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What’s Up October?

Life and Writing

So, apparently September is just a slow writing month for me, and that’s pretty okay. I’m still getting my 1k out, and a bit over on a lot of days. But, I’m really excited for the next few months as far as writing goes.

As you all know, NaNoWriMo is in November! National Novel Writing Month is one of my favorite times of year, so I’m extremely excited for it.

I don’t know if you guys remember, but last year I did a 31 prompts for October kind of thing – 31 horror prompts, delivered to you daily for the month of October. I’m going to be doing that again this year (if you have a prompt suggestion and want your blog featured during the month, just drop it in a comment below!) Other than that though, I’m also going to be doing Prep-Tober in anticipation of NaNoWriMo. I’m going to be posting blogs at least twice a week with my own prep tips, tricks, and NaNo advice, so I’m really excited to get to work on that. I think that it’s going to be so much fun.

If there’s any tips or tricks, or anything that you want advice on for NaNo, mentioned it in the comments below. I’ll probably make a few more calls for such, but it’s nice to get a head start.

Until next time guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
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I figured that it would be a lot of fun to go ahead and do some tags today and tomorrow, since NaNo is only 2 days away!This tag was created by Kristina Horner on youtube and I found it on Annette Read’s blog!

NaNo Tag

  1. How many times have you done NaNoWriMo?

This will be my fourth year doing NaNo, though my very first year doesn’t really count. I started doing it and then had a lot of things going on and literally had to stop a few days in.

  1. How did you first find out about NaNoWriMo?

I honestly can’t remember where I first heard about NaNo. Probably from one of my writing friends. I can remember the first time I really got hyped about NaNo was from a bunch of youtubers videos!

  1. What was the name of the first novel you attempted with NaNo?

The Highwayman was the first novel that I attempted to do during NaNo. It’s also the only novel that I never won with. Hm. I still finished it at least.

  1. Give us a 1 sentence summary of what you’re writing this year.

Erm. Let’s see. One run on sentence coming up! Angel Blade is my first novel, and it’s about a boy who finds out that he’s half demon and he is the only one standing between the world and the Apocalypse, while RipTide is about genetically altered humans who have turned into mermaids after the threat of the polar ice caps melting. Heh. One sentence, baby.

  1. What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever been given?

I’ve gotten a lot of writing advice, but I think that the best advice is just to write every day. Write when it’s easy, and write when it’s hard. Make it a habit, because only you can tell your story.

  1. Did you ever take a year off from NaNo? Why?

That very first year, I wrote about 3000 words and then stopped. Personal reasons as to why.

  1. What’s your biggest inspiration when figuring out what to write?

A lot of things really influence me, though lately it’s actually been my husband. I go up to him and say, “Hey, Josh. Give me a fun idea pertaining to _____” and he’ll go off. Sometimes it’s really silly stuff, but a lot of the times, he comes up with fun things.

  1. Read us the first sentence from one of your novels.

Oh. Oh dear. Erm. Okay. Let me find one.

The dream that had plagued her for as long as she could remember woke Nevaeh from a deep sleep.


  1. Why do you love writing?

Oh, that’s a hard question. Writing is my passion. Writing is that thing that I go to when I’m upset, or that thing I go to when I’m happy. It’s at my very center, and making people happy with my writing? That’s about the best feeling in the world.

So, that’s my NaNo Tag (at least my first one). I hope that you enjoyed, and please, do it as well! I’d love to see your answers!

Until next time, keep reading and writing (and prepping!)

Author Amanda McCormick

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NaNo Prep Countdown -2 Days… Tag It Up!

So, my prep advice for today is going to coincide with what I’m about to fill my blog with… and it is this! Do NaNoWriMo Tags!

Do all of the tags that you can find! They’re going to be fun, they’re going to get you hyped… and that hype factor is so important! We are 2 days shy of NaNo, and it’s time to be so excited about writing that you can hardly stand yourself. It’s time to get so excited about your novel that waiting for November 1st is getting hard to do! It’s time to drive yourself NaNo crazy!

So, get your NaNo tags searched up! Check my page because I’m going to do a few! NaNo is coming soon! I hope you’re ready!

Until next time! Keep reading and writing,

Author Amanda McCormick

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October Horror Writing Prompt – Prompt #30

NaNo is so close that I can feel it in my bones. Oh my Goodness. I’m so excited! Let’s carry on with the novel-themed-horror-prompts today! Are you ready?

Write about the death of your main character. If you want to do something fun, make it a death as if the villain of your novel won!

Heh, so, that should be fun. I’m excited to see how mine turns out, that’s for certain! I will talk to you guys later today with another NaNo-Prep Tip!

Until then, keep on reading and writing!

Author Amanda McCormick

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Daily Writing – October 29th

So, here we go. I’m going to get this out super quick so I can head up to bed! I have quite a bit to do tomorrow! I didn’t have any set goals today, other than to get out my prompt, tips, etc.

daily writing

Word Count – In the range of 700, not a lot, but still. I finished my prompt.

Goal Completed – Yes! I did my prompt, my prompt response, and my tip!

Nano is so very close! Are you guys excited? I know I am!

Until next time,

Author Amanda McCormick
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October Horror Writing Prompt #29 – This is Halloween

Heh, so, I’m loving doing these prompts that are novel related, but I have to keep cutting short what I post, because I write novel spoilers. Still, it’s great exercise. So… enjoy your very small snippit of a Halloween scene from RipTide.

This is Halloween?


Caithe seemed very excited about the date – I wasn’t even sure what date was, let alone why she would be so excited. Apparently, there was a tradition that the people who lived on the world above for the end of the month October. They put on costumes and did something called Trickertreating. I didn’t particularly understand it, but when her brown eyes filled with so much excitement, I couldn’t help but to give in to her desires.

“I just don’t know what costume we should put you in.” She swam lazy circles around me. It was always surprising to see how well she’d adapted to the way of life living in the ocean. We were out ‘looking for costume supplies and inspiration’ so we were using out fins. She was a natural. “Maybe we could dress you up as a shark… hmmm…” She flitted around me a few more times, her coppery hair catching the sunlight that spilled from above.

>_> I told you it was short. Still, I can’t wait to see what I get to do tomorrow, and I hope you guys are having fun! NaNo is just around the corner!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!

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NaNo Prep Countdown – 3 Days… Prep Your WriMo Self

So. I’ve been saying that I was going to make a to-do list before NaNo… and, of course, I waited until NaNo was 3 days away before I even set about doing that. So I’m making a to-do list and getting it all done in 3 days. Heh. Procrastinationnnnn.


I have a few things on this list, and some of them I’ve already taken care of today! Your list doesn’t have to be like mine, but you should make sure you’re prepped!

  • Clean up my writing area. I am such an odd person in that I will keep the rest of my house very clean… but I’ll let my personal space get out of hand. I’ve already fixed this on both fronts!
  • Make a word count chart! I got a brand new notebook and did a word count chart in the front of it!
  • Announce that you are doing NaNo. Whether with your family or your blog, get it done!
  • Get your plot outlined. I thought about putting mine on notecards and hanging it up in my writing space, but I’m not ready with it yet… yeah >_> I need to do this one.
  • Stock up on candy, popcorn, your snack of choice, etc. Make sure that you’re ready for the long haul of writing.
  • Make sure that your family and friends understand that it’s NaNo time.
  • Get new notecards/pens/notebooks etc.
  • For me, this one is important. Get a new usb flash drive to carry around! I have an external hard drive, but it’s bulkier than I’d like. I want a portable usb.

I realize a lot of these tips are things that I’ve been saying all month. But the point is that you need to make your own personal list and see that you get everything done! NaNo is only three days away! You have to make sure that when the time comes, you aren’t scrambling last minute!

Until then, keep reading and writing,

Author Amanda McCormick
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October Horror Writing Prompt – Prompt #29

Can you believe that it’s only three days until NaNo? I certainly can’t! There’s still so much to do and so little time to do it! Anyway, today the prompt is still centered around your characters of your novel! So!

Write About Your Character Experiencing Halloween. Is it something they know about? Is it something that they’ve never heard of before? Details, please!

So, that should be a lot of fun! Even if you’re just writing a regular Halloween ritual. Or, on the off chance that you’re doing fantasy, how fun will it be to throw them into Halloween for the first time!

I hope you guys have fun with this one! I’m sure I will!

Until then, keep reading and writing,

Author Amanda McCormick
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Daily Writing – October 28th

So, today is another one of those days where I didn’t really have a word count goal. It was more of a What I wanted to Write goal. And I accomplished that! Let’s get into it!

daily writing

Word Count: Around 2000 words, give or take.

Goals Accomplished – Posted my prompt, my prompt response, and my tip! Check!

So, yes, as NaNo approaches, I’m not focusing on my word count so much as hitting these goals I want. Though tomorrow I need to post a Before NaNo To Do List!

Until then, keep reading and writing guys!

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October Horror Writing Prompt #28 – What Dreams May Come

So, I actually had to cut this prompt off. I wrote way more than what you see, but I didn’t want to post it all because of the mass quantities of spoilers that would ensue. So. Enjoy what I can post!

What Dreams May Come

I hated it when I fell asleep. I could always tell, too… I could tell because it always happened the same way. I was laying in whatever hotel room I was bouncing to, and then suddenly I wasn’t. Since I had learned that my father was a demon, I’d been waking up in fire and brimstone, seeing a world that no mortal mind could have ever managed to imagine. At first, it had confused me… but the deeper that I delved into that Hell, I was discovering the true meaning of fear.

At first, when I’d had these dreams I refused to move. I figured if I didn’t go anywhere, I’d wake up eventually without having to deal with anything going on. In the distance, I could hear a chorus of screams like some dark litany of agony. Whatever was causing that, I didn’t want to see. The only thing that was frightening about it was the fact that there was a part of me, and it was a larger part than I wanted to admit, truly wanted to go and revel in the chaos.

I had this dream every night, until I fought with myself not to sleep. The exhaustion was detrimental to my training, and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to keep it up… I knew that I was going to have to give in and sleep…

I didn’t want to close my eyes, but as soon as I did, I felt my body fall into relaxation and the screams started. Something new came to my ears however, and it was the sound of a rich voice chuckling. I jerked up, knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to wake myself.

My eyes still opened, and they landed on the man standing in front of me. He had one hand out, as though to help me stand. Full lips were turned up into a smile, and green eyes glittered with emotions that I couldn’t read.

“I was wondering when you were going to give in to your dreams, Karsyn. Come, come now Isn’t fighting too hard?” His voice sounded so condescending… and yet there was something in there that told me he knew something that I did not. More than that, there was something so… familiar about him.

“Who are you?”

He looked at me, and the smile on his face just grew. “Oh, come on now. Look me in the eyes and tell me you can’t guess.” His fingers beckoned to me again, and for some reason I stretched my fingers out and took his hand. He pulled me to my feet in a fluid motion, and I quickly took three steps back. My hand went towards my back and he shook his head slowly, reddish black hair sliding against his shoulders.

“Now, now, why would you try to get that filthy little Angel Blade? You should realize that out of all that you could face, I understand it better than even you.” He looked at me as though I should have understood him. Instead, I shook my head.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about…” My fingers flexed over my spine and I waited for the sensation of the blade to appear. When it didn’t, I grasped at my skin, nails actually scratching. The man simply smirked.

“Now, now… foolish little boy, do you really think that you have any power here?”

Well, there it is. I’m loving doing some little snippits from my novels! I hope you guys are enjoying your prompts as well! I can’t wait to see them all! NaNo is coming soon! 4 days and counting!!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!
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