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I’m just going to keep coming back to this, aren’t I? Of course! I love NaNoWriMo so much, and I really think it’s an amazing thing that more writers need to participate in. So, I’m going to lay out a few more quick tips for everyone.

First, if you’re the person who likes to write with music, make sure to get yourself a playlist laid out. Make it specific to the project that you’re working on this month. If you have a certain set of music that you listen to each and every day, you’re going to associate that music with working, and it’s going to trick your brain into continuing to get into that working mood, even when you start to crash out!

I recommend using SPOTIFY if you can. It’s an easy place to make playlists, select from an enormous amount of songs, and you can also look out for other people’s music to see what’s inspiring them!

Also, even if you aren’t really a plotter… I’d suggest at least writing out a few sentences of what you’re planning on happening — you have some kind of an idea about it 😛 If you do that, pin it up in front of you, it’ll give you motivation for where you go! If you aren’t heavy into plotting, but you still like to do a little plot, do what I do. I write one to two sentences for each chapter with plenty of room for making new things up as I go along! It helps without detracting from me being able to create and make up as I go.

Those are my tips for the day! I hope that you enjoyed them! I’ll have some more up tomorrow!

Until then, keep reading and writing, and keep being awesome!
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Let’s go ahead and get day 29’s prompt up!

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It’s that time again, guys. That time when a million voices come together screaming in excitement, and then panic… and then exhaustion as we race towards the finish line of 50,000 words written in 30 days.

It sounds insane, I know. I feel insane every year that I say I’m going to do it… but here I am, doing it anyway. And, as usual, I can’t do it like a normal person. I have two projects that I am working on personally, and one project that I’m going to be working on with a friend. In the spirit of actual NaNo, I will not feel like a winner unless I get 50,000 words onto one of those projects by itself. My main project is going to be a lot of fun. I made a cover, if you wanna take a peeksie.

Which is one of my first tips to you guys! You want to make sure that, if you can, you make yourself a cover. I know it’s silly, but it oddly does help. It’s something about seeing an image to your idea ❤ I suggest using Canva, if you wanna slap something together yourself!

It’s not just about a cover though… you really need to get excited about your project. I find that one of the easiest ways to do that is to find someone to be excited with you. Whether it’s a friend, or a local writing group, or getting onto the NaNo forums, you need people to talk to. The first and only time that I lost NaNo was in 2011, when I had NO ONE doing it with me. I probably wrote the 50k, but I was so not into the whole NaNo idea that I just… trickled off of the site.

The next year, I made a Skype group and had a group of random friends to join it… and from there, it’s grown into a fantastic Discord Server. If you want to join CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE and come hang out. The thing is, having people who are just as excited as you, and people who are going through this crazy journey with you really does help a lot. On the server, we run sprints, prompts, crawls, and we’re basically an all year writing server to provide encouragement and so you can snag you up some accountability buddies.

Having an accountability buddy is essential. I let my whole server know what is up and my progress, but I have a close friend who I like to be really accountable to. I’ve lost my buddy before, and it makes writing a lot less fun. If you have someone you trust, love, care about? Snag ’em up. They don’t have to be a writer, but it helps, because you’re getting to provide accountability services for them as well.

I’ll be posting more tips and thoughts over the next few days, as well as writing updates as NaNo goes on! If there’s anything you’d like to see, any subject you’d like for me to touch on, just let me know! Until then!

Keep writing and writing, and keep being awesome!

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All right, everyone. Let’s keep on going with this!

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AND! Day 28!

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Let’s switch things up a little bit, shall we? The next four prompts will be song prompts! Write what you feel when you hear the song! Bonus points if you can transition four times and remain within the same story! You can also base it off of the photo given, if you don’t like to listen to music!

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25

Day 26

Day 20

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Day 21

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Day 22

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This one is an oldie, but a goodie. Pick prompts 15-20 from the following list. Bonus points if you can make all five stories connect.

Day 12

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Day 13

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Day 14

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I’m going to be posting these last days I’ve missed. Sorry for getting behind!


For days 9, 10, and 11… write a horror story in three different perspectives! (Example: The killer, the victim, the witness).


Welcome to a new blog segment I want to run! Indie authors do not get the proper representation that they deserve, I think. People are putting forth so much effort, so much time, and so much of themselves to get their books out there. The market is changing, and self-publishing is on the rise. I’d love to take the time to read and review all self-pub authors who want to get their name out there!

My first selection is Dominique Minuit! This is 18+ NSFW work, so reader beware! 

The first short story in a series that follows an adventurous young woman named, Seraph. Follow her sexual escapades at the private club Le Château Rosé, where she experiences the broadest definitions of carnal pleasures. Whips, ropes, and exhibitionism all take place within her most recent adventure.

Whip: Seraph's tales from the Nightingale by [Minuit, Dominique]Whip: Seraph’s tales from the Nightingale  is our short story in question. Measuring up to around 3,000 words, this is a quick and dirty read! As a debut story from the author, it leaves us with both room to grow and the desire to read more!

A plus is the very (in my opinion) appealing cover and an accurate representation of the target audience. This short story is a real gem if you like a fast-and-filthy read.

The best part about this short is the fact that it is one in the beginning of a series! Growing attached to the main character, Seraph, isn’t going to leave you wanting more! Hop on the hype train now, and you won’t have to miss the next installment when it’s released later this month!

At .99, the story is a steal. Make sure to act fast! On October 16th — for one day only – the story will be FREE to read! Make sure if you do to leave a star-rating and a review ❤ Nothing helps authors more than your feedback!

That does it for this particular session of #ProjectIndieAuthor! If you are interested in having your work reviewed, leave a comment and let me know!

Even if you aren’t, share this blog and this author around! Let’s get the word out and start boosting each other up!

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