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Keep Active <3

Today, I am having a small write in with my friend. We’re a bit late to getting started, because my oldest son has decided that he will stay up until the sun is up and shining and bright every morning… but we are having a write in.

We set ourselves some goals — 3k minimum, 5k stretch. Do we know if we’re actually gonna hit those goals? Nah. Are we gonna try our hardest to? Of course we are.

The thing is, especially in a time like right now when you can’t hang out with the people that you usually do, and when your entire schedule is getting thrown for a loop… it’s still important to do things like this. You still need to hold yourself accountable, and you still need to try to schedule events when you can.

I personally have been slacking in this department. I am on Day 5 of getting back to a writing schedule, and it’s starting to feel really good for me again. I hadn’t been writing consistently, and I was letting the depression of being stuck inside and everything that was going on halt me in my passions.

Not anymore. ❤ And I really encourage you to do the same thing. Take charge of your creativity, even though things are weird… and even though you might not actually feel like it. One of the great ways of doing that is with things like virtual write ins!

There are a ton of groups out there (My Discord Server) (Yeah, you can click that to join xD) is just one of them. We try to keep each other active, even when we can’t see each other in person. People say that writing is a lonely, lonely job… but it doesn’t have to be. I would honestly even wager that having a support system makes it a million times easier.

So, today I’m doing a virtual write in with one of my very good friends. We are going to check in on each other throughout the day. We are going to do some sprints, maybe a crawl. We set minimum and stretch goals. Hell, we might even hop into a voice call if we get frisky. But… we’re doing it. We’re writing, and because there is someone keeping track and keeping tabs, I know that we are both more likely to succeed.

So… grab yourself a writing buddy — heck, if you need one, I’ll be your writing buddy! Try to schedule something like this, because I can promise that it will make the writing easier, and it will make you feel less isolated in this time of…



You’ve got this, and the world needs your creativity now more than ever.

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
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