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Writing Prompt: Flight

Posted: February 21, 2020 in Creative WRiting


The angel stared at the demon, and a small smile came across his features. “Do you ever wonder, my friend, why God didn’t give humans wings?” His own glorious expanse of white spread out behind him, as though given a mind of its own and curious about why they were being spoken of. The demon chuckled in response, his own lips lilting and his eyes flashing a bright crimson.

“Probably because they’d try to escape if they had them.” His response was soft, jovial, but the words behind it were contemplative. “Think about it, they try to fly all the time.”

“Yes, but then they hit the ground and die.”

“Most of the time.”

The words were banter, soft, full of comradeship that lilted with a tinge of something else that was even more forbidden than the fact that they were speaking to one another at all. Things were… strange, to say the least. But they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“What do you think would happen, if we were to find a way to give one of them a pair, just to see?” The demon’s voice was full of mischief, and the angel tilted his head to the side.

“We would probably draw more attention to ourselves than necessary.”

“Well, what if we just… taught them to fly?”

“And how do we do that?”

There was a moment. A beat. A pause. “I suppose we could show them how to build a craft? They can’t have wings, but at least they could take to the air.”

“Don’t you think that they’d try to escape?” The angel batted the words back to the demon, and the demon laughed.

“Where would they go? The moon?”

His eyes were already fixed on a house across a hill, where he knew two brothers lived. It was time to have a little fun.

2020 Writing Goals

Posted: February 19, 2020 in writing goals
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  • Finish all outstanding fanfic series or Discontinue them.
  • Get over 100 fanfics posted up on A03
  • Blog at least once a week
  • Finish Collab novel
  • Finish Limbo
  • Finish Cerulean Darkness Rewrite
  • Finish Committing Murder
  • Finish Unknown NaNo Novel (Obsidian Light?)
  • Write at least 10 short stories
  • Query agents

I was talking earlier with a friend of mine about how I wanted to start posting more consistently on my blog. I thought that one of the best ways to do that was to start up a fun little challenge for the blog. I can’t do a month long one, since the month is already going… so… instead, I’m going to pick ten topics, and I have the month to get something written about them! I’ll do it every month, if I can manage this month.

So! February Blogging Challenge! Let’s go!

  1. Writing Prompt! “Two strangers meet for the
    second time.”
  2. Write a blog about yourself. Tell the story of
    how you started writing.
  3. What is your greatest strength as a writer? What is your greatest weakness?
  4. Writing Prompt! “Use these words in a story: Ocean. Onyx. Shine.”
  5. Give your best writing tips that you learned in 2019!
  6. Writing Prompt! “Choose a picture from your phone and write a story about it!
  7. Where do you draw the most inspiration for your writing? Share your secrets!
  8. Author Interview: Where do you write? Share some pictures of your writing space and tell us about your daily habits!
  9. Writing Prompt! First sentence prompt: “I/He/She never expected things to turn out like this…”
  10. What are your goals for 2020? Write them out now so we can help each other keep on track!

So! There we are! Try to get a blog for all of these things done this month! Let me know if you will participate, and link back to my blog! I can’t wait to see what we all come up with!

Until next time, y'all!
Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!
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Still Going ♡

Posted: February 5, 2020 in Creative WRiting

I keep poofing in and out here, but I am still kicking blog wise. I really want to get back to consistent blogging. I’ve been writing a ton, reading a ton ♡ I have a lot to say!

So, this is just a little ‘I am here, heads up. Look out for more soon!’ Blog! I can’t wait to talk to yall soon!