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NaNo Day 19 – 10k Day Yesterday


So, the reason that I didn’t blog yesterday was because I ended up getting to 10k for the day. My novel RipTide is well over 70k words now, and my overall word count is 76,432 words.

Honestly, I’m really proud of how all of my friends are handling NaNo as well! Gau is doing an amazing job, as well as all of my writing group friends.

Speaking of my writing group, that’s how I managed to get 10,000 words written yesterday. We picked a crawl off of the NaNoWriMo forums, and we did the entire thing in one sitting. It was long, exhausting… and totally worth it. Everyone managed to get so many words!

I really do recommend checking out the forums, and getting yourself a writing group if you’re stuck! If you ever need someone to chat with, you can always hit me up on skype: ego.dominustuus

I’m always willing to chit chat with fellow writers!

Anyway, I need to get words today. I have about 7 chapters left of RipTide, and then I’ll be finished! I can’t wait!

Until next time,

Author Amanda McCormick


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NaNo Day 4 – Unexpected Twists


So, I didn’t get to 25,000 words last night like I wanted. but I did get to 22,000 words. I take that as a victory, since I only needed 6,668/13,336 (the 50k and 100k goal). I’m going to try to pass up 25k today, so that I can do 25KByDay5. Sounds pretty fun. I think I can do it.

I’m slowly working through my emotions problems, so that is a good thing. Writing, as I imagined it would, does really help. I just need to keep going with it and realize that this is my way to get my feelings out and into the world. Anyway, away from that topic, I have realized something rather odd about my word count. When I started off on my “Two Novels in November” journey, I assumed that I would be able to bounce back and forth between them very easily. I also assumed that if I couldn’t, I would be working primarily on Angel Blade as my main novel. My novels, of course, just had to prove me wrong. 17,536 of my 22,000 words are on RipTide. For some reason, that story has been the one to really jump out at me and demand my attention. I do think that I will get back to Angel Blade, because I love the project… but I think that I’m going to have to just write the stories back to back instead of working on them interchangeably. I don’t know, we’ll see what actually happens when I’m more into the novel and I need to take a break from it. Will I just breathe for a few, or will I transition to Angel Blade?

I will keep you guys updated.

I’m really excited to hear about how all of you are doing though? What’s your novel about? Have you run into any unexpected twists?

Tell me ^_^

Until next time, keep reading and writing! I’ll have another blog up to update you on my wordcount!

Author Amanda McCormick

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NaNo Day 1 – Word Count and Update (so far)

I’m going to go ahead and post my blog up for the day. I may or may not get more writing done today. I wanted to post this just in case. I’m going to go and relax, and I might end up passing out. If I don’t, I’ll post another blog before midnight.


So, I exceeded my expectations for today! My goal was to write #10kFirstDay.

Instead, I have written (thus far, with it being 8pm) 13,106 words.

That’s right! I’m over my word count by 3,000, and I’m thinking about upping it to a #15kFirstDay. I still have four hours to do it, and I think it’s possible! I’ve been working on both of my novels. Each got the prologue and first chapter complete. However, RipTide is getting more attention than Angel Blade.

Angel Blade looks like this so far!

  • Prologue – 351 Words
  • Chapter One – 3437 Words

While RipTide is more like this:

  • Prologue – 2121
  • Chapter One – 3437
  • Chapter Two – 3377
  • Chapter Three – In Progress
So, oddly enough, I’m feeling my mermaid story more than my Angel one. I really thought it would be the other way around! The first day has been going really well though. I feel like my prep helped a lot. I can’t wait to see how you guys have been doing! Please link me to your blogs, or link them in the comments below! Let me know!
Until then, it’s a little relaxation and then maybe back to writing!
Author Amanda McCormick

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October Horror Writing – Prompt # 4

I’m super excited about the response to these prompts so far. Prompt number four comes a little late in the day (but aren’t so many writers nocturnal anyway?). I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! NaNo Relaunches soon. Who is ready? Gyah, I feel ready!

“Their hypnotic songs turned men into slaves.”


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And This Years NaNoWriMo Inspiration Is….

(Guys, I removed the pictures – honestly, I’m just not comfortable having that many photos up without the source. Go look up mermaids on Deviant art <3)

Mermaids! Oh my Goodness… who is excited about National Novel Writing Month? I certainly am! I struggled for the past few months trying to decide what I wanted to do. I had the option of continuing some old projects, or starting something completely new. In the end, I realized that NaNoWriMo is all about a fresh project for me (not to say that it’s bad if you’re finishing something of yours! You do whatever works for you!) But the prospect of starting from the beginning and racing to the end is just so much fun and excitement for me.

I’ve been wanting to do a mermaid novel for some time, so I decided that this was the year that I was going to do it. I have a few different story ideas brushing around in my head. My main question is… do I want a Post-Apocalyptic setting, or to do something completely Fantasy?

I will be doing daily blogs during November updating my status, and quite a few blogs up until then talking about my plotting process, my planning, etc. I can’t wait to get started, and I can’t wait to year what you guys are planning as well! So, tell me about your NaNo exploits! And if you want, vote on whether you think a Fantasy or PA Novel would be more fun!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!

Author Amanda McCormick