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V is for Versatility, and I think that as writers, it’s something that we should strive to have. This, of course, is just advice that I try to live by – so, if you have something that’s working for you… you keep on keeping on!

For me, versatility is something that I strive to achieve. We all have things that we excel at, and we all have things that we’re not so good at… but I don’t want to be one of those writers that can only write one thing – one type of story, one genre, one real set of characters, you know? I looked up the definition to Versatility, and low and behold:



capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.:

a versatile writer.

A versatile writer… and that’s what I strive to be. I’ve written numerous novels (I’ve never even tried to publish them, shame on me), and they vary from Fantasy, to Paranormal Romance, to Historical Paranormal Romance, to Horror Romance, and a few other things in between. I like to write fanfiction for the sole purpose of versatility. If I write in other peoples worlds, from Hannibal Lecter to Kingdom Hearts, I’m getting to delve and practice my writing in multiple fronts. I like to write and try out as many different characters as I can, so that I can keep tuning in and keying up my ability to be a versatile writer. It’s part of the reason that I enjoyed the Roleplay community for so long – I was able to step into the minds of so many different characters, and it really helped me to develop a versatile voice with my own characters later in life.

I also try to make sure that it’s not just creative writing that I practice. I have recently been trying to do at least 2 blog posts a day, and I’m trying to make sure that they’re instructional and helpful (I really do love helping you guys out in any way that I can, so!). I do book reviews, I write for Textbroker in article format. I try to make sure that I can do more than just novel writing – I want to be a well rounded writer all around.

Versatility is something that can be a little hard to attain sometimes; I wasn’t always so wide ranged in what I wrote. My first novel was a fantasy novel… but after that, I would say that the next 5 that I completed were all supernatural/paranormal romance. While I really enjoy writing novels in that format, I sat back and thought about it… and I realized that it wasn’t the only thing that i wanted to write, the only thing that I wanted to ever be recognized for. So, I started writing horrorish novel, more zombies, less romance (though there’s still romance in there). It was completely different from my vampires/werewolves love stories that I did. I started writing about demons – extremely different to include devils and angels. I delved and dipped into post-apocalyptic. And I wrote a really big, really fat fantasy novel, which is something that I really want to strive forward with and publish. The point is, I looked at my writing, and I realized that I wanted variety, that I wanted to do something other than just paranormal romance. I wanted to be versatile.

This is part of the reason that I really enjoy writing prompts. I post them every Monday now, and I urge you to check them out and participate! The most recent one can be found HERE. Doing writing prompts can sometimes push you out of your comfort level, but that’s the point. Write something that you wouldn’t normally write – pick a perspective that you’ve never experienced before… pick a character that you aren’t comfortable with… and go for it. I encourage you to try to write at least one short story a week, and switch them up! Do something you wouldn’t normally. You can do it!

Write. Practice. Grow.

It’s so important that we do this – it’s so important that we allow our horizons to expand, because we might find that the next thing that we write is something more amazing than anything that we’ve ever imagined we could do. I’m urging you to push yourself, and I’d love to see the results. Check out the writing prompt I listed above, and write something that is completely out of your comfort zone. Post the link in my comments, or link me to it ❤ Be Versatile! Be proud of your writing!

And above all, never quit.

Until next time, with the letter W! Keep reading and writing!

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