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Ego’s Blog Challenge: Prompt #1


Here we are, guys! I asked everyone to do an introduction of themselves for the first step of this blog challenge, and now we’re going to get into the actual juicy bits of it! For starts, we’re going to open with a writing prompt.

Writing prompts are very important, in my opinion. They help you to expand your writing capabilities, and they help you to put yourself into a situation that you might not have put yourself in otherwise. Some of my best novel ideas came from a writing prompt that took on a life of its own!

So, for our first prompt:

Write a story including the following three elements: A stolen ring, fear of spiders, and a sinister stranger.

And there we have it! There is our first prompt. When you’re done, make sure to link back to my blog so I can round them all up and post them when I post my own response! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

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31 Days of Horror Prompts for October (#3)


Here we are at Day 3 of the Horror Writing Prompts for October. I’m really excited about the prompts that have been done so far! I’m going to try to mix things up a little today. We’ve done a scenario prompt, and a sentence prompt.

This time, I thought I’d let you guys go a little freeform on what you were writing about, and do a list prompt. Basically, this prompt works in the sense that I give you a list of 10 words. You can write a story with all of them if you’d like, but you have to use at least five words from the list. 

Night, Terror, Blood, Knife, Shadow, Monster, Darkness, Moonlight, Scream, Killer

So, there we go. There is your list of words. Use at least five of those words to write a story, poem, whatever.

Make sure to link back to this post, if you end up doing it! I’d love to post your responses up tomorrow so that everyone can see what you do!

This is a great way to practice getting in daily words, since NaNoWriMo is coming up so very soon! Make sure to stay tuned to my blog if you’re doing NaNo, because I’m going to be posting tips and tricks for a successful NaNoWriMo every Tuesday and Thursday!

Until next time guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
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Weekly Writing Prompt Response: 7/10-7/16 (2016)

Writing Prompt

Hey there. It’s late in the day, just as I predicted, but we’re finally back from the city! I spent most of my day today in San Francisco as an early birthday celebration, and I’m running on less than two hours of sleep.

To say the least, I’m pretty exhausted. I honestly want nothing more than to go to bed and lay there until morning… but I’m not going to do that. I haven’t written my 1,000 words for the day, and I’m not about to break my streak when I’m this far into the year and writing every day like I am.

So. I shall carry onward! And it’s Saturday (a day of many typos, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit the backspace button), which means that it is time for me to answer my writing prompt. So. Breathe in – breathe out. And here we go.

The Prompt Said:

One day as you were cleaning you noticed air being sucked towards the base of wall near the cupboard. Perplexed you went closer to investigate. The air was going in, slightly yet in. You hold your breath and gingerly peel away at the wallpaper until a huge wrought iron door stands before you. Where does it lead? Did you imagine this? What happens next?

The Siren’s Door

I hate cleaning. It’s probably one of my least favorite things to do. I guess it’s because I always feel like I could be spending my time on something much more valuable, like daydreaming, or reading a book. Maybe there’s just a part of me that is secretly spiteful for the dust bunnies that live in the overly large house that I’m taking care of – I say taking care of with annoyance in my voice, because it wasn’t really my decision. My father died when I was eleven years old, and my step-mother has made sure to let me know that if I don’t do chores around the house, I won’t be staying in the house.

I wish that I could call her evil, I really do. It might make my story a bit more interesting – I wish that I could say that she took my room and threw away everything that reminded me of how much my father loved me… but she didn’t. She kept the pictures of us posing as a family hanging on the walls, and she made sure that I was comfortable in my room. There were nights, after he first died, that she let me come into the bedroom where my Father used to sleep with her, and we’d cry together until we fell asleep.

Clara isn’t evil – she’s just a very strict mother, and she believes in earning your keep. She’s also a busy woman, who works two full time jobs to make sure that we can keep the house that I grew up in; the house where she first met my Father, when she came here to help him with his financial planning. The house meant a lot to both of us, even though the big Victorian was more than we needed on our lonesome.

I didn’t even have step-sisters who were full of malice to spice up my story. All that I had was the large Victorian house, with its peeling wallpaper like a silent witness to the fact that we weren’t quite keeping up with its care…

And I was wiping the baseboards in the kitchen when I noticed it. A draft spilled through the air, sending tendrils of black hair swirling around my face and tickling my nose. I brushed the chin length strands behind my ear and continued wiping down the cupboards that had somehow accumulated enough dust that they warranted a cleaning. I’d just cleaned them the week before, so I was a little irked with the fact that they were so dirty again.

The draft spilled through the room again, swirling my hair and the infuriating dust. I spun quickly to look at the window… but it was closed. The air wasn’t on – the house was cool, because it was fall. We didn’t need to open the windows or turn on the heat or air just yet… and we both knew that it was better that way, because the house was expensive to regulate, temperature wise.

So, where was the draft coming from? I turned, brown eyes curious, and felt it again, rustling my hair and bringing my attention to the wall.

To the wall? It was almost like it was breathing at me, a gentle whisper, a cadence and promise that I would discover that the house had truly been alive all along, if I simply approached.

I couldn’t help it – curiosity was my vice. I stepped closer and knelt, my bare knees touching the floor as I lowered my head. I felt it this time, cooler, almost musky smelling… but it was coming from the baseboard, beneath peeling wallpaper. My fingers came out, perplexed, and I pulled at the flaking sheet, ripping it upwards with a small pulse of satisfaction pouring through me at the action.

What was strange, however, was the fact that there wasn’t wood behind the paper… but metal.

I wasn’t sure, but I thought it was iron. My hands made quick work of the rest of the wall covering, until I was slightly out of breath, and staring wide eyed at a giant door standing in front of me – wrought iron, and older than even the house had any rights… and it was nothing that I’d seen before.

More than that, it didn’t make sense, because not five feet to the other side of the door, our flat screen television was mounted on the wall. The door should have led to nowhere, but I could feel the breeze pulsing from beneath it, and the handle begged me to pull it open.

Transfixed, almost bespelled, I could do nothing but follow the compulsion that brought my hand forward and against the handle.

The metal was almost too hot to touch.

I opened the door, and that cool breeze instantly turned into a gust so strong that it nearly sucked me forward – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was standing on the solid wood floor in my kitchen…

But I wasn’t.

Because on the other side of the door, in complete contrast to the sun that shone outside, three moons spanned over a vast, black ocean… the wind whipped, spilling my hair forward, and the salt stung my nose, my eyes…

And in the distance, I could hear a voice singing – lulling, alluring… calling to me. I didn’t think about it – I didn’t think about anything but that voice. I just stepped through the door, and heard a resounding slam as it closed behind me.

Sorry if that was a little scattered ❤ I’m so tired, but I wanted to make sure that I got my words out!

So, if you’ve responded to this, let me know so that I can link you in the space below! I’d love to see what you come up with! I know that we all have so many worlds and stories waiting inside of us! Let one out! Remember, I post writing prompts every Sunday, and you have a chance to be featured in my response on the following Saturday! Just fill the prompt and link back to my blog, and you’ll be featured in the space below! (Updated at the end of the day.)

Responses to the Prompt:


Until next time, guys, keep reading and writing!

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Weekly Writing Prompt: 6/26-7/2

Writing Prompt

So, I want to say first that everyone did fantastic on last weeks writing prompt. I had three different responses that I got to post at the end of my blog, and I’m hoping to get just as many, if not more, for this week. You guys do such an amazing job, and it’s so fun to see how different people create so many different stories from the same given situations. The human mind, and how completely and utterly creative it is, makes me so excited and happy!

So, for this weeks prompt, I was browsing Google under the search of Creative Writing Prompts, and I found one that really struck me as something that could be fun to write.

You decide to spend the day enjoying the sunny weather. And that’s great, until you see him (or her)—but who? The person looks exactly like you, but you know that you don’t have a twin. And what’s this, he (or she) is approaching you—angrily. Who is this, and why are is this person so mad?

This prompt came from the Writer’s Digest Page, and I think that it could be an extremely fun situation to put yourself in, as far as trying to create something out of it. I knew, as soon as I read it, that there was a story brewing inside of me, just waiting for a chance to be released… and I know that the same potential is brewing in each and every one of you! So please, check out the writing prompt! If you respond to it, link me back, whether you’re on facebook, twitter, tumblr, or wordpress! Just make sure that I know that you did the prompt, and I will feature your writing on my blog on Saturday when I post my response!

With Camp NaNoWriMo approaching, if you haven’t come up with an idea, maybe this will help to inspire you!

Until then, I will anxious be waiting to see what you guys produce, and I’ll be working on my own response as well!

Keep reading and writing, and keep being amazing!

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