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20139769_10212479448755060_5040169976405401405_nHey guys, sorry I’ve been away for a while… but as you can tell by the picture ❤ There was a reason! Elijah Axton was born on July 13th, 2017 at 5:41 am. He weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces and was 20 inches long.

He’s a pretty precious little boy, even though he made me wait quite a few extra days to meet him. (His Due Date was July 7th!) However… let me tell you, I think that he was just saving his delivery for when it could come in a bang… and I’m going to use this blog to tell you guys about that experience!

Buckle up and get ready xD there will be some graphic descriptions. If you aren’t in the mood to hear a labor story (which I’m blogging about for my own rememberance just as much as to share the experience) I understand you skipping this one ❤

So, on the morning of July 13th, I woke up with some cramps. My doctor had scheduled me for induction a few days after… and she didn’t seem very hopeful that anything was going to get moving on its own. I knew for a fact that you could have cramps and what not for days before actually delivering, so I didn’t think too much about it. They came on and off throughout the day, but they weren’t anything that caused me any alarm. It was just like… uncomfortable cramping that came and went.

As the day went on, they did get a little closer. I phoned Labor and Delivery and asked them when I should be concerned xD And here is where the story gets a little interesting. They told me that I shouldn’t come in until the contractions were strong enough that I couldn’t speak through them. I shrugged it off and didn’t think anything else of it – it was their mistake, but I should have taken into account my pain tolerance as well.

Fast forward to that night – I am in (what I didn’t realize) far more active labor… and playing League of Legends with my hubby and friends to distract myself. The contractions are hurting a little more, but kicking ass on ARAM is making me pretty delighted. Josh finally went to bed, and I continued to deal with what was going on with my body. The weird thing was, I wasn’t feeling the contractions in my stomach – it was just making my thighs cramp. I did squats, stretched, and took showers to alleviate the irritation… but I didn’t call to see if I could go in, because I was still managing them just fine. I could still talk. I could walk.

No big deal, right?

Finally, around 4something, I called L&D again. I could still talk through the contractions, but it had spread from my thighs to my back as well. I was uncomfortable enough that I was thinking of going to the hospital to get a bit of the pain medication so I could sleep before I did go into labor. (I had full intentions of going all natural without an epidural, but I was okay with getting some IV painkillers if I hadn’t slept for over 24 hours – which I hadn’t.)

They tell me I can go ahead and come in if that’s what I want, so we get ready and drive to the hospital. I walk from the parking lot to to the hospital without help, and it’s only Josh insisting that gets me into a wheel chair. By this point, the contractions have randomly amped up to happening every 3 minutes or so, and I’m actually starting to feel pretty uncomfortable. It’s about 5:20 when we get there. I get to triage and they tell me I’m 5cm dilated, so it could take a while before anything happens… and with this pain in my thighs happeing ever 2-3 minutes and me only being half way there, I go ahead and sign a paper to get an epidural. I’ve heard multiple times that the worst thing you can do is be exhausted when you’re actually in the pushing phase of labor, and I’d rather my baby be healthy than to follow some birth plan. I sign the papers, I’m answering questions… and they wheel me into the actual labor room.

They’re asking me more questions, but I’m starting to get extremely irritated that they’re trying to make me calmly answer things while I’m in pain… and as soon as I get put onto my bed, my water breaks.

Now, I’ve read a million stories about people’s water breaking… but I’ve never heard of it hurting. Mine hurt. Mine hurt enough that my husband left the room to tell the nurses that I was in pain – they come back and tell me how good it is that my water broke, and then lean to check on me…

And immediately widen their eyes, because there’s a baby ready to come out. They had to double check, but sure enough, Elijah decided to come right then and there – clearly their 5cm guess (which was done incorrectly because of my water not being broken and making it hard for them to measure) was wrong. They barely had time to call the doctor into the room – they didn’t  have time to properly put an IV in my hand.

I pushed four or five times, and my little baby was born into this world. There was no epidural, no pain relief… and I have to say that it wasn’t actually that bad. I was more in shock than anything, because I went from having quite a bit of time to wait to it suddenly happening then and there. Pushing hurt less than the leg cramps, and it was kind of a relief, because I stopped feeling them as soon as I started pushing – I did still feel pushing though, and I can’t say that it was painless.

But God, seeing his little face for the first time made me completely forget about any pain that I had. So, after arriving twenty minutes earlier, the baby was out. I had multiple nurses who were just stunned at how quickly things had happened, and I have to admit that I was still shocked myself. But… things were good. Elijah was perfect ❤

By the time that I was ready to move to recovery (a few hours later) I was actually good to walk. I felt great ❤ I don’t know if it was the quick labor, the fact that I got to labor at home in a stress-free environment, the lack of epidural… but I was doing wonderfully.

I super recommend laboring at home for as long as you can. I super do not recommend laboring at home for so long that you barely make it to your hospital bed. They told me if I get pregnant again I should probably come into the hospital a bit earlier, because I’m apparently prone to very quick labor xD

Elijah is 7 days old now, and he’s a beautiful little thing. I’m hoping that as things calm and settle, I can get back into the routine of blogging and writing again! But, that’s all for this one. I just wanted to share an amazing story with you guys ❤ I will hopefully be back soon for another post!

Oh! And for those who are curious, I hit my 10k Camp NaNo goal, so I won. Yay xD

Until next time, guys! Let me know about your Camp NaNo plans!

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