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Writing Update!

Posted: February 12, 2019 in Creative WRiting


Hey all! I thought that it was about time for me to get another blog done, don’t you? I’m sorry that I’m a little wishy-washy lately. This last little stretch of pregnancy is really getting to me o_o My iron is low, but I’m hoping that it will come up soon. That in tandem with the fact that there’s a little creature in my stomach stealing all of my nutrients and the fact that I’m taking care of a toddler is more than enough to exhaust me… but I’m going to try to get more consistent on here. The last thing that I want is to fall off again… I’m honestly having too much fun blogging to do that.

Still, things are going well. I’m getting commissions done as much as I can, and I’m working on my other side-job as frequently as possible. I wish that either of these came with maternity leave xD Wouldn’t that be useful. Sadly, if you’re self-employed, that isn’t exactly something that you’re guaranteed, now is it?

I’d love for this to be some big, profound blog about a writing topic… but the fact is, I honestly have too much writing to do to really do a writing blog — that’s a good problem though, isn’t it? I’ve written about 1,000 words today, and I’m going to aim for 4,000 if I can manage it. That, on top of a few hours of work at my other job… while taking care of my little boy (who is pretty sick right now) is a tall task. I *HAVE* started making a daily to-do list. It isn’t exactly a bullet journal, but it’s something that I can keep up with, and it’s something that makes me feel good about the progress that I’m making. I haven’t really kept records of it before, other than my calendar… so this is nice. It’s in a really cute little panda notebook (I’ll get some pictures of it later and show it to you guys so you can see what I’m doing)… but I do think that it’s good to have goals where you can see them, and where you can check them off. It is vitally important to recognize your progress in some form or fashion — whether it’s a bullet journal, an accountability buddy, or just a little to do list that you get to check off when you manage to finish a task.

You gotta do what you gotta do to motivate yourself! Make sure that you’re always striving to do that, and always acknowledging the fact that getting even the smallest task done is a big accomplishment. I always talk about making sure that you set a minimum and a stretch goal for yourself. I do that with my to-do list. I usually have at least 4 items on it, and I try to make sure that I check off at least two of them. As long as I can do that, I feel like I’ve really done a pretty good job for the day. Of course… there are days when I can get all four, and I always try to do that… and that feels amazing. Do that with your writing! Break it up into sections and see what you can get done.

Hey, look! It turned into a writing blog anyway.


Until next time, you guys. Keep reading and keep writing! Oh! Speaking of the reading thing, I really want to get back into reviewing books once a week. I’ve been trying to get a lot of reading done (see: Stuck in bed all night long with pregnancy insomnia, so I can’t help but to read), so… I want to get into that. I have Kindle unlimited… so if you have some suggestions, I would love to hear them. Send them my way! I want to read all of the books — if they’re your book, make sure you let me know, and make sure that you give me a link back to your blog, so I can credit you!

Okay, for real though! Keep reading, keep writing, and keep striving forward!

Author Amanda McCormick