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NaNo Week 3 Update


Hey all! Week Three of NaNo has come and gone, and it’s time for my update and tip! Man, NaNo has been crazy this year. My Writing Server has been booming and growing, and we’ve had plenty of crawls and activities to keep up motivated. That’s where I’m going to go ahead and grab a tip for you. I think that one of the most important things that you can do to be successful as a writer is to make sure that you have a writing group. Whether you have a group that you meet with locally, or you find yourself an online group, it’s so important to surround yourself with creative people.

It’s not just because you need an audience. They will encourage you when you feel like you can’t write. They will applaud you when you can — and they will be able to be there for you to bounce ideas with. I find it so important to have accountability buddies ❤ You’re going to feel like you need to do things, because you’re gonna be surrounded by people who understand how hard it is to write, and who will push you anyway. I’ve been much more successful with writing since I’ve started my server — it’s been going for years strong, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, because the people there drive me each and every day to do better and to do more. Find a group that makes you feel the same way, because it’s so important that you do!

Anyway, for my NaNo update! Things have been going a bit slower than that first whirlwind week where I won, but… I kinda expected it to slow down? I’m still on track to hit 100k today though! (I’m currently at 98,000 and I know I’ll get 2,000 done today!) I’m really proud of myself though, because I wanted to win NaNo both as a rebel (working on multiple projects) and in a legitimate fashion (50k on one novel.) A few days ago, I hit 50k on my novel, so I’m a traditional and rebel winner. I feel like I deserve my winner shirt now. I was really afraid that I was going to lose this year, since I have my little baby boy… but I’ve managed. It just goes to show you that you can always find time to write, even if you feel like your schedule is too busy. You always have a few minutes here and a few minutes there.

If you want to make it happen, you will make it happen. There’s nothing that can hold you back from finding a bit of time every day to get some words down! I have faith in you, so don’t hold yourself back! You can do this! NaNo still have a week to go. If you’re behind, now is the time to put the pedal to the metal. If you’re behind, you can still catch up! You an still get so many words, because you still have so much time! Jump into some crawls, some sprints! Get there! You can do this!

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NaNo Week 2 Update!


Hello, everyone! So, I’m a little late with this update, but it’s time to give off my week two NaNo stats and drop in with a tip for you all! We’ll start with my week two first! I am the proud owner of 75,000 words! That’s right. I won in my first week, and this second week I’ve been kinda toddling along and just seeing what I can get done. We’re already into the third week (I do apologize for how late this is, but I’ve been caught up in writing and baby-watching)!

I have to say, this NaNo has gone smoother than I thought it would. I really believed that I’d have a lot of issues winning, what with the fact that I have a 4 month old to look after! None such the case, though. I think it’s all about determination and making sure that you have time, whether you feel like you do or not.

And that, my dears, is where my advice comes in. I know I’ve given you this before, but I’m gonna give it to you again. You can’t wait around for the perfect opportunity to write. You can’t just wait around for your muse to strike you, for that perfect and inspiring moment to hit. You can’t wait for the sun to align and your candles to be burning and the situation to be just right…

You can’t rely on the ‘muse’ as your guide. If you do that, you’re going to find yourself making fifty-thousand excuses as to why you couldn’t write today… you’ll find yourself making excuses as to why you couldn’t get your words done. Your muse wasn’t there, your inspiration was low. You didn’t feel like it. There were distractions…

I’m gonna give you the advice now: stop making excuses for yourself. Stop giving yourself an out as to why you didn’t get work done. The truth of the matter is, you don’t have to wait around for some glorious creature that you imagine your muse to be to come and touch you on the head with the stick of inspiration. You can write anyway. Yeah, it may be a little harder to get started. Yeah, it may not feel like the words are flowing like a trickling stream of gold from your fingertips and to the keyboard… but you’ll still get your words. The moment that you stop waiting for that perfect moment is when you can commit to getting your writing done. You can’t stop just because you don’t feel like it… you have to push forward, even when you don’t feel like it. That’s what makes the real difference to me between someone who really wants to write and someone who just likes the idea of being a writer.

I’m not saying you can’t get into a slump. Hell, we all have slumps. But you have to fight through it. You have to be willing to put the words on the paper even when the last thing that you wanna do is take up your pen. It’s hard. It’s messy… but in the end you’ll have something written. You’ll have words on the page and a beginning to a story — even if you don’t really like that beginning, and even if you end up trashing a lot of it, you still started. You still gave yourself a push and began writing. You don’t need a muse, you just need your own determination!

So, that’s my advice for today. I know that sometimes it isn’t necessairly something that everyone wants to hear, but I feel like that’s the way that good advice is: occasionally, it’s a hard truth. If you can seize that truth though and run with it, it’s just going to make things so much easier for you. I know this for a fact, because I was struggling with waiting for inspiration earlier… and then I realized if I waited for the oportune moment it was never going to come. Instead, I’ve been writing every chance I get; when my baby is napping, when he’s playing on his mat, when his Daddy is holding him. ❤ Seize the opportunity whenever you have it. Don’t give up, and just remember… you’re making a whole world that no one else coud ever imagine, that no one else could ever writer. You’re pretty amazing!

And if you’re behind (my bit of advice #2), it’s never too late to keep trying. Even if it feels like it is, just strive to hit your count. There’s a meter on NaNo that tells you how many words per day you need to write to win. Even if it’s 2,000 now instead of 1,667, you can do it! Don’t give up ❤ there are still a ton of days left in the month, and each day is a new opportunity to hit your goals!

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NaNoWriMo 2017 – Week One Update and Tips!


Hello all! I know that I have been a bit silent since my Halloween horror prompts, but it was with good reason! NaNoWriMo 2017 started on the first of the month, and I’ve been blowing through my words at an astounding rate. I’ll get more onto my update at the end of this blog! But for now, we’re going to go over the essential programs that I consider to be NaNo musts!

Scrivener: First and foremost is one of the most essential programs that I have, as far as my writing goes. Scrivener is an amazing software that allows you to create multiple documents, folders, binders, use split screen… basically, have the ability to corkboard your entire novel. I have an entire post on Scrivener, and there are dozens of wonderful youtube videos about it. I suggest and completely recommend that you check it out if you haven’t yet!

Google Docs: I write in multiple locations, so I’m not sure what I would do without google docs. It gives me the freedom to take my writing to multiple computers easily. I know I could use a thumb drive or even onedrive for that, but Googledocs makes it so much easier, because it autosaves, auto syncs, and there’s pretty much a no muss, no fuss attitude to go along with it. If you’re into organization and easy access, gdocs is for you.

4theWords: Is an amazing website that I partook of last year and am using again this year. It basically makes writing a game and gives you small, bite sized and achievable goals that make writing so much easier. I am of the personal opinion that breaking your words up into smaller goals that you can achieve and then get rewards for is one of the best ways to have high word count days. The website makes it basically a mini-game – you fight monsters with your word count, and in doing so you get loot from them. You can use the loot to complete quests, to gain items that allow you to build armor and weapons… it honestly makes the entire writing experience something fun and enjoyable that flies by and ends up being something that you look forward to doing every day so you can keep up your writing streaks. Aside from the game aspect, it also has a fantastic storage interface which allows you to sort your writing, put it into folders and binders… it’s all around pretty phenom and something else that I recommend. You can get a free month for signing up now, and if you win nano you get 50% off of the very affordable subscription!

Discord: I honestly don’t know how I could get through my writing at all without Discord. I have a writing server on there (My Writing Group) and it’s one of the most amazing things that I’ve ever created, as far as community goes. One of my favorite things about NaNo is being around people who are writing and knowing that there is someone there who can understand what an accomplishment it is to have a 1667 word day. With a writing server that functions year round, I am able to have that every single day. It’s not always as active as it is in November, but there are always a few people on to bounce ideas off of, to celebrate with, to enjoy the struggles and joys of writing with. I really don’t think I’d do half as well without my writing ground, because it’s an entire host of accountability buddies. There’s nothing better!

So, those are my tips and tricks for the day! Now, onward to the update! I am proud and pleased to say that my word count is currently at 51,000 words. That’s right guys! I won NaNo in the first week. It’s a funny story, actually… I was really pushing myself because I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to finish in time, due to the fact that I have a baby. It seems like that wasn’t the case, huh? Still, I have a lot of writing to get done to finish my first draft, so I’ll be participating in the writing for the rest of the month!
I’d love to hear how you guys are doing, as well as any writing programs/sites that are essentials!

Let me know! Until next time, guys, keep writing! We can do this! It’s just week two, so ahead or behind remember to keep your chin up. There’s always time to win!

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July Camp NaNo


So… the July Camp NaNo that may or may not be won… that’s what I’m calling this particular Camp. You see, the thing is… I’m due to have my little baby July 7th >_> The fact is, I don’t know how much writing I’m going to be able to get done in the month of July…

But that’s exactly why I signed up for Camp. I sat my goal relatively low, and I want to see if I can hit it. I very much want to try to push myself to still get writing done, even when things are so chaotic. I’ve just gotten settled into my new writing environment where I can actually sit and write again. I’m really, really ready to get back onto a schedule.

It’s just going to be a matter of figuring out that new schedule once the baby gets here!

I am definitely going to take you guys on a strange journey of trying to figure out how to write while I have a newborn, but I figure that Camp is a great dry run for actual NaNo. My goal is to be able to still win in November.

I think I can do it ❤

Until next time, guys! Let me know about your Camp NaNo plans!

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Camp NaNo – Day 30 (This is the end)


So, here we are on the last day of Camp NaNoWriMo… and I’m actually completely unsure of whether or not I’m gonna win. I have around 3000 words to still write, and I could probably get it done…

But, I have other obligations. I have a room to get completely cleaned out so that I can move and get settled before I pop out my little monster ❤ I have to somehow find enough time to still get enough sleep so that I don’t feel ill (which involves me sleeping during the day because I toss and turn at night). I have a million and one things to do… and I know that there’s a chance that I will fail at NaNo (though I will update you guys tomorrow and let you know for sure as to what happened)… but the point is, I don’t feel bad about it.

That’s kind of the beautiful thing about Camp. I don’t take it as seriously as the real NaNo. I don’t think of it as something that I have to win – I set myself a goal, and I do my best to attain it, but I’m always really happy with the results, regardless of whether I got 10,000 or 50,000. Maybe I’m just weird for the fact that I don’t think Camp is as serious as the November NaNo, but that’s kind of how I go along with it.

I’m also pretty pleased with what I managed to do this month, as far as my writing prompts go. I haven’t gotten that much done, but the ones that I did do have inspired me for new novel ideas, which is always amazing (and a little hectic, since I should seriously quit having new novel ideas all of the time – you know, editing one completely would be a much better use of my time xD). Still, I’m happy with the ideas. I’m extremely happy with the fact that I feel creative, even if I don’t have the time to be as creative as I’d like right at this moment.

I’m looking forward, and onward. Onward to a time when I’m going to have my writing space set up in our new house, and it’s going to be in the same room as my baby. I’m not gonna be able to just sit and write for hours on end (obviously, there’s gonna be a little on there), but I am going to be able to concentrate on my writing while my baby is napping in the same room as me.

My mind is certainly flooded with a lot of thoughts right now. As a first time mama, you tend to go in circles in your heads about how things are going to work, how things are going to be, (how labor is gonna be, oh dear), and a million other things. But my mind is also focused and clear on the fact that I want to write – more than that, that I really and truly want to focus on getting a book completely polished and sent off to an agent. It’s not really about making a ton of money (though that would be nice, eh?), it’s about setting an example for the sweet little boy that I’m bringing in the world. It’s about showing him that you can follow dreams, and that you can put your mind to something and get it done.

It’s about a lot of things. And Camp has happily gotten me back into the set of mind that I love writing, and that I can do this writing things even when things are crazy. I might not always get as much done as I wanted to, but I’ll still get a lot done.

Camp, writing, NaNoWriMo… it’s always such a wonderful experience, because it always brings you back to the core of what you really enjoy doing, and it makes you think about it.

I love to think about writing, and I certainly love to think about someday seeing my book on a shelf. This month has given me a taste for how being busy is going to change my writing habits, but it’s a good taste. It’s a taste that is getting me ready for the future… and it’s a future that I’m more than willing to embrace and get ready for. So, yeah, I may not win my Camp adventure (though just writing this blog is pumping me up to do just that, and I really do think that I can!), but I still feel like I’ve won, regardless of what the word count says. I’ve done a good job, and I’m ready to run as close as I can to the finish line with the thoughts and feelings that I have right now. I’m ready to get there, and feel like a winner regardless.

I am wondering though, how has Camp been for all of you? I’d love to hear about how much writing you’ve gotten done, what your stories were about, etc. I’d love to hear about the ups and downs of your camp adventures – just link me to blogs that you wrote about it, or write the blogs and then tag my name in them! Whatever you do, I’d love ot hear about it!

As a side note, now that the month is coming to an end, I should be getting back to the other types of blogs that I was writing before – the writing prompts, tips, currently, tags, etc. I’m excited to get back to those, and I would love to get some feedback before I do to see if there’s anything else that you all would like to see for my posts! I’m always more than happy to please you guys while getting things done, and I’m really excited about my progress and moving forward!

So, I think that about covers everything for the moment. I will have another blog up either this afternoon or tomorrow to let you guys know if I managed to get those last few thousand words that I needed to get in order to actually win at NaNo. Looking forward, it doesn’t seem like that much after all, and I really think that I can do it! I know that you guys can! It’s the last day, just push as far as you can!

So, until next time! Keep read and writing, and keep being the awesome people that you are!

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Camp NaNo Update: Behind doesn’t mean Failure.


Did you guys think I’d disappeared completely? I wouldn’t really blame you… I’ve been gone for a while, after all. The fact is, being pregnant and trying your hardest to move all in the same month of doing NaNo is hard. It’s made worse by the fact that I found out I’m pretty anemic (ergo, why I’m sleeping all of the time).

I have fallen behind.

And… I’m not going to let it freak me out. So, I’m saying the same thing to all of you who have fallen behind and decided to give up. ❤ Don’t do that! Falling behind doesn’t mean automatic failure.

Yeah, things are gonna be a little harder, and you’re gonna have to play catchup. You’re going to go through a few difficult days if you decide to do it all at once, OR you’re gonna have to slightly up your wordcount and spread it out through the rest of the month. NaNo is only half over, guys ❤ you can certainly still do this.

I keep thinking about the fact that my husband told me that I really needed to do Camp, because I’d be disappointed in myself if I didn’t. I keep thinking about the fact that I certainly won’t be able to do Camp in July, as I’m gonna be having a baby in July and even I’m not that crazy.

I keep thinking about the fact that he’s right, and there’s no reason to give up on myself. Even if I end up only getting half of what I planned to get, that’s still more than what I started out with. When you’re writing, when you’re creating, and when you’re trying? You never really lose!

So, keep your chin up, guys. We’re half through, and I know that you can keep on keeping on, even if it seems impossible right now!

That’s all for now though ❤ I’m actually gonna go and get a few words written, so I can start playing the catchup game. Since I have ridiculous insomnia, maybe I can put it to my favor and get further along than I previously though. Of course, I have no idea what I’m going to be writing about… but that’s the fun of writing prompts, now isn’t it?

Okay, away!

So, until next time! Keep read and writing, and keep being the awesome people that you are!

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April Camp NaNo – Day 3&4


Hey everyone! How is the NaNoWriMo Camp experience going for you? So far, it’s been pretty fantastic for myself. I’ve decided I’m probably going to do my blog updates every other day, because it seems easier for me to keep up with. I’ll give you a little info about what’s been happening with me for the past few days, and then talk for a second about a few other things!

So, I’m still caught up on my words (though I need to update my wordcount on NaNo.) I actually didn’t do my words yesterday; instead, I did them all today. It was fairly easy to do, and it was nice not to have to stress about it. I’m happy with my decision of what I am working on, and my word count limit.

I think that everyone needs to know that they can reconsider the amount of words that they’ve set for themselves if they realize they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. It’s important to have fun with Camp, it’s important to feel like you can get your words, that you can do a good job ❤ Because you can! And when it comes down to it, what you’re accomplishing now is pretty damn amazing, no matter what you set your wordcount to!

Other than that, nothing really eventful has happened. I’ll post my writing prompt for tomorrow for everyone to partake in, if they so choose. I may post more than one a week on here, but I’m not sure yet.

Now then, onward to the other thing I wanted to discuss, I’m probably going to post a blog about my thoughts on a netflix series called 13 Reasons Why soon. I may read the novel first o-o I’m not sure. I kinda marathoned it in one day, and now I’m buzzed with thoughts and emotions. So, just giving everyone a heads up that I’ll be interrupting my regularly scheduled NaNo program for that ❤

That’s all for now though ❤

So, until next time! Keep read and writing, and keep being the awesome people that you are!

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2017 April CampNaNo – Day One and Two


So, here we go with Camp NaNo (she said, posting her day 1 report a day late. But, alas… that’s just how it goes sometimes. The good new is, I cranked out my words. I set my goal pretty small – 15,000 words for the month. I’m sure I’ll pass it up (I hope I will), but I figured that would be good… since I’m pregnant and in the process of moving before the end of April.

I’m still super excited to try!

I did make a decision about what I wanted to do for Camp though – I was really willy nilly about how I wanted to tackle it. At first, I thought I’d do rewrites on my novel Cerulean Darkness… and then I thought, “No, I don’t want to rush rewrites and end up having to completely rewrite the rewrites… maybe I’ll just finish my novel Limbo during NaNo!”

And then I thought… “But, I don’t really want to rush through that, either. I’d rather have something that I don’t have to rewrite 100% after I’m done with it.”

So, I sat and I wondered for a minute what I wanted to do… and then I realized that it didn’t have to be so complicated. It’s CAMP, damn it. You’re supposed to have fun at Camp, and I have full intentions of having fun with what I’m writing. I’m using this as a platform to get me back into the habit of daily writing, and I’m not going to make it something that stresses me out so that I don’t want to do it.

So, I decided on 30 writing prompts, one for each day. I’ll probably be posting some of them up here for you guys, and I’ll certainly post some of the prompts up (from day 3 on, since I’m not gonna be able to today) so that anyone who is struggling with how to get your words for camp can follow along! The point is to get yourself writing, and the point is to hit your goal! So, I think that’s what we need to do, and I think that we all need to just have a lot of fun doing it! I know that I, for one, am actually excited about the prospect of getting things started. I’m not even going to sweat it if I don’t finish the prompt – I’ll hit the word count that I can hit for the day, and I’ll leave it. If nothing else, I’m going to have the beginnings to 30 pretty rad stories, and I’m super fine with that.

I’d love to hear how Camp is going for you guys, with day 2 closing out. I’m at right around 1000 words so far, 500 a day. I’m happy with it. I’m really satisfied.

Let me know what your projects are, or if you wanna follow along with the writing prompts every day! Regardless, I can’t wait to hear about it!

So, until next time! Keep read and writing, and keep being the awesome people that you are!

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NaNoWriMo – Midway Update


Wow, did you guys think that I disappeared? You probably thought that I disappeared. Truthfully, I did for just a little bit. I’m not as ahead on NaNo as usual – I’m at 35k for the night. I know, that’s still ahead… but I’ve won by this point quite often. I don’t think that I’ll finish my novel by the end of the month, which was my actual goal.

I honestly think that I won’t even do the 1667 words – I’ll be doing the minimum that I can to get things done.

I’m not really going to talk about why right now, but this month has been a real trial for me. From the very start until today, I’ve had my mind on so many other things, and my emotions have been a real roller coaster. Like I said, I’m not going to get into it right now, because right now isn’t the time to let those emotions out… but it’s been hard.

This has been one of the hardest NaNo’s that I’ve done, and I’ve had some difficult NaNo’s before… and this is why it’s so important to get ahead early. If I didn’t have the cushion that I gave myself initially, I would honestly probably not win this year.

I still plan on pushing through and cranking out that 50k, but I’m not aiming for much more than that. I’m completely abandoning my 1million in a year idea… and that’s also what this blog is about. That’s the beauty of stretch goals… if it’s too much, you can abandon it, if you know you can’t get there… it’s not bad to step away from it.

I’ll try again next year.

Anyway, I’ll try to do a better update blog soon. This one is a little short, and a little more explanation of my absence than actual update. But yeah, I’m at 35k. I only have 15k more to go. Even when things are hard, NaNo is still amazing.

Until next time, you guys! Keep reading and writing, and keep being awesome.

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