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Weekly Writing Prompt: 9/4-9/10 (2016)

Writing Prompt

It’s that time again! That time where I present you all with a writing prompt, and we do something amazing together. I’ve honestly enjoyed these prompts so much, because it’s a chance for us, as writers, to come together. We all get to look at the same situation and scenario and show the world the diversity that lives within us. We can take the same picture, sentence, or song… and we can make it something that it completely and utterly our own! It’s been a while since I’ve done a photo prompt, so I thought that I would do that for this weeks prompt!

So, head on over to Garett Photography – look at his pictures, like his page… and then take a gander below at the photograph selected for this weeks prompt!

Write a scene that takes place at this ocean – at this light house. Give it a story, whether it’s short, a horror, a romance. Tell us what this picture tells you.

And there we go! This weeks prompt is pretty interesting, I think. I know that lighthouses in particular elicit quite a few different emotions from a different range of people, so I’m extremely excited to see what it brings out in you. If you end up doing the prompt (whether it’s on your personal website, a tumblr, your wordpress, or posting it on your twitter) link back to me! Let me know, so that I can feature you on my blog! ❤ I love to have the collections of the prompts together, so that everyone who looks can read and see how writers are wonderfully unique individuals who can make a thousand different stories from one photo.

Until next time guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
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