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Blog Challenge: A Good Day

Oh damn, she was too lazy to make a graphic this time.

Today’s challenge: Pat yourself on the back. Tell us about a time when you had an amazing writing session! How many words did you get? What were you working on? How did it feel? Remembering how good this is can help you strive for these awesome days again in the future!

I will casually look at the quote above and pretend that I made a pretty graphic to go along with it. Sometimes, you’re just a little tired and you end up not doing that. Today, my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, and I’m afraid I’m going to need a second or third cup before I really wake up.

Until then, I can go ahead and get to getting on the question at hand. There is something oddly fun about reflecting back on your past and your accomplishments. I think that sometimes, a healthy dose of bragging can actually be good for you. I do not recommend being the type of person who just pontificates daily about how awesome you are — that’s how you don’t get to have any friends.

But… if you want to take the time, sit back, and write a blog about your accomplishments? Hell yeah. I’ve realized while being involved with the writing community that we’re a pretty great group of people. More often than not, if you do talk about those accomplishments and you aren’t doing the above ‘I am the best’ that I talked about… the community just wants to be happy for you. They want to celebrate your accomplishments, even if it’s just those 100 words that you were so excited about finally getting on your fic.

For me, I think that one of the biggest and best writing days (in the singular) that I had was the first time that I did a 10k day for NaNo. I really went into it unsure of if I was going to be able to, and then the words just flew from my fingers. There was something really intoxicating about what I’d just done, and amazing in the fact that I’d gotten so many words.

Yeah, they were first draft words, but they weren’t bad words.

I made a habit of doing a 10k first day for NaNo every year after that, and it’s a habit that I haven’t broken yet, and one that really brings me a huge amount of joy every time I do it, I think more because I’m remembering how amazing and accomplished I felt that first time more than anything else.

I can remember finishing that book in my first year of NaNo — I was on a real high from joining the community, getting to find so many amazing people to write with, and writing my first (pretty fat) fantasy novel. I had my husband take me to staples and we printed it out with a coil binding and plastic covers… and yeah, I was pretty happy about it.

It’s little experiences like this that really help us to strive forward as writers, I think. There are moments when we feel a real sense of accomplishment. When we know that we did the thing, and we can do it again. I live for those moments — even better, though. Now that I am on a big, active writer community (My Discord Server), I get to see other people experience those moments as well. It honestly makes me just as if not more excited now-a-days to see a fellow writer who really got into what they were writing, who is really proud of how well they did.

I love to see it.

So, tell me about a time that you had an amazing writing session ❤ Let me cheer you on!

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
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One thought on “Blog Challenge: A Good Day

  1. Just last weekend I wrote about 5000 words, which I was pretty proud of. Although to date I’m probably most proud of re-writing a 90,000 word manuscript that I completely lost thanks to a USB crash. Did it in about 4-5 months. Thanks COVID!

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