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Writing When Sick


This is a question that has come up a lot in my writing group and from other people — how do you write when you aren’t feeling well? How do you keep up consistency when you feel like going to bed and not waking up for a week.

I think in this instance, we have to look back to a few things that I’ve highlighted before. I don’t set one daily goal for myself, I have two. I have a minimum goal and a stretch goal. When you’re sick, you really, really don’t have to aim for more than that minimum goal. You set it low on purpose, as something that you know you can accomplish, even if you only have 10-15 minutes a day to get words in. It might suck to write while you’re sick, but it will suck even worse to fall off for a week and have to start all over again building up your writing habit.

So… my advice is to get yourself a cup of hot chocolate, or a sprite, or whatever makes you feel better… cuddle in your covers… and just get to writing. It might be hard, it might suck, but just struggle through to that minimum count. A few tips? Write on your phone — most smartphones have writing programs that you can access now. Another tip? Don’t put it off! I’ve noticed that I feel worse as the day goes on; get it done when you wake up and you have the most energy.

And finally, the most important tip? Don’t be hard on yourself. If you hit that 250 word minimum goal you set (which is the minimum goal I suggest for a lot of people because that’s equivalent to a page <3) just stop if you feel like it. You take care of you ❤

SIDENOTE: If you are EXTREMELY ILL (like, you need to go to the hospital, you can’t lift your arms, what are you even doing reading a blog?) just go to sleep, you ninny. xD


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2016 Yearly Writing Update

Monthly Wrap Up

Scratch the month in the photo and bring it up to the word yearly, and you’ll have exactly where I am! I’m going to go ahead and get my Yearly Writing Update, and I apologize for the fact that I haven’t give you monthly updates for the past little bit. Like I said (like I’ve said way too much) I’ve been busy and having things going on a lot… but all of that should be coming to a head soon, and I should be able to go into what’s actually been going on! I’m excited for that.

Anyway, no need to explain those things. Let’s get on with the update!

yearHere it is. It’s just a small chart, and it seems like it doesn’t hold that much… but goodness me, it holds all of my writing for the year. I can’t believe that I got so far. Let’s start first with the goals that I set for myself.

Main Yearly Goal: Write 1000 words every day of the year. I am super proud to say that I accomplished this! There were times when I thought that I wouldn’t be able to, and times when I wanted to cheat and count writing that really shouldn’t count… but I sucked it up and I made it through. I stuck to my personal goals and the parameters I set myself at the beginning of the year… and I made it. I had to fight for it some months, and some months it came completely effortless… but I made it. And more than that, I really learned a few things about myself. Writing every day helps with my stress, and it truly does form a proper habit. On the days that I didn’t get to write my words until close to the end of the day, I felt stressed, I felt unhappy, I felt incomplete. Writing is a part of me, and this year of experience taught me that.

2016 Stretch Goal: Write 1 million words in the year. As you can see, I didn’t accomplish this goal, but I’m not upset about it. I set my stretch goal as something that I will have to perform excellently to achieve, as something that I will have to super push myself to do. It’s something that I can work towards, so that I have the ability to push myself and to better myself. I didn’t make it, but I made it extremely far. If I’d have kept my goal of only 1,00o words a day, I would have had around 400,000 words.

Instead, I have nearly 850,000. I doubled what I wanted to do, I doubled my minimum goal. I damn near got to my 1 million. It gives me hope, and it gives me something to work even harder towards in 2017.


Overall, 2016 was a pretty amazing year for writing. I ended up getting back into fanfiction fairly hardcore throughout the year, and I’ve made some fantastic relationships and expanded my writing ability over it. I’ve started on a second draft for my novel Cerulean Darkness, which is something that I’ve never ventured into before. I’ve also set a pace for myself for my writing this year.

I’m going to do at least 500 words every day in creative writing – original creative writing – throughout 2017. I’ve gotten more comfortable with short stories, with writing prompts, and with blogging. I’ve expanded my readers by so many, and I really have to thank all of you for that. You’ve been amazing, and an inspiration. Getting to talk with all of you and get your input as well as getting to know you has been a real pleasure.

I feel like I’ve grown as a writer in 2016. I feel like I’ve expanded my abilities, and opened so many doors for myself… and I’m so excited to walk through those in 2017 and see where they lead. I’ve set myself some fantastic goals, and I can’t want to start striving for them!

I would love to hear about your year in review. How did you do on your writing goals? How have you grown as a writer? Let me know!

Until next time, you guys! Keep reading and writing, and keep being amazing!
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NaNo Day 12 – Trying to Finish Today (and a Pep talk)

Okay, so I didn’t finish when I wanted to before, but I have exactly 6,896 words left, so I think that I can manage it today.


How are you all doing for NaNo? I’ve really found it to be a completely different experience this year. With my mother passing away, there is a completely different drive for me this year… it’s almost like I’m rushing to the end of the novel, because I want to send her off with it. I know it sounds odd, but it’s how I feel. Writing this is really helping me to get through what would have probably otherwise been an impossible situation to deal with. I was so afraid when it happened, that I wasn’t going to be able to get any writing done.

I’m glad to find that it’s the opposite.

Today’s actual count is 20,004. You guys are at the point where you need to break that 20k goal, and let me tell you… it’s always a fun doozey to break! I know that week one has trickled away, and we’re nearing the end of week two. I know that the shiny new novel power is starting to wear off. I know, for some of you, you haven’t even started, or you’re behind. Guess what though, guys? You can still do this. If you started right now, you still only have to write 2,600 words and some change today. I know that seems like a lot, but it really isn’t. If you get ahead, it will make that number go down. If you’re behind, you can always catch up. You can do this.

The novel inside of you is something that no one else can give this world. Even if it’s the same story that’s been told, no one can tell it like you. No one can give it the emotion and experience that you can. You have an entire world living inside of you,  begging to be let out. You owe it to that world and this one, and most importantly, you owe it to yourself to do it.

Writing a novel is truly a labor of love. You’re putting your heart and soul into this piece, and sometimes… sometimes it gets a little exhausting, but just think about the end result. Thing about how you are going to feel when you cross the end of the month, 50k words richer, and able to say I did it. You can do that. I know you can. And if you ever think that you can’t, pop by here, and I’ll remind you.

You are an amazing human being. Not everyone can sit down and bring a world to life. Not everyone can really call themselves a writer and mean it. You have the fate of a world that has never been brought into existence in your hands, and you’re sculpting it. That’s impressive.

So, if you feel like giving up… remember, don’t. You’ve got this. You are amazing. You are a writer. You are going to win!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!

Author Amanda McCormick

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NaNo Prep Countdown -2 Days… Tag It Up!

So, my prep advice for today is going to coincide with what I’m about to fill my blog with… and it is this! Do NaNoWriMo Tags!

Do all of the tags that you can find! They’re going to be fun, they’re going to get you hyped… and that hype factor is so important! We are 2 days shy of NaNo, and it’s time to be so excited about writing that you can hardly stand yourself. It’s time to get so excited about your novel that waiting for November 1st is getting hard to do! It’s time to drive yourself NaNo crazy!

So, get your NaNo tags searched up! Check my page because I’m going to do a few! NaNo is coming soon! I hope you’re ready!

Until next time! Keep reading and writing,

Author Amanda McCormick

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October Horror Writing Prompt – Prompt #30

NaNo is so close that I can feel it in my bones. Oh my Goodness. I’m so excited! Let’s carry on with the novel-themed-horror-prompts today! Are you ready?

Write about the death of your main character. If you want to do something fun, make it a death as if the villain of your novel won!

Heh, so, that should be fun. I’m excited to see how mine turns out, that’s for certain! I will talk to you guys later today with another NaNo-Prep Tip!

Until then, keep on reading and writing!

Author Amanda McCormick

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NaNo Prep Countdown – 4 Days… Pinteresting…

So, this particular Countdown Tip is something that I have recently decided to try out myself. Much like saving pictures to your desktop for inspiration, the website Pinterest allows you to do just that. Now, I’m not saying that you should spend your entire NaNo time glued to your phone or web browser by any means… but especially in these few days that we have left until NaNo begins, it’s a great way to get yourself hyped and get some visual ideas in your head.


Above is a picture of My Pinterest, which I just started today ^_^

If you don’t like Pinterest, there are other options. Some people like to create a Tumblr specific to their novel to reblog photos, quotes, etc. Some people go the old fashioned route and actually make a pin board in their room. The point isn’t necessarily how you do it, but the fact that you’re doing it. When you find yourself stuck at 1,000 words, looking at your inspiration board (through whatever venue you chose) could give you that extra push that you need to keep on going.

How I do this is a little funny. I mostly pin faces. I pick what my main characters are going to look like, and then I search the internet far and wide for people with those appearances. I like to have expressions for sad, angry, elated, miserable… because I can look at that and get a bit of an actual feel for how my character is feeling in a particular scene if I’m having trouble. Of course, doing fantasy novels, I also love to pin pictures of potential locations, magical-awesomeness, etc. But that little burst of inspiration does help!

So, I know that Pinterest isn’t for everyone, but think about having some kind of inspiration section for your novel, so when you’re having tough times in that third week of NaNo, you have something to help push you along! NaNo Prep is there to get you through the tough times!

That’s all I have for now. I’ll be doing little posts like this until NaNo begins. I can’t wait. Only 4 more days! Are you ready?

Until next time, keep reading and writing,

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Daily Writing – October 26th

All right guys, so this is my last little post for the night, and I have a few things that I wanted to say before I did my accountability. First of all, you’re all amazing. I am loving the feedback and enthusiasm that I’m getting over my prompts and advice. I love being able to connect with each and every one of you. That’s why I wanted to mention the fact that I have a writing forum going now. CLICK HERE and sign up – me and some of my friends are on there. It’s just a forum to post writing, post for word wars, post for rants and creativity… anything you want. I’d love to see you there.

Now then, about my daily writing!!!

daily writing

Words Written : 2201

Daily Goal: To get caught up on blogging – ACHIEVED!

I only had those two things to spill about, but I’m really happy with everything that I got done today. I can’t wait to see you all for the prompt tomorrow!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!
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NaNo Tip #12 – Sometimes You Disconnect


So, this blog comes from a very true place. I have had internet access for a day and some change. It’s probably going to happen to you that you find yourself in a situation at some point or another during November that you aren’t going to have your internet. Whether you’re stuck doing family things, your provider goes down, or you have a long trip… it’s probably going to happen.

So, what do you do about it? I can tell you what you don’t do… you don’t give up and choose to not write. You don’t lose potentially thousands of words because you ‘can’t write.’ Here’s a little tough love, guys… that’s bullshit. You can ALWAYS write. How? How, when you don’t have your internet to post, to check forums, etc? How when you’re on a road trip? How if (god forbid) you can’t get to your computer for a day? It’s okay, let me tell you.

  • Do it the old fashioned way and write it out. You might not be able to get your full amount of words, but take notes, write ideas, just keep writing so that when you get back to your computer, you can get your writing out extra fast.
  • If you don’t have internet access for a blog… write offline. I know, that’s weird, but you can do it. Prepare your posts for when you can post! This is for those of you who blog during NaNoWriMo.
  • Get applications on your phone to help! Come on now, we all have smart phones now a days. Do you know what program is a life saver for me? Evernote. (I will blog about Evernote tomorrow). Seriously. You can sync it everywhere, and when you’re out on that super long car trip, you can put your texting skills to the test. It may not be the prettiest 1,667 words you’ve ever written, but they’ll still be there.
  • Alternatively, use a tablet if you have one. They have writing programs. It might not be the fastest you’ve ever done, but you can do it!

I know, it’s a little weird to think of writing without your computer. I hate it. I hated trying to get my blogs ready without internet access, but I did it! On the trip to No Internet Land, I wrote on my phone. When there, I wrote offline, and I worked on my NaNoWriMo plot in a notebook. The point is, we don’t have to be hooked in. There are always options!

Until next time, guys! Keep reading and writing!

Author Amanda McCormick

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Prepare Yourself – Take Two

Heh. So, a huge influx of blogs was supposed to come last night, but I was really sleepy so they didn’t. However, they will be coming today. I’m not going to spam them all at once… because that would be a lot. Here is what you can expect throughout the day:

  • Writing Prompts for the 25th and 26th – To be posted directly after this. This I just the actual prompts, not my responses to them.
  • Response to the prompt from the 24th. I have this done already, I just haven’t had internet access for the past little bit. So.
  • NaNo Writing Tip – I have a lot to say on a certain non-internet subject.
  • Response to the 25th’s prompt.
  • And at the end of the night, I will post a response to today’s prompt and my Daily Writing – I’m going to just lump together the last few days for that post, because it will be easier, and I’ll also talk about internet-less-ness a little more.

So, there’s going to be a lot of posts going up on the blog today! I hope you guys are ready for it!

Until then,

Author Amanda McCormick

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My Daily Writing – October 23

So, today I set a shorter goal for myself. I knew I’d be busy, so my main desire was to get up a tip blog, and my writing prompt. I’m pleased to say that I filled all of my expectations today. If I end up writing something else before the night is through, I’ll just come back and adjust my total words written today, because I don’t want to post an entirely new blog just for a few hundred more words. Still, I’m proud of myself, and happy to be staying on track!

daily writing

My Total Words Written Today: Around 1,000, give or take some that I deleted.

My personal Word Goal: To Finish My Prompt – got it!

Daily Writing Prompt Completed: Yes!

That’s all for today guys. These posts aren’t going to be long unless I did something super awesome. I certainly hope during November I will be meeting my goal every day! We will see!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!
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