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Blog Challenge: My Writing Space and Desires

So… I put the question to my writing group, what does your writing space look like right now. What do you want it to look like in the future. To answer this, I’m going to give a little scroll through my phone gallery to see if I have photos, or if I’m going to have to get up (clean the gummy wrappers that my kids keep needing me to open off of the surface) and take a photo.

Or three.

Yeah, three.

Look, I got lazy and decided not to start with my office first. I have an office, okay? It’s cool, it’s where my books live so my kids won’t eat them… and I never get to write in there, currently. You can’t watch a one and a three year old with the door closed.

So, we’re going to go to my gaming desk instead. Is that a sexy folding table you spy? Why yes, yes it is. Is that a rocker glider for a baby as a gaming chair… why yes, yes, it is. Is everything rainbows?

Of course it is, why in the devil would I pick anything else?

Honestly, I adore my gaming setup. You can’t see it, but right beside me I have an enormous shelf full of pop figures, fallout merch, coffee, and other nerdy things. I’d take a picture, but I’d have to clean it off and I don’t want to >_>

I sit at my desk more often than I do anywhere else; it’s behind a little gate, so the kids can’t immediately come up and smack my keyboard (My one year old’s favorite thing now is typing), but I can very, very easily keep an eye and ear out for them. As long as I am working on something that I have in Microsoft Word, a blog, or something that I have in google docs, I can sit here.

“But Amanda, we’ve seen you post pictures in Scrivener from your gaming desktop before, are you making excuses?”

No, random questioner who I just made up! I am not. The problem with Scrivener is my second writing set up, which has forever spoiled Scrivener 1 for me.

My second writing space is my Macbook Air and my lapdesk. This particular space is pretty great, because I can take it with me. It’s portable, it’s light as [insert awful chuckle here] air [keep inserting awful chuckle, because I’m punny, damn it] and it’s honestly a fantastic machine to write on.

It has Scrivener 3.

Scrivener 3. My best friend.

My bane.

You see, everything else that I own is a windows machine, and Scrivener 3 is not on Windows. My documents do not transfer. I can’t work seamlessly on them from machine to machine anymore like I used to.

Are you seeing the problem I’m having here?

Honestly though, it’s kind of all right? I don’t mind to swap to my laptop when I need to for writing novels — it gives me a different, fun headspace. I can, of course, do everything that I can do on my desktop ON my laptop. There are days where it’s just me, my lap desk, my macbook and a can of monster against the world (world being two evil children xD) and I’m fine with that, too. I really love that damn computer ❤

So… yeah. I kind of divvy my time evenly between those to machines, and that’s honestly all find and dandy.

But let me tell you about where I wish I could write.

Imagine thing — a nice, big room with a fireplace (probably a fake one, because real ones are bad for your lungs) crackling in the corner. There are bookshelves on all of the walls, stuffed mostly with books, though some have some fun nerdy things (see: Fallout and Borderlands) and one holds a really gorgeous antique typewriter… and a big stuffy comfy chair in one corner with a lamp beside it, just inviting you to read.

In the other corner is a really old wooden desk, and then a longer wooden desk beside it, making the perfect L-curve. There is not one, not two, but three monitors — the largest one is for writing, the second are for references and music control.

Oh, and the music is on surround sound, because this is my dream and I want to be fancy, damn it.

Mechanical keyboard. Totally rainbowed out. Super comfortable chair.

*gestures* Welcome to my perfect writing space. I have… the rainbows and that initial wooden desk. Yeah — that desk is important. Once upon a time, when I was a wee baby Amanda, I got my Dad’s desk. It’s a solid built thing, because people used to solidly build shit back in the day… I scribbled the word Gollum on it, once upon a time, because htat’s where my little Gollum figure sat. It’s got drawers and cubbies and it’s just a really sentimental part of me.

When I moved from Kentucky to California for ten years, I didn’t think I’d ever get to see it again.

When I moved back from California to Kentucky (See: Price differences between living in those two states with chidlren), I got my desk back.

Leave me alone, I know it’s a cluttered mess.

Fight me. I know it’s messy right now. That’s why I have a long second table build to look close to the same to make it an L-Shaped desk for all of my cluttery notebook needs.

This is my dream anyway, so.

Yeah, I got my desk back. This was the desk where I typed up my first book. This was the desk where I used to sneak at night when I was supposed to sleep to write on a clunky box of a computer that had windows xp on it. This was the desk, and it’s always going to be a part of my dream, because I love it that much. It’s got all of the Amanda novel writing inspiration seeped into the wood of it, and that makes it awesome.

So, what’s your writing space currently? What do you want it to look like? I love to see a little peek into writer’s lives! Let me know if you do this challenge!

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
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