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X is for XXX, and I do mean the naughty stuff… so cover your eyes if you’re of a delicate sensibility. Honestly though, I know so many people who have trouble with sex scenes/sexual situations in writing, so I thought that it would be a good subject to touch on. (Also known as: the author couldn’t figure out anything other than XXX and X-Rated that started with X, so she took this route.) So, when it comes to smut and writing, a lot of people seem to have a lot of issues. Whether it’s reservations about the content, or a simple air of being unsure about how to tackle the scene, I’ve had a lot of friends and random people alike who simply don’t know or think they don’t have the capability of writing a smut scene.
   The fact is… just like any other scene in the world, if you’re a writer… you can write it. It might not come as fluidly and easily to you as an action scene, or a horror scene… but it’s something that you can do. If you’re one of the people who aren’t sure about exactly what goes on in a smut scene, I’m going to encourage you to go forth and read. It might feel a little embarrassing, but you can learn to write it by reading it. Just see how it’s done, see how it’s handled, and commit that to your memory. Chances are, if you’re interested in writing a smut scene, you aren’t going to feel bad from reading one. Or two. Or a dozen. Read far and wide, because you don’t want to copy the tone of simply one person – you want to have as many examples as you can, so that when you tackle it, you can combine all of those examples, and make them stick together with your own, personal style.
   I’ve also met people who know how to write the scenes, know how sex goes… but finds themselves kind of embarrassed, or feeling bad for wanting to write it. So, here’s a message to anyone who has ever felt ashamed over wanting to write a smut scene:
There is nothing wrong with writing sex. There is nothing wrong with enjoying writing sex.
   Oh, I said it. And I meant it. Some people enjoy writing erotica, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, some people have a lucrative career in writing erotica. I’m not saying that writing all erotica all of the time is the best way to develop your writing skills; I think that you should certainly include plot with your erotica, in order to be able to develop yourself as a writer… but if all of your stories have some smutty, sultry scenes in them?
That’s all the better, at least in my opinion.
   Sex can be part of character development. Sex can serve to further the plot. If you’re worried that adding a sex scene into your story will make you one of those people who just writes it superfluously, think again. Sometimes, you need interactions like that in order to further your story. Sex is something that is natural to human behavior – so it’s natural to include it sometimes within the scenes of your novel. Don’t feel guilty, and don’t let someone else make you feel guilty because you decided to include a sex scene in your writing. Chances are, if you think it needs to go in there… it probably actually needs to go in there.
   Now, for those of us who like to occasionally write little smutty stand alone pieces (raises hand high), there’s nothing wrong with that, either. One of my first fanfics that I’d written in so many years was supposed to be a smutty one shot. (Did it turn into a 60,000+ word monster with huge plot development, yes. But that’s beside the point.) I have quite a few fanfics that are just little smut shots. They develop my characters still, but they didn’t have to be written.
   I wrote them because I enjoy it. I wrote them because I knew that other people would enjoy it. And I’m not ashamed of myself. Smut writing, just like all writing, can be fantastic practice. In all of the really effective sex scenes that I’ve written, you’re also touching on emotion, emotional development, physical feeling, description. You’re hitting the high points of writing that you can practice with – and you are improving with every scene that you write. So. Don’t think that it’s useless… and… I betcha that there’s a whole crowd of people out there who would happily read your sex scene, if you post it up for the world to see.
   The point is, don’t be ashamed of yourself. You aren’t doing anything wrong in enjoying that XXX writing! If you want to write it, read it. Practice, and take it the same way that you take anything else – know that practice makes perfect, and you improve every time you write. Know that there’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing, and I bet that you’re doing a damn good job of it!
   A few side notes, for those of us who want to post this writing up on the internet: always make sure to tag it correctly. You do want to make sure that people know what they’re getting into. If you have some dubious forms of sex in the writing, research your tags – make sure that you let people know what to expect. Give them that courtesy. Also, research the rules of where you are posting. Some sites don’t allow mature writing – you don’t want to get banned by accident! Just make sure you follow the rules, and you’re respectful of your readers! My last side note is this: if you’re aiming for publishing, be aware of your target audience. Teen books probably shouldn’t have explicit erotica every other page, just saying. xD Other than that, don’t be ashamed of doing what you want to do!
   Until the letter Y! (We’re so close to finishing this out guys!) If you have any suggestions for future blogs, more information you want, things you want me to elaborate on, help with, etc, just let me know!
Keep reading and writing!

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