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Déjà vu, eh?


Oh, hey. I bet this is gonna sound familiar xD SOOOO, if you guys haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little MIA lately. >_>

42124224_10215835512494556_9053650580177682432_nWotwot? Is that another little baby McCormick that we’re seeing here? Was I inconsistently posting for about 12 weeks because I was struggling with morning sickness for my entire first trimester xD

Yeah, yeah, that seems to be exactly what was going on. That’s right, y’all ❤ I’m gonna have another little baby!

Anyway, I just thought I’d let you guys know xD I should be back more consistently now — I’m 14 weeks, and feeling muuuuuuuch better about how things are going, as far as barfing every day. Now I just want sammiches constantly xD

I’ll be posting up the next step to my blog challenge very soon! Thank you so much for everyone who is sticking with me even when I disappear sometimes.

A few things to look forward to: 31 Horror Prompts for Halloween! And NANOWRIMO! whoot! Until then, y’all!

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