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Weekly Writing Prompt!

Writing Prompt

Hey all! Here we are, jumping back into an attempted proper blogging schedule. With that comes writing prompts, delivered to you fresh off of the… wherever I find them. In this case, it’s a huge list that my husband found for me! Without any delay, here is our writing prompt for the week!

I have seen this prompt a few times, and I really do love it! I would love to see your reply as well! I’ll try to have mine up some time over the weekend! If you end up doing the prompt, just link back to my blog! When I post my response, I’ll feature yours as well! Let’s all get creative, guys!

Until then, keep reading and writing!

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Alphabet Series Writing Tips – V is for Versatility

Base Graphic

V is for Versatility, and I think that as writers, it’s something that we should strive to have. This, of course, is just advice that I try to live by – so, if you have something that’s working for you… you keep on keeping on!

For me, versatility is something that I strive to achieve. We all have things that we excel at, and we all have things that we’re not so good at… but I don’t want to be one of those writers that can only write one thing – one type of story, one genre, one real set of characters, you know? I looked up the definition to Versatility, and low and behold:



capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.:

a versatile writer.

A versatile writer… and that’s what I strive to be. I’ve written numerous novels (I’ve never even tried to publish them, shame on me), and they vary from Fantasy, to Paranormal Romance, to Historical Paranormal Romance, to Horror Romance, and a few other things in between. I like to write fanfiction for the sole purpose of versatility. If I write in other peoples worlds, from Hannibal Lecter to Kingdom Hearts, I’m getting to delve and practice my writing in multiple fronts. I like to write and try out as many different characters as I can, so that I can keep tuning in and keying up my ability to be a versatile writer. It’s part of the reason that I enjoyed the Roleplay community for so long – I was able to step into the minds of so many different characters, and it really helped me to develop a versatile voice with my own characters later in life.

I also try to make sure that it’s not just creative writing that I practice. I have recently been trying to do at least 2 blog posts a day, and I’m trying to make sure that they’re instructional and helpful (I really do love helping you guys out in any way that I can, so!). I do book reviews, I write for Textbroker in article format. I try to make sure that I can do more than just novel writing – I want to be a well rounded writer all around.

Versatility is something that can be a little hard to attain sometimes; I wasn’t always so wide ranged in what I wrote. My first novel was a fantasy novel… but after that, I would say that the next 5 that I completed were all supernatural/paranormal romance. While I really enjoy writing novels in that format, I sat back and thought about it… and I realized that it wasn’t the only thing that i wanted to write, the only thing that I wanted to ever be recognized for. So, I started writing horrorish novel, more zombies, less romance (though there’s still romance in there). It was completely different from my vampires/werewolves love stories that I did. I started writing about demons – extremely different to include devils and angels. I delved and dipped into post-apocalyptic. And I wrote a really big, really fat fantasy novel, which is something that I really want to strive forward with and publish. The point is, I looked at my writing, and I realized that I wanted variety, that I wanted to do something other than just paranormal romance. I wanted to be versatile.

This is part of the reason that I really enjoy writing prompts. I post them every Monday now, and I urge you to check them out and participate! The most recent one can be found HERE. Doing writing prompts can sometimes push you out of your comfort level, but that’s the point. Write something that you wouldn’t normally write – pick a perspective that you’ve never experienced before… pick a character that you aren’t comfortable with… and go for it. I encourage you to try to write at least one short story a week, and switch them up! Do something you wouldn’t normally. You can do it!

Write. Practice. Grow.

It’s so important that we do this – it’s so important that we allow our horizons to expand, because we might find that the next thing that we write is something more amazing than anything that we’ve ever imagined we could do. I’m urging you to push yourself, and I’d love to see the results. Check out the writing prompt I listed above, and write something that is completely out of your comfort zone. Post the link in my comments, or link me to it ❤ Be Versatile! Be proud of your writing!

And above all, never quit.

Until next time, with the letter W! Keep reading and writing!

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Daily Writing Prompt 2/4/2016

Writing Prompts

We are getting very close to the bottom of the list! For all of you who have been keeping up with this, great job! Write either a poem or a short story from the following list of words!!!

81. Pen and Paper
82. +
83. Heal
84. Cold
85. Sick
86. Seeing Red
87. Hunger
88. Pain
89. Through the Fire
90. Triangle

I can’t wait to see what you get up!

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Daily Writing Prompt 2/3/2016

Writing Prompts

I’m getting so close to being finished with this list, and I’m actually a little sad about it. It’s been a lot of fun! But! As usual, write a poem or story with the following list!

71. Obsession
72. Mislead
73. I. Can’t.
74. Confrontation
75. Mirror
76. Broken
77. Testament
78. Drink
79. FUCK
80. Words

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Also, I decided to just do my January Writing Recap on Friday when I do my normal recap blogs! I can’t wait to fill you guys in on how it went, and I can’t wait to see what this prompt helps you to come up with!


Until then!

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Daily Writing Prompt 2/2/2016

Writing Prompts

I’m going to run out of this list soon, but until I do, I’m going to keep on keeping with it! Write a poem or short story using the following list! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

61. Fairy Tale
62. Voodoo
63. Do Not Disturb
64. City
65. Horrorific
66. Snow
67. Drum
68. Hero
69. Annoyance
70. 67%

Until then! Author Amanda McCormick

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Writing Prompt 2/1/2016

Writing Prompts

So, we dive forward into Feb, and I’m hoping that the daily writing prompts become truly daily, instead of every other daily! I will continue on with my trend of a list of words! I’m enjoying it, and I’m nearly through the whole list… so!!!

Write a poem or story based on the following!

51. Sport
52. Old
53. Desecrate
54. Tower
55. Need
56. Biohazard
57. Sacrificial
58. Kick in the Head
59. No Way Out
60. Desert

This should be fun!

Author Amanda McCormick

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PS: Probably going to do a January Overall Writing Stat blog tonight or tomorrow! I’m not feeling super hot right now, but I’m so proud of my progress!

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Daily Writing Prompt 1/22/2016

Writing Prompts

So, I’m going to keep on with my list from yesterday for the daily writing prompts! Write some type of prose, short story, poem, whatever comes to mind using the following 10 words! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

11. Memory
12. Insanity
13. Misfortune
14. Smile
15. Silence
16. Spit
17. Blood
18. Under
19. Gray
20. Fortitude

Later on today, I’ll also be posting and update blog on my writing and whatnot! I can’t wait to see you guys then!

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NaNo Day 29 – Victory is Sweet


Sorry about the sparse blog posts. I’ve been recovering from a very deep and awesome writing coma. I’ve come out the other side of it, and I can say that I feel triumphant in NaNoWriMo! At 94,321 words, my first draft of RipTide is complete. Tomorrow, I’ll have pictures of the pretty, printed out version of it.

I have to say, winning NaNo this year was very nice. As I mentioned in earlier posts, it’s been a very healing process for me. Usually, writing is work – fun work sometimes, but still work. This year, for the first time, it was just about my emotions and letting it out. I don’t know if that’s gonna be conducive for as good of a first draft as usual, but we will see. The point is, I finished it! After I give it a break, I’ll go back to editing it. I need some decent critique partners. x.x I just don’t know where to look for those.

For the people who are still working on their novel – if you’re almost there or behind… you’re amazing. You’re doing something that no one else can do. Look around you, at the first ten people you see (unless you’re at a write in >_< don’t be cheeky), how many of those people can say they wrote 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 or 50,000 words? Probably not very many of them if any. You’re amazing ❤ You’re doing a wonderful job. Keep it up. Even if you think you can’t win, there’s still a chance that you can. I had a 15k day first day! You can always do it! And even if you don’t, just the act of writing as you have is an astounding accomplishment. We’re all winners.

Past NaNo, I wanted to give some projections of what my blog is going to look like. I’m still going to try to write every day. I’m going to keep spreadsheets of how I do each month, so I can reflect on if there are high points of writing for me (other than November, when I turn into a monster). I plan on doing Daily Prompts on here, and Weekly Writing Updates – I’m not sure what day I’ll schedule that for. Maybe Monday, or Sunday. I’m not sure. I also want to still try to crank out writing advice as much as possible – I really appreciate all of the positive comments and thanks that I get for that. You’re all amazing, I’m just telling you things from my own, personal experience.

So! I’ll talk to you all soon. I need to get to working on my next project today if I can. 😉 Tell you more about that on Tuesday when NaNo is over!


Until then, keep reading and writing!

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October Horror Writing Prompt #28 – What Dreams May Come

So, I actually had to cut this prompt off. I wrote way more than what you see, but I didn’t want to post it all because of the mass quantities of spoilers that would ensue. So. Enjoy what I can post!

What Dreams May Come

I hated it when I fell asleep. I could always tell, too… I could tell because it always happened the same way. I was laying in whatever hotel room I was bouncing to, and then suddenly I wasn’t. Since I had learned that my father was a demon, I’d been waking up in fire and brimstone, seeing a world that no mortal mind could have ever managed to imagine. At first, it had confused me… but the deeper that I delved into that Hell, I was discovering the true meaning of fear.

At first, when I’d had these dreams I refused to move. I figured if I didn’t go anywhere, I’d wake up eventually without having to deal with anything going on. In the distance, I could hear a chorus of screams like some dark litany of agony. Whatever was causing that, I didn’t want to see. The only thing that was frightening about it was the fact that there was a part of me, and it was a larger part than I wanted to admit, truly wanted to go and revel in the chaos.

I had this dream every night, until I fought with myself not to sleep. The exhaustion was detrimental to my training, and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to keep it up… I knew that I was going to have to give in and sleep…

I didn’t want to close my eyes, but as soon as I did, I felt my body fall into relaxation and the screams started. Something new came to my ears however, and it was the sound of a rich voice chuckling. I jerked up, knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to wake myself.

My eyes still opened, and they landed on the man standing in front of me. He had one hand out, as though to help me stand. Full lips were turned up into a smile, and green eyes glittered with emotions that I couldn’t read.

“I was wondering when you were going to give in to your dreams, Karsyn. Come, come now Isn’t fighting too hard?” His voice sounded so condescending… and yet there was something in there that told me he knew something that I did not. More than that, there was something so… familiar about him.

“Who are you?”

He looked at me, and the smile on his face just grew. “Oh, come on now. Look me in the eyes and tell me you can’t guess.” His fingers beckoned to me again, and for some reason I stretched my fingers out and took his hand. He pulled me to my feet in a fluid motion, and I quickly took three steps back. My hand went towards my back and he shook his head slowly, reddish black hair sliding against his shoulders.

“Now, now, why would you try to get that filthy little Angel Blade? You should realize that out of all that you could face, I understand it better than even you.” He looked at me as though I should have understood him. Instead, I shook my head.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about…” My fingers flexed over my spine and I waited for the sensation of the blade to appear. When it didn’t, I grasped at my skin, nails actually scratching. The man simply smirked.

“Now, now… foolish little boy, do you really think that you have any power here?”

Well, there it is. I’m loving doing some little snippits from my novels! I hope you guys are enjoying your prompts as well! I can’t wait to see them all! NaNo is coming soon! 4 days and counting!!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!
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October Horror Writing Prompt #20 – The Graveyard pt 3

So, I told you guys I was going to catch up on my prompts tonight. Here is the #20 prompt! I’ll have the rest up before the night is over!!!


The Graveyard pt 3

   I always wondered what caused a person’s spirit to linger. Sometimes it was just an impression – a figure doing the same thing over and over, as though the very motion of it happened so many times that they left it behind. Sometimes, it was pure emotion. Anger, hatred, sadness… and then there were times when it was a full manifestation of what I could only imagine was the person’s essence. Those were the ones I was curious about. Was there really something to that whole ‘unfinished business’ thing that everyone went on about?
I didn’t know.
“It’s at the back of the graveyard. Come on, Kitty.” Michael purred my name, “Don’t be afraid.”
Alex just glared at me.
I wanted to shrug at her, or give her a small smile to let her know that it wasn’t like I made him call me that name on purpose… but I decided against it. She’d been giving me that dirty look for quite a while now, and I knew that nothing was going to stop it from happening.
I forced myself to take a few deep breaths and look at the back of Michael’s shirt. I didn’t want to see the ghosts that were littered around the graveyard, and I certainly didn’t want to let them know that I could give them the attention that they needed any more than they already knew. I hated that they could sense me – that they could tell that I could see them. I bit my lip and gave a small sigh.
“Oh, quit it. You know you’re having fun.” Alex’s voice was teasing, if a bit harsh. At least I knew that she still loved me, even if she did think that I was stealing Michael’s attention. I threw a look over my shoulder at her, only just holding in a gasp at the sight of two male ghosts following in behind her with a lecherous look on their faces. Sometimes I was fairly positive that I was going to go mad. I was so good at keeping my shock quiet – I never had the hysterics anymore.
That would have been reassuring, but I knew that just because you didn’t scream… it didn’t mean that you weren’t mad. Madness is not hysteria. It can be very quiet. Sometimes I wondered if I was already there.
It took us a few minutes to make our way to the back of the graveyard. Hidden amongst very tattered looking tombstones and above ground crypts, Michael seemed to spot was he was looking for. His entire body came to attention and he chuckled.  “Come on, guys. This is it.”
I didn’t want to. Oh, I really didn’t want to. The hair on my arms was standing up, and my stomach was aching. I could feel sweat forming on my forehead already. I’d never felt anything like this before – I’d never felt anything so… evil. Surely there wasn’t anything to this stupid story? I thought that it was just something told around Halloween to scare the children of the town.
I didn’t want there to be anything to this, because if that was the case he was the strongest poltergeist that I’d ever seen, and his stomping ground was the entire town. I didn’t know how he’d react if he found someone who could see and sense him for exactly who he was.
I didn’t want to know.

So, there is that one. I won’t write a lot now, because I’m off to work on the next part!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!

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