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Pistol Daisy ARC Review

“When Daisy Allen’s family is brutally murdered by the infamous Hopkins gang, she’s left with two options: drown in a bottle of whiskey and grief, or saddle up and hunt the killers down. Accompanied by strangers in pursuit of the same outlaws, Daisy takes to the Colorado plains with an old revolver and a hunger for revenge. But the Hopkins gang isn’t easily found, and as their pockets run dry and the trail goes cold, Daisy and her companions may be at the end of the road. She must learn how to survive in this dangerous world of outlaws and gunslingers, or her only chance at avenging her family may be lost.”

Pistol Daisy (Pistol Daisy, #1)

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went into Pistol Daisy — I’m not an enormous fan of Western novels, but I am a huge fan of Natalia Leigh. The first chapter didn’t convince me I would love it, but the more I kept reading, the more I realized that feeling that way was a good thing.

It’s the development of the main character, Daisy, that is truly the shining accomplishment of this novel. The world is wonderful, immersive, and entertaining… but Daisy, her mind, and her development and growth as a character are truly what stood out to me. She goes from a young and innocent girl to a woman, hardened by her continued experience with the world.

I found that all of the things that made me question the story initially were all of the things that made me love the development as it carried on. Natalia Leigh writes her characters with such effervescence that you can’t help but be swept up in the whirlwind of their world, their wants, and their journey.

Truly a great read — my only complaint is that it was so short! Can’t wait for Whiskey City’s release!

I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for my fair review ❤

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