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Lunatic <3

Lunatic by Onley James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was one of my most anticipated books out of this series (especially when I learned Archer’s LI was none other than Mac!) and it didn’t disappoint!

Honestly, since Archer was introduced, I’ve been waiting to get his backstory, to get the real him. I knew there was so much more than the drunken pirate we saw in the previous books, and I wasn’t disappointed! And then you throw in the fact that Shep’s brother is in here? Mmm, it was honestly just chef’s kiss and I couldn’t wait to devour it.

As always, Onley James also delivered on the plot side of the book. I live for the romance, but I’ll die for any plot she lays out. I’m always so intrigued and drawn in when it comes to what mystery they have to solve, what’s going on, who is trying to do what to who. This entire series has delivered on this every single time without miss… and honestly, this one? This book did such an amazing job, and it left me with so many places I want to go as far as spin off series!

Things I loved:
Archer and Mac. ❤ Scooch those two right up on to one of my favorite couples.
The rest of the Family. I’m honestly never sick fo seeing them, I want more books with them forever. I subscribed to Patreon so I can devour every bit of content that exists about them.
*Bringing in the Elite Protection Services books! I can’t with how much I loved the cross-over. It’s so amazing when an author is capable of pulling their worlds together so smoothly and seamlessly… and hoooboy ❤ Delivered.

Overall, as always, I recommend this book. I recommend this series. I recommend that you run as fast as you can and you read everything Onley James has ever written. I’m never disappointed!

And as a side note… the SET UP for the final book? I’m deceased, I swear. AMAZING.

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