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Rereading Your Favorite

The Forbidden Game, by L.J. Smith

So, here we are. I have committed to reading every day (amongst some other things that will be another post for another day). Last night, my kid hit his head and we landed in the ER (he is fine ♡) and I instantly went for an old favorite while we waited in observation for 2 hours.

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30 Day Writing Challenge, Day 2. Write a Fanfiction! (TAKE TWO!)

So, day two of the Thirty Day Writing Challenge.

I have to say I’m having fun with this, and I’m trying to use it as a venue to make sure I write at least once a day. I hope you guys will enjoy as I keep working on it! So… for day, two!!!

Day 2: Write a fanfiction

So… take two on this. I actually found the story still opened in a tab on my computer – where I’d opened the blog post to make sure that it was okay. So… yay! See, previous post still stands. Things always find a way to work themselves out!

(Fourth Fanfiction that I finally chose to write)


They say to be unmade is the most painful thing that one can experience… honestly though, it wasn’t all that bad. There was pain – I’m not trying to tell you that there wasn’t. However, there was a peaceful feeling that poured through me, a thought that perhaps… just perhaps, the pain that I had felt during my existence was over. There was, also, the fact that Jenny… my sweet Jenny… was looking at me with eyes full of regret for my death, was promising to dream me into a world full of light.

It was a funny thought for a Shadowman.

Of course, soon all thoughts slipped away, and for a while I imagined that I was nothing, a nothingness, a shadow that floated through the endless reaches of space and time without a true purpose. Perhaps I was even in that land of light that Jenny spoke of. I couldn’t tell you.

What I can tell you is that it isn’t dying that is agonizing. It isn’t being unmade. No, the true pain is elicited when you are brought back into this world. It was as though I could feel each letter of my name being carved back onto the staff.


Thoughts and memories flooded back to me – Jenny’s green eyes, the way that she stared at me so defiant, so demanding, so passionate… so sorrowful of my death. Pain rocked through my body, as though every nerve ending that I no longer possessed was on fire.


My body was pooling around me like a candle melting in reverse. Bone covered with muscle, with tendon, with blood, with flesh.


My entire frame began to rock and shake as that blood began to pulse through my veins again. Though I’d heard our kind often described as beings without hearts… I could feel my heart struggling to beat once more… one sick, wet thud… and then another, another, another.


With each pulse of blood pushing through my body, that pain circulated more and more – I couldn’t open my eyes, I couldn’t open my mouth to scream. It took everything that I had to inhale a deep, sharp breath of air. I wondered then, was I in Hell? Did my good deed at the end of my life do nothing to make up for all of my transgressions prior? I would have deserved it. I knew I would have deserved it… and yet I couldn’t make myself believe it. No… hadn’t Jenny promised me light?


Light… a world with no shadows. There was light spilling through my closed lids now. I finally managed to open my mouth, letting out a ragged gasp of painful agony – the blood pulsed quicker through my veins, the pain fading away as I realized… what I was feeling was my body knitting back together, my very form existing once more. What I was feeling was new lungs pulling in oxygen that burned, a heart that hadn’t beat in such a long time struggling to remember how to do its job. I was feeling the reality of… existence. And I was remembering, suddenly, how harsh that reality was. I could feel my hair now, tickling soft against my closed lids.


Those lids opened, and eyes as blue as the deepest of glaciers flashed in the darkness, dilated pupils going to pinpricks as light flooded my senses. I could see myself, for just a moment, in my minds eyes… hair as white as fresh fallen snow sticking to my sweating forehead… a lean, muscular frame curled nude against the floor. Dark brows knit together in confusion, full mouth twisted as the last of the pain faded away.

Julian… I was reborn. I was Julian once more. And beside me laid the Runestave. Where the jagged gash of my name had once been, the runes were carved smooth and perfect. More shocking, however… was the fact that my elders, each and every one of them, had their names carved out violently.

I was the only one left…

I sat up, my body quivering, muscles unused to any kind of movement. My eyes swept the darkness of the room slowly. I didn’t know where I was… and more important, I had no idea how I had come to be here, or who had brought me back from that floating nothingness… who had killed my elders and literally saved me from a fate that had been carved in stone.

Who had brought me back to life?

There we go! Random musings from The Forbidden Game, by L.J. Smith.

I could not, for the life of me, figure out what to write a fanfiction about. I think it’s because I’m a fan of so many different things now that I was like… oh, this! No! This! NO THIS THIS THIS! My brain was at war… so I defaulted to the thing that I love, something that I obsessed over when I was younger… and something that I want to reread now! So, enjoy!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!

Author Amanda McCormick