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As you can all see, I’m not really back on my blogging schedule just yet. However, I am super happy to say that at 1 day shy of the 17 week mark of my pregnancy, my morning (see: all day, all the time, no matter what) sickness has finally dissipated. This blog is just going to be a lot of me musing, thinking, and a general update on me. Hopefully (fingers crossed) I will be able to get back to my blog schedule after this, though I might just do some random blogs until Monday, and then start fresh (I always work better when I do it that way.)

Anyway, onward to the random thoughts.

First of all, I came into this year knowing that I might have a few days where I wouldn’t be able to write. My expectations for myself were still extremely high… but they were high with a little bit of a learning curve for everything I knew was going on with me. I’m sure that a lot of ladies who are pregnant, especially for the first time, are having to figure out everything. For me… figuring everything out came with a one week break from writing. It was the weirdest thing I’ve done in over a year, because I’ve written every day, consistently, for over a year… but this past week has been crazy. My husband has been extremely sick, and I’ve been fighting off the last of my morning sickness. What I haven’t kicked is the exhaustion that comes along with being pregnant. I’ve gone from insomnia to sleeping for 12+ hours a day. It’s so strange. However, it’s seeming to level out… but my body was demanding that I get that rest.

So, I did something that I wasn’t expecting to do… and I listened to my body.

I have to say it was the smartest thing that I could do. I took a week off, and I’m coming back into writing completely refreshed and rejuvenated. I’m going to recommend doing this to everyone – not just to pregnant women, but anyone who is going through something extremely stressful, or who is very sick, etc. Lower your word count – take some days off if you have to… but listen to your body. I know I’m a huge advocate for writing every day, and I still believe that you should.

But every now and then, you have to take a breath. So pick your days wisely, give yourself a time limit, and just know that when you come back, you need to come back strong.

Moving onward, I really… really… really am seeing a direct correlation between the amount of caffeine that I consume and how much I want to write. I miss my giant cups of coffee – they were my writing fuel. I know that a lot of it is probably a habit that I established. I’d wake up – get a big cup of coffee, drink it and write in the morning… and now I can’t do that. It’s spoiled my habit.

I need to make a new habit. It’s the second thing that I’m really discovering in all of this. We can train ourselves to think that certain signals mean that we can or cannot write. You can’t become so dependent on those signals that you can’t write when you don’t have them. I have to learn to write without my big cup of coffee, as much as it pains me. If you can’t have your certain playlist, your certain writing area, your certain writing beverage or snack… you still need to be able to write. We can fight through it together, guys. I believe in us.

Lastly, I’m going to hit on the current… environment of the world, without really getting into my own political opinion. I know that things are hard for a lot of us – unsure, frightening, scary… and I’m just going to leave you all with a bit of advice (I might write an entire post about my thoughts on all of this later, but not now.) But that advice is this: We need our writers now, more than ever. We need our thinkers, we need our people who will give an opinion. We need the people who can offer stories for people to escape into. We need our creative minds now more than ever before. So please, keep on writing ❤ You’re amazing.

Until next time, you guys! Keep reading and writing, and keep being amazing!
Author Amanda McCormick

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Oh, hey, what’s that sound? That’s the sound of this writer winning Camp NaNoWriMo with 100 words to spare!


Winner 2016 - Twitter ProfileAs you can see by my winner goodies swag right there, I managed to get my wordcount in. I’ve been struggling with keeping ahead, falling behind… and these past two days, I’ve just really put in the effort to get ahead, and therefore win by default. I actually went 100 words over my particular writing goal (on purpose, because the validation system likes to eat your words sometimes.

So, even though NaNo said I wrote 30071 words, I wrote 30100, and I’m damn proud of myself! Let’s go ahead and get those stats up one more time, and for the last time for NaNo!

When Flowers Fall – 10774
The Second Realm – 1516
Serial Killer – 1019
Cerulean Darkness – 6522
Misc Short Stories – 2045
Untitled – 4032
The Siren’s Door – 1000
Untitled 2 – 3192

July Camp NaNo Total: 30100/30000. ❤ Winner~!

As you can see, When Flowers Fall ended up being my big project for the month. I didn’t realize that I was going to get so into it, but I did! I’ll probably take a tiny pause from writing it so that I can actually plot some of it out now… when Amanda doesn’t plot, we have a few drastic shifts in the story. Like going from third person to first person… and then going from a female main character to a male main character.

Oopose. Oh well.

I’m honestly really proud of myself. This month has been hard, and hot. And just terrible and wonderful all around… but I still managed to do my NaNo. Not only that, but I have over 70,000 words written for the month already… so honestly, I’m doing a fantastic job over all. I’m going to try my damndest to hit 90k before the month is over… so I’ll update you in a few days to tell you if I’ve managed that ridiculous feat… but all and all, I’m extremely proud.

Camp Nano, and NaNo in general is just such a fantastic event. It gives us goals, it gives us community, and it gives us the chance to feel like we accomplish something when we win. As writers – especially those of us who are struggling/haven’t tried to get published/are trying to finish that first novel/etc… we need that boost. We need that pat on the back, and the sense of accomplishment that we can surpass our goals if we put our mind to it. And even when we don’t win, we get to look back at all of the new words that we’ve written… and there is still a sense of validation, because we sure as hell didn’t have those words before.

So, for those of you still running for the end? You’ve got this. No matter how you do, you’ve got this… because you have more words than you started with. Do word wars over the next few days – participate in some crawls! Message friends and have them write with you! Have a virtual write in with your group! Do whatever you need to get in those last few days of words… and know that am proud of you, and I believe in you. You’re amazing.

Keep being awesome!

Author Amanda McCormick

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