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Blogging with my Sis, 2000 Words Word Goal, and Bout of Books




Allow me a moment to lift my eyes up to the title to make sure that I got everything covered. I think so. Anyway, so, this is a little update (I’m going to try to at least have a regular blog every Monday, if I can’t handle it for any other day.)

Anyway! What is going on in my life. I am continuing my binge read of the Laurell K Hamilton Series (reviews of the books can be found Here (books Five and Six)Here (Books Three and Four)Here (Book Two), and Here (book One). I am actually up to Book Nine in the series, but I’m a little behind on my book reviews. I will be getting those caught up this week! Talking about those leads me to the first little snippit on my blog title.

My sister-in-law and I are going to start a joint blog where we post our book reviews/book discussions etc. We’re even thinking about having an accompanying blog! We thought that, since we read a lot in the same genre, and since we’re both interested in blogging and letting our opinions out to the world, it would be fun to have a joint blog. It would give us a way to hang out more (since we live on opposite sides of the US now), and something to do in common! Also, I’ve spoken before about how important it is to have someone to hold you accountable for the goals you set out… so to have someone blogging with you? I think that would certainly help out!

Second on my little list of ‘to do’ in my title is my goal count of 2,000 words per day. It seems like a small amount when you look at it, but I know it’s going to be a challenge. I will be giving you all weekly updates of how I did, how I did it, when I fail… so, every Monday be expecting an update, and hopefully some advice on how you can achieve a word goal count as well!

And last, but certainly not least… I’ve been thinking about doing Bout of Books! I actually read about it on a blog that I follow, and I thought that it would be really fun to enter into a read-a-thon, since I never have before. If anyone has any thoughts on that, whether it would be good for me or not, let me know!

Anyway, I think that’s all that I have for this update! I have some work to get done so I can get that 2,000 word goal hit! 

Until next time, guys! Keep reading and writing!

Author Amanda McCormick

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Bloody Bones and The Killing Dance by LKH ponderings.

Bloody Bones
Bloody Bones by Laurell K. Hamilton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(Going for a non-spoilerish note in this one)

Yet another review on the Anita Blake series – I love it when I can marathon a series this large and find myself not bored with the characters or story. Bloody Bones finds us in a different location – facing down a different Master of the City… with all new problems at hand.

We go to a new location (Branson) because Anita has been asked to raise several corpses for a law firm who wishes to purchase the land, but needs to know if it belongs to the Bouviers. We also encounter another crime solving issue – murders have been happening in the area, and Anita is called in for her expert opinion.

Honestly though, what interested me the most in this novel would be the vampire portion of the book. We meet the Master of the City Seraphina… and we finally find someone who nearly gets Anita Blake – all because she can give Anita the illusion that she is her dead mother. I found this to be such an important thing in the development of Anita’s character… it’s nice to see that she isn’t invincible, that she isn’t infallibly, that some things can get her goat, so to speak. Of course, as with all vampire issues, they’re generally up to no good.

I also love the introduction of Faeries as a species in this novel. Magnus and Dorcus are both of the fae, and being able to see their power, as well has simply having the vampire world expanded is a wonderful thing. The more that Hamilton gets into all of the facets of her world, the more that I want to read.

Overall, the plot was amazing – the story was wonderful, and there was quite a bit of character development between both Anita and Jean-Claude. It’s yet another advancement in the series that makes me happy to be re-reading!


The Killing Dance
The Killing Dance by Laurell K. Hamilton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ah, the Killing Dance. On my little venture of re-reading the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, this was probably one of my favorite books. Not only did it have quite a few of my favorite characters in it, but it had some of my favorite character/plot development in it… and I’m not even sorry that this particular arc was one of my favorites.

Anita Blake, vampire hunter, is now herself a hunted woman. Who put the $500,000 price on her head–a man or a monster? It’s not just her own skin she needs to save; the rivalry between her werewolf boyfriend, Richard, and Marcus, the other alpha werewolf in his pack, has come to full boil. And there’s always Jean-Claude, the vampire who’s been waiting for just the right moment to slip inside Anita’s head and heart. Don’t assume anything, though–Hamilton’s probably got a few more surprises in store. (Taken from Amazon)

There is you a good little snippit of what the book is about. This book has so many elements in it that I love. First of all… Jean-Claude. I have been a softie for him since the beginning of the series. Secondly… Edward. It’s wonderful to see Edward in this, because I think it gives him a bit of character development – Anita is wanted, someone puts a hit on her… and they contact Edward to take the job. Instead of sating his curiosity for which of them is better, and taking the rather lucrative payoff… he tells Anita what is going on and chooses to protect her, as opposed to killing her. Even though Anita plays it off as Edward simply wanting to kill more things, I think it’s a bit of show that Edward does care about Anita.

This book also has the huge development of the Triumvirate. It’s something that joins Anita, Jean-Claude, and Richard very, very close… all those marks that Anita was trying to avoid, and she takes them willingly. (Albeit to save the boys lives… but still.)

Also, this book features Gabriel and Raina yet again, which is always a bit of fun. Don’t let anyone know I said it, but I really enjoyed their characters quite a bit.

Anyway, the main plotline of this book revolves in a few different ways. First, Anita dealing with the fact that someone has put a hit out on her. Secondly, Anita trying to heal a vampire named Sabin who is rotting due to the fact that he chose not to feed for the love of a woman.

There is also a HUGE relationship development that I simply will not spoil, but Anita finally chooses between her two men, and might I say it is a tasty, amazing choice moment.

Honestly, this is my favorite Anita Blake book overall… if I could give it more than five stars, I would. Go, pick it up. Read it. It’s amazing. *Shooos you off*

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Circus of the Damned and The Lunatic Cafe by Laurell K Hamilton Ponderings

Circus of the Damned
Circus of the Damned by Laurell K. Hamilton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Spoilers Ahoy!

Another twist in the Anita Blake series. For me, I feel like the third book is where Laurell K Hamtilton really starts to hit her stride. We have been introduced to the characters enough so that we’re really fond of Anita, of Jean Claude – we know all of the character enough to be emotionally invested in them.

And then we’re introduced to Richard! While I’m not a huge fan of Richard as a character, I’m a fan of the writing of his character. He’s such a goody goody, a prat, annoying… and so well written that I could just eat him up. Honestly, I love the development of Anita’s character in this novel, I love the fact that we get to see that she WOULD turn on Jean-Claude if pressed into a corner… and then just as quickly we see that she’d want to save him. I love that we dive deeper into the vampire world with the introduction of Alejandro and Mr. Oliver. Seeing the vast expanse of vampiric powers is amazing… and, of course, the crime always ties in to the characters and what is going on with them. I honestly find it to be such a wonderful thing, how Hamilton manages to make the novel that we read both a paranormal romance (edging that way, finally!) and a crime novel all in one.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the book – I love that I feel like we’re really progressing, that Hamilton is setting up for some of the big points in the rest of the series… and I love that we’re diving deeper into the world of Anita Blake!

I’d give this book 5 stars, because I really feel like it’s progressing the story a lot!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!


The Lunatic Cafe
The Lunatic Cafe by Laurell K. Hamilton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ah, and now we’re getting into the Lunatic Cafe. I completely and utterly adore this book for a lot of reasons… one of the main things being that we really get to dive into the world of the shapeshifters in this novel. We’re pulled more into Richard’ world since discovering that he was a werewolf at the end of Circus of the Damned – because of this, we get to see the structure of his pack. The characters of Marcus and especially Raina come in to play – Hamilton has an amazing way of setting us up for future story arcs very smoothly as she writes her novels. The entire story revolves around a group of missing shapeshifters, and some shapeshifter attacks as the crime… and then for the preterunatural, there are two storylines.

One, Anita is dating Richard, and Jean-Claude can’t simply allow that to happen. He persuades (see blackmail) Anita into dating him as well. This sets up the love triangle that will be so important in future novels.

Two, we follow Anita as she searches for the missing lycanthropes. I won’t get too into it, since that would spoil the book completely!

Honestly, I adore the way that this novel went, yet again. I think that Hamilton does such a good job, especially in her early books, of incorporating the detective work and the paranormal. Also… Edward.

Edward, Edward, Edward ❤

Yet again, a 5/5 star book for me!

Until next time, Keep Reading and Writing!

Author Amanda McCormick


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Guilty Pleasure by Laurell K Hamilton: Ponderings

Guilty Pleasures Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Guilty Pleasures… oh, my Goodness… what can I say about this book. First of all, this isn’t my first read-though, and I doubt it will be my last. I started reading the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series when I was in Middle School (way too young, I know, I know.) I fell in love with the characters, the writing, the entire world that Laurell K. Hamilton had to offer. Though I’ve had my ins and outs with the books, I’ve never wavered in the fact that the characters that she created, the world that she spins… it’s pure gold. So, to get things started with this review, I’ll say first and foremost that the story is done in first person. Some people don’t like that, and it’s understandable. However, I love being in Anita’s head. We get to see how clever she is, how quippy… we get to see when she’s angry, when she’s frightened, when she’s sad. Even when she hides those emotions from the outer world, we get to see them in full fledged and amazingly descriptive color. I love it. I love Anita Blake as a character, and I adore the fact that I get to take the ride of this book with her. The basic concept of the book is Anita Blake, Animator, Vampire Hunter… is hired by the vampires to solve some local murders that have been happening. In the process, she’s caught up with assassins, other animators, and the Master of the City who puts ‘scary little girl’ through its paces. It’s an amazing novel, from start til finish. There is violence, there is death, there is humor… and there is a tiny little glimpse at romance to come. It’s amazing. The plot is really well done, and there just isn’t a slow part in it for me to complain about. The character development, of course, is mostly Anita in this book. We learn about her, what makes her tick, who she cares about… why she cares. Why she does what she does. The other character (Jean-Claude, Edward, Phillip, Nikolaos) are all really well done. You get attached, you get upset… you pick your favorites and you cross your fingers that you will see them in the following novels. All and all, Laurell K Hamilton is just a word smith. The wit, the humor, the amazing way she can spin a phrase. I don’t have a bad thing to say about of this book. 5/5 Stars, you better believe that I’ll read it again. If, for some reason, you haven’t gotten into this series go ahead and pick it up. Read it. Devour it. Love it!

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Until next time, guys… keep reading and writing!

Author Amanda McCormick

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30 Day Creative Writing Challenge, Day 6

So, as part of the 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge I am supposed to write a story with the following:

Day 6: Start your story with: “He glanced at his watch impatiently…”

Sorry about the back to back posts guys. I’m trying to get caught up on my writing while I’m at the local game/card shop. I should have my internet back tomorrow, so I can get back to regular posts.  I miss all of you and your witty conversation that we have!

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