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Hey there! Another blog, so soon! I told you guys that I was planning on coming back with a vengeance. More than that, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a blog challenge, so I wanted to hop back into doing at least one of these a week again! Thanks to everyone who has stuck around and waited for me to start up with this again — I know it’s been a while. Before I get started, I wanted to make a fun little offer: If any of you have any good ideas for a blog challenge, I want you to let me know! Drop it in a comment, issue your own challenge via your blog and link back to me. Do it however you’d like, as long as you make the challenge. That way, our blogs can link in more than one way!

Anyway, onward to the challenge. Recently, I put a new bot on my discord server that has a lot of fun functions. One of those is actually writing prompts, so what I’m going to do is go over to my discord server right now and make it issue a prompt! In 3, 2, 1! (I’ll grab two so you have options!)

On the eve of your coronation you receive a gift: a severed hand clutching a scroll sealed with your enemy’s crest.


You stand accused of killing the Queen. The only person who can vouch for you is her ghost. No one can see her.

And there we have it. There is our prompt. I skipped over one about Elvis records, sorry guys. xD But this one seems pretty fun. You can take it in a fantasy turn if you’d like, or you could make it more horror. Hell, you could make it historical fiction if that’s what you like! Whatever it is, you have the two options. I’ll make sure to do one of these as well so that I can get it turned in! I’ll try to post my blog challenges every Monday from now on, so if you’re going to do the prompt along with the challenge, try to get it done before then! If you’re just doing this as you can, feel free to write it up and link back to me whenever. It’s not really about following along, or about anything other than just having fun and getting some blogs out! So, get what you can done! I honestly can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

Until next time, you guys. Keep reading and writing, and keep on bloggin!


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Holy guac, guys! Did you think I was gone forever? Holidays and family and end of the year shenanigans have pretty much caught my attention for a bit, but I’m going to get back to regular posting now. Thanks for sticking with me during my small break, and I’m really excited to get back into blogging on the regular.

I don’t really have any new years resolutions, or anything like that. The only real resolution that I’ve ever made is to write 1000 words a day for an entire year, and I hit that goal. I am not going to be anywhere near silly enough to try that again this year, with the fact that I’m going to be having a baby >_> That’s setting myself up for at least one day of failure when I’m popping the kiddo out xD However, I do like to set myself a few goals and aspirations for what I want to get accomplished. It’s not a resolution… it’s more a “Planning in advance” so I can have an idea of what I’m aiming for.

Firstly, I plan on trying to self pub some stories this year. It’s scary, and I’ve always tried to talk myself out of it… but now, I really want to go for it. I think that it would be a good thing, and… the worst that can happen is that I wouldn’t make money off of it? Since I like to write short stories anyway… I’m not really losing out on anything. And who knows, I might win something pretty fantastic.

As my second little goal, which ties in with the first, I’m going to try to be writing at least one short story a month. I think that just getting into the practice of that will be pretty good for me, if only to keep my creativity cranking. I so often get caught up in commissions that I completely forget to take time to write for myself. I don’t want to do that anymore. I really want to make sure that I always flex my creativity muscles in venues that I really enjoy and want to pursue.

I wish I could say that I was going to start and keep a bullet journal for the year ;-; but I know that I never keep up with those. I wish that I could… I don’t know what it is about me and a physical journal, but I seem completely and utterly incapable of keeping up with one. It’s crazy.

My third… goal? I guess it’s a goal. My hubs and I and our little family are planning on a cross country move sometime around July. It’s going to be crazy, hectic, and so worth it. I’m not sure exactly what the goal is here though… prep, mentally get myself ready… make sure that I don’t go crazy in the process xD

So yeah, that’s a little update on me. What about you guys? What are your goals for the year? I’d love to hear about them, if you’d like to share. Make a blog about it — put those goals on blast in public. I find that one of the best ways to keep up with doing something that you said you’re going to do is simply by letting people know that you’re going to do it. Accountability is… well, it’s really key, for me at least, in making sure that I keep up with everything that I want to do. If I know that people KNOW what I’m planning, I feel a pressure not to let them down or make myself a liar, and that pressure ends up spurring me on when I thought that I would otherwise not be able to do it.

You should try it. It could be good for ya!

Until next time, keep reading and keep writing, guys!

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