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Mid-NaNo Check-in!

 Hey everyone! We are mid way through NaNoWriMo, and it has been a crazy month so far. I’m working on two projects, so I’m basically doing a double NaNo, so it’s been extremely hectic on my end. It’s a good kind of hectic though? I’m really enjoying what I’m getting out as far as words go. Of course, I’m going to have to do the traditional Post-NaNo edits… but I’m starting to actually get a method down for how I do that, too… so I’m really excited for everything.

My Current WC is: 62,003 words! A ton of that has gone into my co-written projects that I’m doing with this wonderfully amazing individual, and then the at least 20,000 of it is on my second novel out of a trilogy. I’m trying to just actually finish the trilogy without breaking to do books in between, because I have another unfinished trilogy that went to the wayside because of that. 

And I really like this story, so I don’t want to let it slip away from me just because I got distracted with another project. I really do suffer from a major case of ‘shiny new idea’ syndrome, and I’m trying to kind of drift away from that as much as I can. It’s not conducive to editing, to finishing anything… to… well… anything that could be remotely considered productive, when you think about it.

And since I want to actually be productive, I’m trying to focus down. I think that NaNoWriMo was a wonderful time to do that. I’ll just have to carry it through and do another NaNo in January or something so I can make sure to finish the series out. I already did a small round of edits on the first novel, too. 

I’d love to hear how all of you all make sure that you work through your novels when it’s more than a stand alone. Do you try to work on them all back to back? Do you give them a breather and do something else in between? 

What are your methods? What works best for you? If you have experience in this, write a blog and share with the class! Other than that, I’d also love to get a NaNo check in from everyone who is participating in that, and a MilWordy check in for everyone who is participating in that!

I basically want to be inspired by the amount of words that everyone is getting! Please, let me know! 

Until then, I’m going to try to get back to consistent blogging soon. I usually get more throughout the month here, but I’ve been so focused (and distracted) with the things going on in my life that I’ve been having to put all of my writing focus onto the books. I would like to say that I’m ashamed of myself, but it’s getting me words and making me feel very productive.

But I’ll try to be back around more consistently! And if you want to catch me in the in between, check out my Instagram: I’d love to follow for follow so we can fill up our feeds with inspiration!

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
Author Amanda McCormick
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