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October 24th Daily Writing Prompt – Conversation With Death

Hello, everyone! So, as promised, here is my first of quite a few posts today. I will get caught up before the night is over. This is the writing prompt from the 24th, you know, the one about having a conversation with death? I decided that I just HAD to stop working on Graveyard. I realized that it was very quickly escalating into yet another novel. Since I’m already working on two for November, I seriously can’t have another one beating around inside of my head.

Conversation With Death

Because I could not stop for Death –
He kindly stopped for me –
The Carriage held but just Ourselves –
And Immortality.

-Emily Dickinson

   Sometimes we run from the things that we fear the most. We run as hard and as fast as we can, and we never look back. Sometimes, though, we don’t run. We simply choose to turn our head the other way and pretend that we don’t see it. I don’t know which is worse, running from an attack… or never seeing it as it approaches you.
I, however, am one of the latter people. I knew I was sick. I’d known it for a long, long time. More than that, I knew that I wasn’t going to get any better. The doctors had told me so, in the kindest way possible. I’d really started to notice with going to the doctors every few weeks for the past year that they didn’t completely understand what nice meant. They had this idealized sense of compassion, but it was clinical. When even their clinical coolness had started to fade and I could see the pity in their eyes, I knew it was time to bail. I didn’t want them to tell me that my medication wasn’t going to work anymore. I didn’t want them to tell me that there were too many things wrong, and I was a time bomb just waiting to explode.
I wasn’t going to listen to any of it, and they simply couldn’t make me.
And so, I was playing the part of simply ignoring it. I turned my head to the fact that I was exhausted after a brief walk outside. I turned my head to the fact that my appetite was growing less and less with each passing day. I turned my head to the fact that there was a ticking death sentence in my brain that could bring me to death at any moment. I just wanted to have a good time.
It was during one of my excursions that it happened. I was breathless by the end of the walk and frustrated with the fact that I’d probably have to call a cab to take me home. Still, there was this little coffee shop just a block away that I really wanted to visit. I’d always had the dream of just hanging out there, sipping my coffee, writing a novel. Maybe doing some art. Something artistic, and something that the world would remember me for even when I was dead and gone.
It was crazy how relevant that dream really was now.
It was as I was crossing the street that I heard the sound of a car blaring its horn violently at me. My head snapped up and I felt a pain wrench in my gut. There was no way I could move in time – my body was too weak. The truck was going to hit me.
Suddenly, I felt strong hands wrap around my waist. My body jerked backward. For a moment, pain lanced through my head… but that was it. There was no violent impact of metal on bone, and there was no sensation of my body smashing against the pavement. There was just… warmth.
When I came back to my senses, I looked up. There was a man, a very tall man, holding me protectively against his chest. The smell of his leather trench coat was a sweet comfort, and I’d never felt anything as soothing as his embrace. His dark eyes twinkled as I looked up at him in awe.
“You’ve been ignoring me for so long, little Lyssa. You look at me now with such reverence, that I wonder if you’ve been wasting your time after all.” His voice was unlike anything that I’d ever heard. Sweet peace, that taste of beautiful exhaustion that sucks you down right before sleep. Silk and velvet wrapped into one cooed those words to me, and it took me a moment to even register what he’d said in the first place.
“W-what?” I couldn’t make sense of it. All that I could do was realize that this man and his strong arms brought me more comfort than I’d had in the past year… and I knew that it was completely illogical. Who let a strange guy bring them comfort when nothing else could? “Who are you?”
“Oh, Lyssa. You know who I am. I am who you’ve been running from.” His hand stroked gently along the side of my face, giving me chills as he brushed a few strands of hair from my eyes. “I am Death, and I think that it is finally time that you and I spoke.”

So, there that is. I already had a plan for what I wanted to do with this, you’ll be seeing part two in the October 25th prompt, which is to pick one of your favorite songs. I can’t wait to see what you guys do, and I can’t wait to get to my next prompt!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!
Author Amanda McCormick
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October Horror Writing Prompts – Day 3 Prompt

Everyone is doing such a good job so far. I’ve seen a few different stories. I can actually say that it’s getting me excited for NaNoWriMo. Just getting a writing schedule down is pretty fun. How are you guys feeling about it so far? Also, any prompt suggestions? For now, here is the day three writing prompt!!!


I hope everyone can figure out something fun for this prompt! I wanted to leave it really open this time to see what sparks in the imagination!

Happy writing!

Author Amanda McCormick

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October Prompt, Day 2 – Family Business

Here is my prompt for Day two of the October horror writing! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with this time!!!

Family Business

I’ve always been able to see things. I never realized it was something abnormal until I was eight years old and I told my friend’s parent about the young boy who fell into their swimming pool. He was struggling, and I’d wanted them to help him. Instead of helping, Michael’s mother went pale, her lips pursed. I didn’t understand why they’d called my mother to come and pick me up, until that night when she’d asked me if Michael had told me about his younger brother drowning the year earlier.

For a long time, I didn’t understand what I could do. I saw people in glimpses. I saw people dying. It was uncomfortable and frightening… but I became to used to it that it was normal.

What wasn’t normal was the first time I saw the image of my father strangling a young boy in the basement of our new house.

A scream tore out of my throat, and I actually ran forward to stop him. When I fell through the images, tumbling to the ground and catching myself against the stone wall, I could do nothing other than turn and sit with a numb feeling spreading along my entire body as the image of my father shook the child violently until he wasn’t moving anymore. The image faded away as my father turned and grinned, holding the small limp body in hands that had picked me up and twirled me around when I was a child.

I wasn’t a child anymore, and my seventeen year old mind was having trouble keeping a scream from erupting out of my throat. It was even harder to stay silent when I heard a rush of foot steps and my father’s face peered in through the basement doorway, concern clearly painted on his visage.

“Charlie, are you okay?” He was coming down the stairs two at a time, and I recoiled when he grabbed for my hands. He frowned, but took my wrists. I didn’t notice that my palms were bleeding until he pulled them upward. “What happened? Are you all right?”

I was having trouble speaking. Everything that I saw was true. I’d never seen an image that wasn’t an actual event. I’d started researching to make sure.

“Dad, I…” But looking into those blue eyes full of concern, I couldn’t tell him. I couldn’t accuse him. I had to be wrong.


“I tripped. This basement is dark even with the lighting. Do you think we can add in some more lights?” My father was an electrician, and he was teaching me the tricks of the trade. A smile spread across his face and he nodded, pulling me to my feet.

“Of course. We can make a project of it. For now, let’s get you washed up, okay?” He shook his head, and I saw his eyes flicker to the wall behind me. For a moment, I noticed a coldness flit through his gaze. It chilled me to the core.

I was still shaking as I made my way upstairs, but I’d almost managed to talk myself into thinking that I’d been wrong, that I’d seen wrong when I got into the bathroom. I turned to wash my bleeding hands in the sink and stopped cold. Behind me my mother was holding a young woman’s head under the overflowing water of the bathtub. The woman was thrashing and struggling, and my mother was laughing.

“What the fuck!” I jerked around. I could see water stains on the floor, but my mother and the dying woman were gone. “What the fuck!” I whimpered the words out again. I actually clenched my fists, the pain from the pressure on my palms telling me that I wasn’t dreaming.

“Charlie, baby? Are you all right?” It was my mother’s voice now, coming to check on me. I didn’t want to answer. I didn’t know what to do. Images flashed in front of my eyes again, my mother dragging the body out of the room, my father telling her to bring it to the basement.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. We weren’t even unpacked. This was supposed to be a fresh start. We’d moved here because our old neighborhood had been so full of crime that the images were driving me crazy. My parents had thought I was stressed. They’d told me a change of scenery would help me to calm down. My father had said he was ready to get me in to the family business, that we could start working together…

I opened the door, feeling numb. My mother was standing there, concern on her gaze. Behind her, I saw an image of her dragging a bleeding woman into the room that we’d just moved my bed into. As I watched, she slammed the door against the woman’s head with a sickening crack and the image faded away.

“Mom… have you been here before?” The concern faded away from her eyes as I looked at her. There wasn’t anger there, but a sense of understanding. A knowing smile slowly spilled across her lips.

“I think you need to come with me, Charlie.” Fear spilled cold through my chest.

“Mom?” I think that she could hear the fear in my voice. She stepped forward, wrapping her arms around me.

“Don’t worry, baby. It’s going to be okay.” Her arm stayed around me, and she led me to the basement door again. My father was standing at the bottom of the stairs. He had a brick in his hand and his shirt was dirty.

“Mom… Dad…” I didn’t want to ask them if they were going to hurt me, but an image of them throwing a thrashing body down the stairs played before my eyes, that body falling through my dad and fading away.

“I told you, Charlie… it’s time for you to join the family business. I have something to show you…” I could see the wall that I’d fallen into earlier, the hole in the wall… and the smell of decaying flesh was creeping up the stairs. My parents… my sweet parents… the family who dressed in matching sweaters to take Christmas photos… and this was their secret? I knew what was going on now, and I had to make a decision. I didn’t know if I was safe – not if I didn’t agree to what they were wanting to show me. At least for now. With a quaver to my voice, I started down the stair and asked softly.

“The… family business…?”

An image of my father sealing up a woman, eyes wide and mouth taped shut, alive and frightened behind the brick wall played before my eyes. When the image faded, I could see the shriveled, rotting body.

“Oh, God…”

My parents were murderers… and they wanted me to join their ‘business’?

What was I going to do?

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October Writing Prompt, Day 1 – The Photo

I’ve chosen to do prompt #20 for my prompt! “There was a picture in my phone of me sleeping. I live alone.” I’m excited to start this (even though it’s getting posted very late in the day for today. I’ve been out all night.) The fresh prompt for day 2 will be posted within the next little bit as well (sometime when there is light outside.)

There was a picture in my phone of me sleeping. It wouldn’t usually be such a problem… but I live alone, and this is a brand new phone. I only noticed that it was there because it was set as my background.

For a few moments, I simply stared at my phone, wondering if I’d somehow managed to take the picture of myself… but there was no way. My hands were tucked under the pillow, and the photo was taken by someone who was standing over me. I could feel goosebumps rising on my skin the longer I looked at the snapshot. What should have been an innocent photo of me in my tanktop and shorts was suddenly ominous. I felt so… violated.

A sudden buzz caused me to scream. The ringing on my phone was accompanied by another shot of me sleeping, this time with a grimy hand stroking my hair out of my face. I didn’t want to pick it up. I didn’t want to answer. It was almost as though something forced me to put the cell to my ear and press the button. I couldn’t force myself to say ‘hello’. Instead, I sat silently on the line; my lungs were too tight with fear and anxiety to even allow me to take in a breath. The heavy breathing that I heard in my hear wasn’t an echo of my own.

“I hope you like your picture, Sadie. I always wanted to be a photographer. You’re just so pretty when you sleep.” Laughter spilled out of the speaker and I flung the phone away from me as hard as I could, watching the hundreds of dollars that I had just spent shatter in plastic and buttons. I didn’t care. I didn’t want the phone. I didn’t even want my apartment anymore at the moment. I couldn’t stop myself from pushing out of my bed and grabbing my purse.

I locked the apartment behind me and let out a small whimper of fear. I needed to go to the police. I couldn’t really call them since I’d ruined my phone. In fact, I wasn’t even sure if they would believe me since I’d shattered the evidence…

“Oh, fuck…” I wasn’t even sure if going was the best idea, but I knew that it was my only option. I had to see if they would believe me.

The darkness of the parking garage attached to my apartment was one of the most frightening things I’d ever experienced. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck standing up, and every shadow seemed to dance with malicious intent. It was only as I pulled my keys from my purse and unlocked the door of my car that I heard a ringtone.

It was the same ringtone that I’d heard from my mysterious caller only a few moments ago. There was a flash of light and the sound of a camera clicking. I could see a shadow in the window of my car, but I didn’t get the chance to turn around. A voice spoke.

“Hello, Sadie…” A hand on the back of my neck sent my head slamming forward into the window of my car… and with a sick crack of glass and a burst of pain, the world faded to black.

There we go. That’s literally unedited, uninhibited writing. I want to do these prompts in a way that they’re fresh and just a stream of thought to get me ready for NaNoWriMo. I might go back after November and edit my favorites up! Who knows!

I can’t wait to see what you all have written! Post or link in the comments below!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!

-Author Amanda McCormick