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Improved Work Space, Vacations, and Prep

All right! So, as I said earlier, I needed to take a small break from writing. A lot of it was because of some things going on in my personal life… and another huge part of it was the fact that my husband is currently on a 2 week break himself. It was nice to take some time to just spend with him. A lot of the time, I think that we as writers get completely caught up in the fact that we have to write EVERY DAY. Even I get caught up in that – I think I’ve even posted it before. However… I want to just say that I think it’s actually really important to take the time to spend with your loved ones, with the people that you care about. I’ve still been getting out 1-2000 words a day during this vacation, but I haven’t been on my blog, really promoting myself on social media, or working on book reviews. That’s going to start back up on Monday, and I’m really excited to get back to it! But yes… take the time out of your life to make sure that you don’t miss your special moments – except for in November. Nothing but writing exists in November xD

Other than that, I wanted to talk about my new work space (photographed above!) I came to a realization. There were two very important things missing from my workspace. The first was something that I have been noticing over the last few months. Even though I have my dedicated work space, even though I had a laptop to write from, even though I had a desk and my own corner… I would always creep downstairs to write on my gaming laptop when the house was quiet. I don’t know if it’s because I grew up writing my first novel on a desktop… or simply because I like the feel of a computer screen and keyboard. Whatever it is, I wasn’t writing half as well on my laptop in my work space, because I always wanted to wait until 2am to write on my desktop.

That needed to change!

I had a desktop ordered about a week ago, along with a really pretty mechanical keyboard that glows blue (the simple joys in life!), and I have to say… even during my vacation when I’m not writing as much? I’ve really, really noticed a difference. I really feel more professional, more happy, and more comfortable writing. I think the lesson from this is not “YOU HAVE TO HAVE A DESKTOP!” What the lesson is… is that you have to follow what makes you happiest! If you want to write on a laptop, you get yourself a work laptop. If you want to write on pen and paper, stock up! And if you want to write on a desktop computer… don’t let anyone make you feel like you have to write on any of the above mentioned. You do what makes you feel the most comfortable, what makes you feel the most productive… whether it’s buying a desktop specifically for writing… or jotting notes on your forearm during work to type down later!

The second thing that I was missing was less significant… but just as important. It kind of ties in to my prep – I got myself a printer! I really, really wanted one. I think that it’s amazing to be able to print out your words, to see them physically in front of you. I also have some inspirational things, commonly used words and alternatives, emotional wheels, writer cheat sheet and the like hung up around my desk. Not only do I get to print out my writing, but I get to print out inspiration. It’s amazing!

And last but not least… prep. Oh, yes. Game of Thrones will tell you that Winter is Coming.

Writers will tell you something else, something just as scary (and exciting!)… NaNoWriMo is coming! I’ve told you all about NaNoWriMo countless times… but as October winds down and November draws near… I’m starting to really feel the anxious excitement for it! I can’t wait! I’m trying to decide exactly what I want to work on. For me, prep for NaNo is a lot of notebooks, a lot of pens, at least 3 outlines on Scrivener… and making sure that My Writer Group is prepared! (If you would like to join that and you have Skype, just comment, by the way! I’d love to have you all!). I’ve been talking to all of my friends, getting to talk to some long-lost-friends… and honestly, I’m so excited for it that I can hardly stand myself. So, I will definitely have more on that – perhaps even a vlog about ┬ámy preparation and Scrivener setup for it? Who knows! I can’t wait.

Gyah… it’s so good to be blogging again! I will have something new up on Monday!

So, how do you guys feel about the topics brought up? What do you prefer to use as a writing tool? Do you take vacations from your work… and are you just as excited for NaNo as I am? Let me know! Comment below!

Until next time, keep reading and writing!

Author Amanda McCormick