the month. My goal isn’t just to churn out a complete novel at the end of November… it’s to turn out something that I want to keep – something that I don’t have to cut out half of because I was just floundering for words. It’s to turn out a novel that I can edit and potentially publish one day.

So, I plot. I do a very small outline.

Basically, I start writing. I write down my ideas, my characters… that thing that even the pantsers do – get an idea of what you’re writing.

After that, though, I go a step further. I’ll look at what I’ve written, and I’ll go down the page.

1 – Introduce main characters.

2- MC A meets MC B, they go to an ice cream shop and talk about flying whales.

3 – The flying whales come and attack the town.

4 – They have to fight the flying whales.

5 – Chaos and romance ensue.

6 – They follow the flying whales into space by way of making a ship.

7 – Epic final battle.

So, that’s clearly not my plot outline… but it’s an example of what I’m talking about. I don’t really plan the chapter, but I give a sentence or two that is a very small idea of what I want to happen. By doing this, I don’t end up having a completely superfluous chapter about kitten ice cream cones, because clearly, that isn’t important to the novel at all. Basically, you’re just making a map of how to get from beginning to end. You aren’t writing the whole novel, you aren’t completely spoiling the discovery process as a writer…

You’re just giving yourself a skeleton to flesh out, and I find that this is the difference between being able to smoothly write the whole month through and struggling mid-month because you’ve run out of plot by accident.

If you guys are interested, I can do a more in-depth blog on this, but I hope that I’ve covered the subject enough so that you can get a general idea of what I’m talking about. It’s really all about getting a general idea – figuring out where you want to start and where you want to end.

Trust me, you’ll thank me for it!

More tips to come every Tuesday and Thursday of October!

Until next time guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
Author Amanda McCormick

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I had to think for a minute about what picture I wanted to use to head this blog up, because I wasn’t completely certain of what it was going to be about… but I think it’s a tip. Or a trick.

Or a way of life.

Who knows.

All that I know is that I’ve been taking a brief break from blogging every day, and I thought about feeling guilty for it… but then I realized that it wouldn’t be fair to myself. I’ve had about two weeks where I haven’t been posting every day like usual. I think that I’ve done a blog for about half of those days?

The fact is – things got extremely busy with me. As I mentioned earlier, we had some new roomies move in. Which means we also had an old roomie moving out. It was crazy, and hectic… and turned out fantastically, because we vibe so perfectly well with our new roomies that it’s wonderful.

They’re actually some of my writing buddies, so it’s pretty fantastic, as far as that’s concerned. We’ve been cleaning, and getting the house into just an almost domestic bliss order. So, it’s been a period of adjustment.

Aside from that, there’s a ton of other stuff going on, and it’s just prevented me from having a completely on-track mind when it comes to being able to write a ton. I haven’t re-done my calendar since I moved into my new writing space (Oh, pics to come in a following blog!), and I need to do that as well. The point of this blog is though… that sometimes, it’s okay to step away from all of the things that you schedule for yourself.

I didn’t do it to stop – and I have full intentions of picking it back up properly. Come October, I’m doing daily horror writing prompts again (if you’d like to submit one and get featured, just comment it or email me at, by the way <3). But for these past two weeks, I’ve let myself slide a little. Sometimes, you have to give yourself some leeway. Sometimes, you have to realize that you make goals with a minimum requirement and a stretch goal for a reason. I’ve hit my 1k every day – I haven’t gone lax on that… but there is nothing wrong with allowing yourself a little time to handle personal things, if you need.

And that’s my advice that I’m giving today – you’re okay with giving yourself a little bit of slide room. That’s why you do a small goal and a bigger goal that you know you can strive towards… so that you can have some days of just hitting that small goal.

That’s pretty okay to do ❤

Until next time guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
Author Amanda McCormick

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Tag Thursday

Today’s Tag comes from Jenna Moreci’s channel, and I think she lists who originally made it! I really like doing these writer tags, because they make me look at myself, make me look at my habits… and even the things that hinder those habits. I’ve already answered some of these, I know… but I don’t mind that my tags overlap!

#1 What do you eat or drink while writing?

I actually really like to drink coffee while I’m writing. Though, I’ve begun to realize that if I get food while I write, or if I have something other than coffee while I write… I forget about it if I really get into my story. I’ll have these huge thousand+ bursts of writing, and then realize that I let my lunch get cold.

Candy though. Candy is always accessible. Candy never gets cold. Candy is my friend o-o

#2 What do you listen to while writing?

I listen to Spotify. I’ve gotten to where I’m making a lot of different playlists – I’m actually thinking of going through and making scene specific playlists. So, happy playlist, sad playlist, action scene, sex scene, etc. I think it would be good.

As far as the type of music, I honestly am so eclectic. I go from Mozart to Ozzy Osbourne in about 3 seconds flat. I listen to whatever will set the mood properly, and you never know what that’s going to be.

#3 What is your biggest distraction while you’re writing?

Mmm… youtube. The people around me. My dogs are also a huge distraction. Basically anything that can pull me out of my mojo area. And God help me if I start scrolling on tumblr when I should be writing, because I get sucked into it something fierce. Honestly, though, when I’m in the ‘mood to get distracted’, anything can distract the Hell out of me. I’ve accidentally watched 4 hours of youtube when I was supposed to be writing.

#4 What is the worst thing that has happened to you while writing?

Oh, I’ve lost huge chunks of my writing before. Like thousands of words. It’s the worst feeling in the world – your gut clenches, your brain reels, and you find yourself silently cursing that you ever chose to be a writer in the first place. And then, of course, you put on your big kid undies and you re-write it. And often times, I find that the re-written version is even better. I lost the first huge chunk of one of my books once – we’re talking like 15k+ words… and when I rewrote it, I had the fierce intensity of someone who had a point to prove to my damn computer.

Suffice to say, the second draft was better.

#5 What is the best thing that has ever happened to you while writing?

Hmmm… probably just the positive feedback that I’ve gotten? Whether it’s fanfics, RP, or my books… any time that I can hear that I’ve made someone happy with my writing really elates me. A huge reason that I want to be a writer is because of how much reading influenced me as a kid – I could escape from shitty situations with a book. I could be somewhere else, and I could be happy. And to hear that I can do that for other people? Well, it’s about the best feeling that a person can get.

#6 Who do you communicate with while you’re writing?

Uhm, my writing group, mostly. I have it on Discord (I’ll link in my signature if you want to join), and we’re actually talking quite often. More specifically, I do have a few close friends who I talk to a lot while I’m writing. (Kayla Dore gets harassed by me frequently xD). I also talk to my friend Glo and Michelle a lot – we have little write ins. My writing group ends up having big group crawls and sprints during NaNo. It’s really enjoyable, and I actually like writing more when I feel like I’m writing with people instead of by myself.

#7 What is your secret to success and your biggest writing flaw?

I don’t necessarily have a secret to success. I just keep pushing forward, keep practicing, and keep myself open to the fact that I am always going to learn. I really have the opinion that the moment that you are content, that you become complacent with where you are as a writer… it’s the moment that you stop yourself from ever growing. I’m never going to think that I’m a good enough writer, because I always know that I can push myself forward and learn more.

As for my biggest flaw? Mmm… I’m actually really, really hard on myself? Like, when I post fanfics, I can’t read them to edit… or I won’t post them. I started editing my novel, and I decided that I couldn’t just edit it. I had to toss the entire thing and redo it. I can’t stand to look at my own work – I’m so critical that I tear myself apart.

#8 What is your inspiration? What makes you productive?

I don’t know about inspiration. I’ve always wanted to write – I’ve seen what happens to me when I don’t; I get moody, and depressed, and I’m honestly really unhappy. My husband inspires me, though. He always tells me how good I am, how proud he is of me, and how I’m doing something amazing. The world inspires me, and how short life is – you have one chance to do something really amazing, one chance to do something that will leave an imprint of you on this world forever… so why not try for it? Why not strive to do the best that you can, and if nothing else… you made yourself happy.

As to what makes me productive? Determination? A good schedule. Great friends to encourage me and keep me accountable.

#9 What is one thing that you do or that other writers do that is super annoying?

Errrr… the thing that I find most annoying in writers is when they start getting competitive? I don’t mean healthy competition, either. I mean like, “I’m going to compare myself to you and your writing in every way that I can, and it’s going to make things very awkward between us.” Writing is an art, a glorious, amazing, wonderful art that everyone does uniquely and individually. Comparing and trying to act like you’re better than a person is just so…

Blagh. I could write an entire blog post about this.

I might write an entire blog post about this.

Yeah. Expect to see a rant post at some point soon.

#10 Are you willing to share something you’ve written?

Uugh. Uhm. Sure. >_<


She’s suddenly so warm and so close, and I find that my mind goes completely blank. I’ve never felt anything like this before – it’s a warm blush that spreads from my lips and tingles down to my hips. Delicia’s playing with my hair for a moment, and her gaze is sweeping along my body… and I feel hot where her eyes go, so hot that it’s hard to breathe.

So hot that it’s hard to think about all of the reasons that I am being careful and courteous around her.

I can’t think of anything of the sort when she raises on tiptoe, leaning into me. Her hand is in my chest, and I’m sure she can feel the thundering of my heart when she lowers her lids and gives me a smokey gray look, her lips upturning as though they’re searching for mine… searching for the perfect press of mouth to mouth that will seal whatever is happening between us, even if she doesn’t realize it.

I can’t help myself when I move – there’s water clinging to her lashes, and her full lips are too tempting for me to refrain; there’s a moment of me cursing myself, because I clearly am a mungo who can’t help himself… but then I shift the half inch that separates us…

And I’m thinking of nothing but the sensation of her soft lips against my own.


Have a tiny part of my RP. *Dies of embarrassment and flees*

So, there we go! That was my tag for this Thursday, and I certainly hope that you all enjoyed it! If you did, and you want to participate in it, I’d really love to see your replies! Tag me in it so that I’ll know to go check it!

So, until next time, you guys! Keep reading and writing, and keep being amazing!
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