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My true love gave to meeeee…

Just kidding, I won’t blast you all with my singing. That could be cruel. Still, it is the first day of Camp NaNoWriMo… and I find that I’m not completely sure what I’m doing. I’m due to have a baby in 6 days… and I’m a bit daunted by the fact that I signed up at all. Still, I haven’t missed a Camp yet, and I certainly don’t want to miss one now. I’ve really been missing writing… so I figured that Camp this year could be a free for all. I’m going to count all of my writing towards my meager 5,000 word goal, because it’s more about getting the flow going again, in opposition to getting a certain bit of work done.

That being said, the 5,000 word goal is still really high up there for me when I can’t figure out what I want to write. I had a thought of going back to my very, very old profile and picking out the most popular fic that I have on there (whatever that might be) and rewriting it with minimal plot change. Just basically getting it out there and redone in my new writing style for a little bit of fun… but — and maybe it’s the hormones talking — I don’t want to go back and read my writing from when I was a teenager right now. Hell, I have trouble going back and reading my writing from five minutes ago without laying down a harsh judgment hammer on myself.

So… I’m contemplating what to do instead. I’m thinking I might get some more prompts out there – those always seem to inspire something when I start them (see: My inability to write a short story without it somehow spiraling into a novel). I also thought that I’d tackle some chapters of the fanfics that I have on my A03 account because I’ve been dreadful about ignoring them for months now.

I don’t know. I just know that things are pretty crazy right now, and there is certainly a lot going on in my mind…. but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop writing. I’ve been lax on it, and it’s honestly getting to me. I feel better when I’m writing every day, and I feel more clear and relaxed. I’ve let that slide, because I’ve been mainly sleeping and resting up… but I want to get ready, to get started. I want to get back into it, because I can feel it in my mind and damn near on my soul that I haven’t been creative lately. I’ve been… er… creating instead. You know.

A baby.

But… I’m pretty much finished with doing that, and I want to get back to my writing. Hell, I want to get back to my writing from my baby, so I can show him that we should always strive for our dreams and passion.

So, Camp NaNo, I’m still gonna getcha, baby or not. Here I come.

Until next time, guys! Let me know about your Camp NaNo plans!

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