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Project Indie Author – Dominique Minuit


Welcome to a new blog segment I want to run! Indie authors do not get the proper representation that they deserve, I think. People are putting forth so much effort, so much time, and so much of themselves to get their books out there. The market is changing, and self-publishing is on the rise. I’d love to take the time to read and review all self-pub authors who want to get their name out there!

My first selection is Dominique Minuit! This is 18+ NSFW work, so reader beware! 

The first short story in a series that follows an adventurous young woman named, Seraph. Follow her sexual escapades at the private club Le Château Rosé, where she experiences the broadest definitions of carnal pleasures. Whips, ropes, and exhibitionism all take place within her most recent adventure.

Whip: Seraph's tales from the Nightingale by [Minuit, Dominique]Whip: Seraph’s tales from the Nightingale  is our short story in question. Measuring up to around 3,000 words, this is a quick and dirty read! As a debut story from the author, it leaves us with both room to grow and the desire to read more!

A plus is the very (in my opinion) appealing cover and an accurate representation of the target audience. This short story is a real gem if you like a fast-and-filthy read.

The best part about this short is the fact that it is one in the beginning of a series! Growing attached to the main character, Seraph, isn’t going to leave you wanting more! Hop on the hype train now, and you won’t have to miss the next installment when it’s released later this month!

At .99, the story is a steal. Make sure to act fast! On October 16th — for one day only – the story will be FREE to read! Make sure if you do to leave a star-rating and a review ❤ Nothing helps authors more than your feedback!

That does it for this particular session of #ProjectIndieAuthor! If you are interested in having your work reviewed, leave a comment and let me know!

Even if you aren’t, share this blog and this author around! Let’s get the word out and start boosting each other up!

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Not Enough?


So, yeah… as the title might imply, what do you do when it isn’t enough? And by this, at least in my situation, I mean… when what you’re writing, or how you’re doing it… just isn’t enough for you anymore. I still make my money by doing commissions, and I adore that. But there’s a part of me that really just isn’t completely satisfied with it anymore.

I love writing for other people — I love how much they enjoy their stories once I’ve finished them. I adore hearing how I’ve brought to life an idea that they thought would be forever stuck in their head… but…

I want to be putting my own stories out there. I want to have my original writing seen, more than just through fanfics. SO… what do you do when it isn’t enough?

Easy, you look for what is and you go for it. It’s gonna be hard, but I’m going to do my darn hardest to have two books to decide between for querying by the end of the year (I said that before in my goals). I’m also going to get some stuff put out there via amazon or smashwords. I can’t just sit around and not anymore — I have to try. Maybe it will work? Maybe it won’t.

But at least I’ll be going for it, as opposed to just sitting in a safe zone.

So… today my thoughts and writing advice are this: push yourself. If you’re feeling stagnant, like it isn’t enough… go for it. Yeah, you might fail. But… do you know what would be worse than failing?

Never trying at all.

So, I’m going to challenge you. Write a blog — state what your goals are, where you want to go, where you want to be as a writer. Link back to me.

Let’s do this together!

Until then, you guys! Keep reading, and keep writing!

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