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My First Vlog!


So, here is my first ever vlog for booktube/writing. Obviously my following vlogs are going to be done a little better. I’m experimenting with how to get it filmed properly, as well as with the sound. I’m probably going to order a microphone! Still, here we go. I went ahead and posted it up without editing it anymore because I knew if I kept tweaking, I was going to delete it eventually. Anyway :3 So, there it is. 


*Runs off like the Derpasaurus Rex that she is*

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New Blogs Coming Monday!

Starting Monday, I’m going to be getting back to my daily blogging! I’l have my Creative Writing Challenge, updates on NaNo, and book reviews (I have a few to get up). I’m also going to start my vlog with book hauls, discussions, writing advice, etc! We’re finally getting everything unpacked and organized, and my desk area is starting to look like a desk again, lol.

Until Monday!

Keep reading and writing!

Author Amanda McCormick

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Preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo


Phew, so! Camp NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. What are you doing to prepare? I especially feel that scramble, what with the fact that we are moving into a new house starting the 27th. I have to manage to get everything moved, the internet properly hooked up, my work station back in order, my room near and organized… and everything else that comes with a new house completed BEFORE the beginning of July. Throw into that the fact that I need to get at least an equal amount of words written for work as I do NaNo, the fact that it’s my Birthday month (whee!) and that I’m going to be going to a concert for the first time?

That makes for one pretty complicated month.

I think that’s why I scaled my word count back to a rather conservative 20,000 (though I’m thinking of upping it to 25,000). I figured that I could get that many words done on my novel alone, then I could get another 20,000 done for work. Technically I’ll have a total word count to do of at least 40,000 for the month! I’m only hoping that the chaos of what is going on in my life isn’t going to stop me from doing NaNo… it’s something that I really enjoy!

So, what do you do to prepare for NaNo? For me, I have a bit of a checklist.

First of all, idea plotted out on Scrivener, at least in part! Check!

Notebooks, fresh clean paper, charged laptop, pens! Pens! Highlighters! Check!

The ability to stay off of the internet for at least 2 hours a day to write. Ummm, I’ll get back to that later >_>.

Candy. CHECK! Minicandybarsaremylove.

LOTS of Coffee! That’s a huge check! I have my Keurig stocked with Frappe mixes and ready to go.

And last but not least… creativity, drive, CHECK!! The ready and willing anticipation that NaNoWriMo brings me. There is something so exciting about having a word goal, a group of friends to write with. I’m planning on doing word wars and actually starting a Vlog for Camp! I’m super excited… and even more excited for November when the real and official NaNoWriMo takes place again!

I think the excitement and eagerness to get the month started is one of the most important things. Something that gets you that pumped about writing is always an amazing thing, after all! So, if you have your coffee and your anxiousness to begin writing ready, who wants to come to camp with me?

Until then – let me know what YOU do to prepare for NaNoWriMo!

Keep reading and writing, y’all!

Author Amanda McCormick

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Vlogging and Job Applications

So, I’m going to try to work up the gusto to do a vlog! I got my new webcam in, so it’s exciting. I wanted to set it up so I could do a tour of my desk and perhaps a few introductions on my writing style/method/whatever. I’ve been in a really weird mood lately – I think it might be something that most people who chase writing as their career feel. I mean, honestly… it’s a bit discouraging at times, because you know that there’s not a guarantee that you’ll be able to have the job that you really want. There’s no guarantee that your novel will ever be published. There’s no guarantee that anyone else will ever ask for a commission.

Honestly, I’d love to be a published author some day. I’m working on editing novels up so that I can actually pursue that dream, but knowing that there’s a chance that it could take a long time, that it could never happen? It can be depressing. I’ve noticed that when I get down about this stuff, I put in job applications for local stores. It’s honestly a little funny – I mean, I’m doing all write with my commission business. It’s not constant, but it’s enough to make a difference in my life. I’m going to be going back to school within the next few months (it took a while from moving to California, settling, getting married, but the time is right)… and I’m going to make something of my life.

But every now and then, I do job applications, because I know that my chosen career path isn’t a guaranteed thing.

That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m going to give up. I know that you, as a writer, get discouraged just the same… don’t give up. Never give up! Writing is a dream, a passion, it’s a thing that burns inside of me. It’s something that I need to do, that I want to do, and that I get extremely grumpy when I don’t do. Put in job applications, run around in circles, climb a tree, adopt a dog… do whatever you have to do to placate that feeling of listlessness as you continue to climb and struggle along your chosen career path… but never give up. Keep writing, keep trying. Your words mean something. Your words are amazing – your words are something that no one else in this world can ever produce, you know?

I tell myself these things. It’s hard, you better believe that I know it, but I’m always going to keep trying. I’m going to buckle down and take it seriously. I’m going to edit, going to talk to publishers, going to maybe self publish some short stories… and I’m not going to stop writing.

Writing is life, is breath. We, as writers? We can never stop.


-Amanda McCormick (The oddly musing writer).