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Currently – October 2020

 Hey there! We interrupt your scheduled Horror Prompts to bring you an update on the writer! I thought that it would be a good time to go ahead and get you another Currently Post put up, because it can double as an update for my MilWordy progress. I’ve been so into writing that I haven’t updated you guys on my writing? It’s bad… but at the same time… good for me for being so into it? 

Anyway, let’s get going with the Currently!


I am currently loving Among Us. It’s not even the game that I’m loving (because I rarely get a chance to place it). I’m currently loving WRITING about Among Us. I know, I’m such a little silly person, but it’s honestly been so fun to write fanfics for. I think that part of what makes it so great is that it’s such a… I mean, there isn’t really any personality or even storyline put into the game. The only thing that you have is the scenario given to you, so you have free reign to pretty much do whatever you want. I was inspired by a comic (I’ll link it HERE) and it gave me something to run with… and I’ve kind of gone really crazy with it since then. 

I’m not even upset, because I have friends who are doing it with me! (Shout out to Sushi and Scarlet <3) and it’s been a really fun writing experience. Anything that can get me super excited about words is honestly something that I like to chase as hard as I can, because the more I write, the better a writer I become. That’s how I always look at it.


I’ve been reading a lot of web comic stuff lately? I’m rereading Blood Bank (Uh, super 18+ warning there, folks. Read at your own risk). And then I’ve been reading my friends fanfics. It’s been a lot of fun. I’m obviously still reading Brandon Sanderson, but I’m going a little slower through that than I was since the last time that we talked on this blog about my reading… I’ve been picking and threading through a lot of things, so I know that I’m kind of falling behind on my reading challenge, but that’s all right. I’m still reading a lot — I’m just also writing a lot more than I’m reading. I’m sure that by the middle of the year, when the hype of MilWordy dies down, all of this will get a little bit easier on me and I’ll have found some kind of balance.

But until then, it’s not like I’m mad about the fact that I’m getting so much writing done, amirite?


I think that I have to just plead a case of what I said above. I haven’t even been watching that much, because I’ve been pretty consumed with the children. If you want to get technical, currently (and always) I’m watching a ton of CocoMelon, the ABCs, Micky Mouse Club House… >_> You know, all of those parenting essentials. 

I can tell you that before this month is over, I’m going to be currently watching a lot of horror movies. Halloween is seriously my favorite time of year, and they end up slapping a bunch of my favorite movies onto my streaming platforms. I love horror as a genre, it’s honestly just… *Chefs kiss* one of my favorite ones to watch. I really want to delve more into writing straight up  horror without any type of romance attached to it. I can do that easily enough in shorter stories, but I’ve never attempted a novel that was just a straight across horror story.

I might do that soon, who know?


Guys… didn’t we go over this earlier? It’s okay, because I actually have an answer aside from just Among Us fanfiction, and I would say it weighs in heavily enough that I can still talk about it. I recently picked up an old novel that I was working on a few years back. Because it had been so long, my voice always changes, and I want to put everything into first person, I ended up rewriting the first 13 chapters of it that I had. And because I can’t seem to help myself… what was supposed to be a stand alone novel has turned into a trilogy. 

A few days ago, I sat and worked on it all day long, and I ended up cranking out 25,000 words on it in one day… like, I’m pretty swept up in working on the rewrites and now fresh writes for this book, and I don’t regret it for even a moment. I just want to keep prodding until I’m finished, and I have full intentions of having this first draft done before October is over and done with. That will still leave me with two more novels that I need to finish (and I think the goal will be to finish them before 2021 <3), but that isn’t going to be all that horrible. I don’t have that much left of this one.

We’ll see how far I can get on that.

It’s honestly really nice, though, revisiting an old story. I’ve dropped off of multiple novels this way, where I mostly finish it and then I trail off at the tail end… and I’m using MilWordy as an excuse to really get things finished. I’ve been writing like a madwoman, and I’m at 250,000 words so far. I think if I just try to keep up and keep on how I am, I should be able to finish a few different novel drafts that I’ve been leaving hanging throughout this year.

That’s the plan at least.

So what am I currently writing? Novels. All. The. Novels.

Listening To

If you want to take this in a very, very literal sense, I’m currently listening to someone count to ten over and over and over again. Ha. If you want to take it in a less literal sense, I’ve actually here recently gotten into listening to people do covers of older songs and flip it from Major to Minor key. I’m a serious sucker for haunting melodies that sound like they could be really good backdrops in films for dramatic scenes. It’s the writer-brain. I want to think of how the things that I’m writing would look, if they were on film, and what’s a better way to do that than if you have the proper music for it.

This is actually the playlist on Spotify that I’ve been digging a whole lot, so if anyone wants to check it out, they are more than welcome. 

Thinking About

Gosh, I’ve been thinking about a lot of things… and I can’t say that all of them are nice. There’s a really, really anxious and uncool climate right now, and I’m feeling like it will probably stay this way until November and a little after. I’m hoping it will get better by then. Other than that, though, what I am trying very, very  hard to do is just… think about my writing. Think about  my family. Think about creativity and positivity, because I have two small kiddos in the house, and the last thing that I want is for them to sense that Momma is stressed and take that with them.

It’s not something that I’m going to do to them. They’re too little to understand anything that’s going on. When they’re older, I’ll have a discussion with them about how to be a good person and how to be a shit person, with clear examples. But for now… what they need to worry about is telling me when they need to potty, and letting me know that they need more cereal and poptarts and juice, you know? 

Other than that, like I said… I’ve been thinking about writing a lot. I’ve really been delving into my books, to my thoughts about my books, and what I want to do with them. The trilogy that I’m working on right now is something that I am starkly aware would suit self-publishing more than traditional publishing. The other two Duologies that I want to finish with Milwordy are things that I think publishers would be more interested in. So I have this toss up of… what am I going to do with all of my novels. Should I spend this year and get a pretty kick-ass backlog of things done and then just try to do self-publishing with a bit of a blanket for a cushion so I can get things up frequently? Should I focus on those books that I know a publisher would actually have interest in and work on those?

I’m weighing my options a lot, because I want to use MilWordy as an opportunity to get those multiple options ready, and then at the end of 2021, I want to actually follow one or both of those avenues.

It’s time, right?


Ahhh… I am anticipating… what am I anticipating? Getting a house, I guess. The one that we were trying to get before ended up not passing snuff for inspection, so we had to let it go. Now we’re kind of just on the hunt for the perfect thing, and I know that once we find it we will be able to jump on it without hesitation.

It’s just the fact that now that we’re actually actively looking… nothing that we want is popping up. That’s kind of the way of the world, though, isn’t it? Once you’re actually looking, there’s nothing. I am aware of the fact that as soon as I stop looking, there’s probably going to be eighty thousand choices.

That’s my luck.

Nah, that’s the worlds luck.

I know that we’ll find what we’re looking for, though, and when we do… it’s going to feel really amazing to make hopefully our last move and settle into a house that is our house, one that will belong to us, that we can make our own. I want that a lot. I am 100% anticipating that a lot.


I am currently wishing… that my children could find a moment to find some chill? Ha. No, they’re rambunctious and crazy and distracting… but they’re also both 3 and under, so of course they are. I don’t mind it, and I would rather them be active and crazy than unhappy. I am wishing that I could get at least a good hour of uninterrupted writing time, though, because that always feels pretty amazing for me.

I’m wishing that people will be smart about things in the next few months, so maybe we can actually make a better future for my kiddos to live in instead of the bullshit that’s been going on for the last four years.

I’m wishing that this novel goes smoothly. I really want to finish it up within the next week or so if I can, because I have the preference of starting on the second book sooner rather than later. I’m just really excited about it, now that I’ve gotten it all plotted out.

I’m currently wishing, more than anything, that all of my friends and the people that I care about stay safe and find happiness.

Making Me Happy

My kids. My husband. My family. My friends. My awesome writing server. Among Us. Fanfiction. Venom. Writing. Monster. Coffee. Dr. Pepper. My kitties and puppers. The weather cooling off. Fall. Horror movies. My kick ass three monitor set up, which I’ll have to do a blog on for you guys so I can desk tour you.

There are so many things that are currently making me happy, and it’s hard to list them all. The fact is, I’m really blessed in my life and I know it. I’m surrounded by amazing people and opportunities, and even though there’s a lot of bad shit going on in the world right now, there’s also some really amazing stuff… and I’m not going to forget that in the wake of the bad. 

So yeah, there’s my currently! I’d love to get a fun update on all of you to see how you’re doing, so if you want to, go ahead and fill it out and link back to me! I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope that you are getting in those words! 

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
Author Amanda McCormick
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I am suffering from an inability to concentrate. I’m used to be able to get out and get some energy out, or get out so that I can come back and focus… and here I am, not being able to get out. It’s messing with my concentration (that, and the fact that my children are wilding out because of the stir craze).

So, how do you deal with your concentration being a bit wrecked because you don’t have the ability to follow whatever usual routine you used to have?

Well, first of all, you accept the fact that your routine just isn’t going to be the same for the moment, and there isn’t anything wrong with it. You might be able to get more words, you might be able to get less… but things are going to be a little different… so… you need to establish a new routine. Set yourself up a new schedule, set yourself expectations. You have to change things around so that you’re getting a new habit going — unless your habits haven’t been changed by everything going on… in which case ❤ Awesome and you keep on keeping on!

❤ These are the things that have worked for me, though. I downloaded Microsoft To-Do (across phone and computer), I set new goals for myself, and I try to just get it done as much as I can. And as for concentration (I’ve been writing this blog for the past hour because of the lack of it), just steal away the quiet moments that you can. Set yourself apart at least 15-30 minutes to write if you can manage, and take advantage of it. Do what you can, the best you can. It’s all that you can do right now ❤

I think the most important piece of advice, and the one that I can give a 100% stamp of “this is right” on is this… don’t be hard on yourself right now. Things are weird, things are changing, and you are allowed to be thrown off ❤ Just keep trying.

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
Author Amanda McCormick
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Creativity Affirmation #9


So, I didn’t do an affirmation for yesterday… and I think that’s actually what this particular affirmation is going to focus on. While I am always gonna get my words for the day, I might derail on my schedule sometimes. I might not get things done exactly as I wish. And thus comes in the affirmation #9:

Even if I fall off of my schedule, I am still a good writer. I should never punish myself for taking personal days. My health is just as important as my writing.

That’s right. I know that I preach the song of always getting your writing done… and I do still completely believe that. But if you have some set schedule, but you really need to take a moment and just rest.. you should rest. I can still get my 1000 words without getting the things that I have planned out for those 1,000 words. I just wrote as casually as I needed to yesterday, and I still got what I needed to get done… well, done. So, that’s the affirmation – your writing is important, guys, but so are you. After all, none of your amazing words would happen if you didn’t keep your health up!

Until next time, keep reading and writing ❤ And take care of yourself!

Author Amanda McCormick

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Weekly Update and Upcoming News!

So, I’m extremely excited for a few upcoming events that I’ll be hosting on my blog, but first let me get to telling you all about how my last week went.

I have to say that the schedule is perfect. With the hour that I spend in the morning getting the things that I don’t want to write out of the way, I am always hitting at least the 2k word mark. So, in a week I can write 10k words, easily. The best thing, however, is getting those 2k words out of the way really makes me feel energized, excited… I’ve got a lot of planning for my newest novel coming through… and a lot of editing of my old novel, which is really important for me to finish up. After all, if you don’t polish a story, how can you ever send it off to publishers!?

Seriously though, hitting daily word counts of 5,000+ easily is something that makes me happy, makes me smile… and pleases me all the more because I don’t feel burnt out with it. I think that finding a structure, a rhythm to your writing, something that makes you feel good is the most important thing that you can do! 

As for some comment highlights, here’s what some other people do for their writing schedule/times!

Frannie says: For me I write whenever I have the time during my day but I feel like I’m more creative in the morning but now that I have more than 4 projects I have to make time for each which is hard but doable.

I can completely agree with what she’s saying here – a lot of people have specific times during the day that they feel more creative. It’s why I like to write down the times that I write, when I write the most. It shows me a pattern, so in a few months… maybe I can adjust my schedule to be even more effective!

Kate says: I write in the evening, I find that is the best time for me to remove myself from everything, probably because after 5pm nothing is open and I have no excuse not to be sitting in front of my computer. I get into the swing of things by reading for about an hour before I start writing. It lets my mind get into the creative phase.

I responded to her by saying that reading can really put me into the mood as well.  A lot of times, if I’m really not feeling writing, sitting down for an hour with my favorite author reminds me of what inspired me in the first place!


So yeah, the schedule is working out really well… and I know that I’ll be able to give you guys more thoughts and opinions of it the longer that I go! Of course, come November, I’m going to have to schedule in some extra time for NaNoWriMo!!! (My husband will never see me, he’ll be so sad.)


Anyway! On some awesome news, I have multiple Author Interviews set up for the next few books that I read. Please stay tuned to the blog to see some of your favorite writers answering questions, giving thoughts, advice, etc! (If you would like to have a guest spot on my blog, please send me an email to, and we can discuss it!)

So, those are my updates, and I’m really excited to be able to tell you what’s happened next week as well! 


Until next time guys, keep reading and writing!

Author Amanda McCormick (Find me HERE on Twitter for updates throughout the day) 


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That Moment Between Sleeping and Waking

We all have that moment, even those of us who aren’t writers. Of course… those of us who are have a huge decision to make; a large decision that could adversely affect our creativity… because the dream that we just had, the dream that is already delicately slipping through our fingers is fading away faster than we can get ourselves sorted. So, we come to that decision – do we get up? Do we take the time to roll out of bed (into the cold hair, or the hot sticky night – as you’ll take it) and find paper, or turn on our laptop to write it down. Will we even remember it properly by the time we do?

I know for a long time I tried writing it on my laptop, which stays beside my bed. However, when I got past the point of booting it up, and rediscovering how to SEE after that bright light blinded me… I oftentimes found that I forgot exactly what it was that I wanted to scribble down to begin with. My amazing and vivid dream about a man who ruled the underworld but came up for a brief day and found himself dazzled and in love by sunlight in a woman’s hair… suddenly turned into “Uh, there was a dude who did… er… something.”

There were, of course, those times that I woke up with the dream so vivid in my mind that I was positive I wasn’t going to forget it before the morning was out… only to find that there wasn’t one recollection of it in my mind after I’d woken up. Hm. Well, that’s not very helpful, is it.

I had also tried the method of keeping an ordinary spiral notebook by my bed. >_> That worked so well as me ripping out pages, losing the things I needed, spilling my morning coffee on it… and treating it like the little 3 dollar notebook that it was. Okay. There was an issue. I needed to solve it – I was having all of these fantastic dreams and then letting them slip through my creative fingertips because I couldn’t keep up with writing them down.

In truth, I’d had the same moments during the day. I’d have a thought, a whimsy phrase – I’d see someone with an expression on their face and it would spark imagination… and by the time I got somewhere that I could write it down, it was gonzo from my mind. As writers, we take inspiration from everything around us… from the way the sun falls through the leaves to the way that the old man at Starbucks keeps checking his phone. And most certainly, in my case, we take a very large and vast amount of inspiration from those things we call dreams.

I needed a solution… and my solution was to get my ass to Barnes and Nobels and buy something that I wasn’t just going to allow to be tossed aside. I ended up getting THIS journal (thought not as expensive here) for around 15 bucks. It may not seem like a lot, but I’ve filled up about 15 pages of it with thoughts, with ideas, with inspiration. I even have a dream that I wrote out in a page, a short scene from the beginning of it. The fact that it is something nicer makes me want to take care of it more… honestly, the aesthetics of it make me feel nice when I wake up and write in it by the faint light spilling from my bathroom. I found something that worked for me – maybe some of you can totally manage the blaring light of your laptop, or writing in that spiral notebook. But for me, having something nice, and completely separate for just writing inspiration did the trick.

And I can tell you, finally getting to remember all of those dreams? Makes a big difference!


Until later, keep reading and writing!

Author Amanda McCormick

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Such a Night Owl

A random post that will be shorter before I do a longer post… but I always find it a bigger struggle to really get into writing when the sun is up. I mean, I can do it. I do it all of the time… but it’s just not the same. For me, when I write during the day I usually feel… it’s hard to explain. I feel the walls, I feel the people moving around me. I feel the world up and awake, their words demanding my attention and putting a damper to the flow of words.

It’s so much different to write at night. The world sleeps, and I almost feel like I’m literally plucking their dreams from their heads… or better even, I’m the one telling them the story that plays in their minds. I’m the reason they give a little chuckle in their sleep – those are my words. I don’t feel the sun beating down on me with hard and demanding rays… I feel the moonlight wrapping around me and giving me a kind of flight into the night sky. If I find myself stumped, or at a loss for inspiration… I can step outside and see the way that the leaves rustle with the breeze, casting moonlight shadows across the ground.

Yeah. Hoot hoot. I’m certainly a night owl.

How do you write best?