Oh, did we think I forgot? I didn’t xD I just haven’t gotten around to writing a blog for the past few days! I’ve been super busy doing Kinktober commissions. Anyway, I wanted to go ahead and throw you guys out your horror writing prompts. If you enjoy any of them, please write them up and link back to my blog ❤ I’d love to read them!

October 1st: A girl goes missing in the woods and her parents find only a decrepit and scary doll left behind. They soon learn that the doll is actually their daughter. And she’s alive. (credit to all prompts for 1-4 found here)

October 2nd:

October 3rd: A young brother and sister find an old door in their basement that wasn’t there before.

October 4th:


So, there we go! There are four prompts for you to work with, and I would love to see what you can come up with in relation to them! 

Until I see your responses! I can’t wait!

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