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NaNoWriMo 2019 Tips and Thoughts

I’m just going to keep coming back to this, aren’t I? Of course! I love NaNoWriMo so much, and I really think it’s an amazing thing that more writers need to participate in. So, I’m going to lay out a few more quick tips for everyone.

First, if you’re the person who likes to write with music, make sure to get yourself a playlist laid out. Make it specific to the project that you’re working on this month. If you have a certain set of music that you listen to each and every day, you’re going to associate that music with working, and it’s going to trick your brain into continuing to get into that working mood, even when you start to crash out!

I recommend using SPOTIFY if you can. It’s an easy place to make playlists, select from an enormous amount of songs, and you can also look out for other people’s music to see what’s inspiring them!

Also, even if you aren’t really a plotter… I’d suggest at least writing out a few sentences of what you’re planning on happening — you have some kind of an idea about it šŸ˜› If you do that, pin it up in front of you, it’ll give you motivation for where you go! If you aren’t heavy into plotting, but you still like to do a little plot, do what I do. I write one to two sentences for each chapter with plenty of room for making new things up as I go along! It helps without detracting from me being able to create and make up as I go.

Those are my tips for the day! I hope that you enjoyed them! I’ll have some more up tomorrow!

Until then, keep reading and writing, and keep being awesome!
Amanda McCormick

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