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Alphabet Series Writing Tips – P is for Publishing

P is for Publishing, and I’m not exactly an expert on this. So, I’m not going to talk to you about i as someone who knows what they’re doing… but instead, as someone who is searching for the answers.

When I first approached writing and getting something published, I had it in my mind that the only way that I would try to publish was traditionally. Of course, when I first wanted to publish, publishing through Amazon wasn’t even a thing. There have been a lot of bounds and leaps in the Publishing World that makes it a lot easier to get your book out there than it used to be. Whether it’s through Amazon, or the smaller publishing houses that are now popping up everywhere, you have more options.

However, through my research, what I’ve learned is that even if you do self publish, you’re going to have to do so much marketing. What I’ve learned through my research is, even if you publish traditionally… you’re still going to have to do marketing.

My research is what led me to my blog, what led me to my Twitter… what led me to my (used to be completely about writing until Fallout overtook my life) Tumblr. It’s what will eventually lead me to a youtube channel, once I can afford a proper camera (any help or suggestions there are appreciated <3). It’s what led me to make my Patreon.

I decided that I needed to have a social media presence of some sort before I even thought about publishing. What I want to try is going through the traditional venue, and if that doesn’t pan out after trying for a few years, I’ll self publish. Regardless of what I do, I want to get my name out there first, so that I am capable of telling people about my book, and the fact that it exists. Basically, what I’ve learned is that you need to be fully capable of marketing yourself, because there are a million and one books out there, and yours (no matter how amazing) will be one amongst those million. So, establish yourself – get a blog, get a youtube channel. At least get a circle of friends that will know about your novel and be able to spread you around by word of mouth. I’ve tried to make as many connections as I can, and I’m still striving to do that while I edit my (what I hope to be) debut novel.

It’s about loving and caring for your baby through all the processes. You are your best advocate, and you can recruit more!

As far as information on publishing, I’ve found some really good youtube channels to help with that, as well as Google articles. Check out channels like BookishPixie and Jenna Moreci. There are dozens of good youtube channels out there for people both traditionally published and and self published (the two people I listed are as such, in order). The point is, I’ve realized that there are a lot of amazing writers out there, and I’ve realized that the writing community is one of the most caring, giving, and lovely as far as wanting to help each other goes.

So, when it comes to research, always turn to the people who are willing to help you.

The only other advice that I know to give (because I’ve honestly just learned a lot of what I’ve learned through research – my point above) is to try to get published in magazines, newspapers, whatever. Get your name out there. Build yourself a reputation! You can do it!

Of course, the most important thing to getting published is to finish your novel – and I don’t mean just write it. Edit it. Get it Beta’d. Get it edited again. Maybe do another round of Betas. Polish that baby until it shines, because whether you go through traditional or self-pub, you want to give it the best chance possible.

For this blog, I’m really leaving the comments open. I implore everyone who has tips and advice to comment it below, and I’ll add it to the body of the blog. ❤ We should all pull our resources to make this easier for each other. You’re all amazing, you’re all writers! You deserve to be heard!

Until Q (oh dear, what is Q gonna be?),

Author Amanda McCormick

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New Blogs Coming Monday!

Starting Monday, I’m going to be getting back to my daily blogging! I’l have my Creative Writing Challenge, updates on NaNo, and book reviews (I have a few to get up). I’m also going to start my vlog with book hauls, discussions, writing advice, etc! We’re finally getting everything unpacked and organized, and my desk area is starting to look like a desk again, lol.

Until Monday!

Keep reading and writing!

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