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Life and Writing

Hello! So, that thing that I’ve been talking about forever (not the baby thing xD yet) has finally happened. I’ve moved, and I have to say that I’m really pleased with it. There is, of course, still a lot to do. We have to get the rest of our stuff (It seems like there is always more stuff to get, eh?) and we need to clean the old house a bit… but our room, our new little home base? It’s set up.

And honestly, I’m really happy. I’ll go ahead and give you a little tour of my general writing area – if you guys want, I can give a better tour in a different blog post. I’m pretty pleased with my setup though.

So, if you check it out… above is my writing desk. I have my screens up, my M&M’s ready, my Fallout, Borderlands and DBZ (and copious pandas) all set up… and it feels really great. If you check it out, right beside my writing desk is the baby’s area! I thought that it would be best to set it up right by where I’d be most of the time so that I can still (hopefully) get a lot of writing done after little Elijah arrives. ❤ He has an adorable little nautical theme, which I am loving so much. He will be within arms reach whenever I need to get to him!

If you direct your eyeballs to the third picture, that’s the view from right beside my desk. It’s a little cloudy today, but living on a lake with a gorgeous deck that I can walk out to… it’s nice. It’s writing with a beautiful view, which is something that I find to be pretty important and helpful when it comes to getting things done.

So, that’s my tiny little tour there. Like I said before, if you want a more in-depth one I will be happy to provide. But… I’m really happy. I feel so peaceful here, and even though there’s still quite a bit to get done before we’re completely done with the whole moving process. We can take it at a nice walk now, instead of running.

And finally… finally… I feel like my writing mojo is coming back. I’m going to dive back into it as best I can, and I’m more excited for that than I thought I would be. It has been stressful to not get writing done; it really does physically and emotionally strain me not to get words out. I’m hoping that I can get back into a pattern of daily writing. I don’t have a solid plan of exactly what I’m going to do – I think some writing prompts, some RP responses, and I’m going to start looking over my novels again. I’m also wanting to get my fanfics going again since they’re a lot of fun to leisurely work on.  All and all though, everything looks bright and it feels good again.

That, my friends, is worth quite a bit!

Anyway, that’s all for this post. Hopefully, I will get back to posting multiple times a week on here as well! I truly miss getting to communicate and interact with all of you!

So, until next time! Keep read and writing, and keep being the awesome people that you are!

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Life and Writing

So, I mentioned that I would do a blog about my downstairs writing space soon – I haven’t done one about here, though I have written about my upstairs writing space. The fact is, I have been using my downstairs writing space more and more lately, because of my dual monitors. I talk about the difference in my writing venues in THIS BLOG in a discussion of Laptop vs. Desktop if you’re interested. The particular space that we will be looking at right now is my desktop area.

Now, I use this space for more than just writing. You can bet your pretty eyes that I’ve played just as many hours of games at this desk as I have done writing. Fallout, League of Legends, Far Cry, the list goes on and on… but, I’ve recently found myself extremely attached to writing from this particular area. The blog that I mentioned earlier says why, but I’ll highlight some of it for you to see here:

If I had a choice, I would always write on my desktop. I have a mechanical keyboard on there that makes writing extremely smooth and fluid, I have all of my writing programs, and a huge screen, so that the split screen function of Scrivener is still completely visible. Each half of my screen is larger than my laptop screen, so splitting it in half is completely easy to use. I can use my secondary screen for other research options – I also have desk space and a ton of it. I am capable of doing any type of research, note taking, and writing that I need at my desktop. My Kraken headset is hooked up here, and it gives me fantastic music… but, the simple fact of the matter is… unless I’m writing when everyone else is going (which is a rare thing) or I get up at 2 am to write (and my husband misses me upstairs)… I’m never alone. I don’t get any type of solitary writing time at my desktop. While that’s fine for things like this blog, and even sometimes for my novels and stories, it can be extremely distracting to try to write at my desktop when people are really into their gaming.

When I can write alone at my desktop, I feel wonderful. I feel like a very official writer, and it’s extremely efficient. All of the visual space for me makes my job much easier. But… I’m stuck in one room – if I need to get outside, I can’t take my desktop outside with me for some fresh air. I constantly have people over my shoulder, seeing my words, seeing my research, and generally making me feel like I’m being watched. Even when I move, my desktop is never going to be in a solitary writing room, because it’s my gaming machine – it will always be beside my husbands desktop. So… there’s never going to be privacy and isolation for my desktop writing. Though I find myself the most concentrated writing on my desktop (when I’m alone), that happens so rarely that it’s hard for me to say that it’s the best machine for writing. There is also the side note that my husband is a lot happier when I’m writing in the same room as him – because at least we get to spend time together, and I’ll occasionally turn around and say a few words to him xD

So, that’s the basic gist of why I enjoy writing at my desktop. The dual screens make it amazing, and I have some photos to highlight exactly why it’s such a lovely space to work from, when I’m given the chance.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see from the slideshow, I have everything a girl could need. 2 Notebooks, my bullet journal, my monthly planner that I write on – dual screens. (A Handsome Jack and Vegeta mascot), panda bears, pens, colored pencils, a metal calendar, iced coffee… just an altogether awesome setup. And honestly, I’d generally love to stay here, because it truly is a fantastic place to write from – the double screens make editing so easy.

But… there’s so much noise. What I didn’t take a photo of was the 4 other desks in this room. That’s a lot of people, that’s a lot of distractions. I need distraction free writing, whether I am happy about it or not.

Really though, this blog isn’t to discuss my writing space, as I did it in the one mentioned above. It was to give you a little tour of my desk – this is my space! This is where I write the majority of my blogs, and where I’ve done a lot of my personal writing lately. What I would really love is to see some pictures of your writing spaces! Show them to me! Tell me about them! Let me feature them on an upcoming blog! I love getting to know you guys, and being able to share our writing secrets with one another… and I think that the place that we write is one of our most personal writing secrets and one of our most cherished things that we can share!

So, pictures ❤ I’d love to see some pictures!

If you guys like blogs like this, I’ll do more, by the way – bookshelves, maybe even some video tours of my writing areas and whatnot. Just let me know! I love to put out content that you guys can enjoy and benefit from, as well as content that lets me interact with you!


Until next time, guys!

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