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Going Back to Hogwarts Announcement

Going Back to Hogwarts

I’ve decided that I have a particular blog segment that I want to do – it’s something that I’ve actually been wanting to do for a while. I’m not sure which day I’m going to do it on, but I’m going to start re-reading the Harry Potter novels. In doing so, what I really want to do is blog about my thoughts and feelings as I go through them. I’m sure that a lot of you already understand the feelings that I have for these books, because you have the same feeling.

I’m one of those kids who grew up with Harry Potter. I came into the books when book three had just been released, and I was at every single Midnight release after that. I grew up with the group, I grew up with the novels… and they were certainly one of my major influences on becoming a writer today.

More than that, J.K. Rowling was a huge inspiration to me, because she came from practically nothing, and managed to become this amazing writer who did what I want to do more than anything as a writer… she changed people’s lives. When I was sad and depressed, or upset when I was younger, I could always turn to the Harry Potter novels to make me feel better, to give me strength, to make me want to keep on fighting. She brought joy into my heart, and into the heart of so many children… and that’s one of the things that I want as a writer – I want to be able to inspire people, to make people feel better when they’re sad… to give them a world to escape into, because that’s what books did for me, more than anything else in this world.

So, I’m going to be doing a weekly or twice weekly blog series entitled “Going Back To Hogwarts”, where I talk about my thoughts and feelings for each chapter as I read them, and I really hope that you guys can join me for the ride! I think that it will be great. I’ll probably start this segment sometime this week or next week, depending!

Until then! Keep reading and writing, and keep being awesome!

Author Amanda McCormick

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New Blogs Coming Monday!

Starting Monday, I’m going to be getting back to my daily blogging! I’l have my Creative Writing Challenge, updates on NaNo, and book reviews (I have a few to get up). I’m also going to start my vlog with book hauls, discussions, writing advice, etc! We’re finally getting everything unpacked and organized, and my desk area is starting to look like a desk again, lol.

Until Monday!

Keep reading and writing!

Author Amanda McCormick