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*Stares at the title of the photo she picked out* Daily Writing Blog. Yes, I’m going to try to get back to that. Things have been kind of beyond crazy on my end. I made a cross country move, didn’t have a house to move into (yay for sisters who love you <3), found a house to move into… had the roof in that house caved-in in the living room… (yay for sisters who still love you, lol), waited for the roof to get fixed… found out the carpet was trashed… >_> (Yay for my sister. Lol.)… but finally, finally we got everything sorted and settled!

Now we’re just working on still getting everything in the house totally homey. We recently finished getting my kids room baby proofed, so the only room left is…

MY OFFICE. That’s right, guys. I have a writing room, an office, a place for me to get all of my writing things done. >_> I just need bookshelves! (If you would like to randomly donate a bookshelf, check RIGHT HERE xD) I’m honestly really excited about it, because I’ve never had a space that was specifically and solely for writing before. I’ve always had to work at a desk in a room with other people, in my room in a corner somewhere… never in a place where I could go in, shut the door… and that be my world.

Having that area is going to make me really buckle down for this. I have a goal to have my rewrite of Cerulean Darkness finished by the end of the year, as well as Limbo; I want the two books to choose between for publishing. I’m also going to start publishing short stories, and I intend to have one of those up by the end of the year as well.

Basically, once I get that office done, I’m going to really give it my all. And ❤ I hope you guys are happy and willing to see me around a lot more, because I plan on getting back to blogging full force.


Until then, you guys! Keep reading, and keep writing!

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