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Now that things are settling down, I’m hoping that I can get back to blogging again. I do know that it probably won’t be an everyday thing for a little while… because I certainly have some distractions that are stopping me from being able to commit to sitting down every day and formulate a coherent blog xD but, things are finally calming to the point that I feel like I can post one or two times a week again without fail.

I have to say that life with a newborn and still trying to write is challenging, to say the least. Hell, life with a newborn and trying to do things like eat regularly and get showers when I want is a challenging thing. Still, I’m managing to do those things (mostly)… so I think I can do this, too!

Things have been so strange and different! I do want to thank all of you for the congrats on the baby ❤ I’m sorry that I couldn’t get back to them sooner… hectic. Things are hectic when you’re a breast feeding mother; all that the kiddo wants to do is be on my chest. Most of the time, when I finally get him settled down to nap, if I get time to go to the computer (I’m usually scrambling to do laundry, eat, clean while he’s down), he’ll manage to wake up because he can sense that I’m wanting to be a little creative.

It’s just how he do. I’m not upset about it – I actually expected myself to need a month or two to adjust to everything. Hell, I expected to need to take a month or two to just heal up and want to be doing things. Thankfully, I felt pretty good the day after I had the baby, so I’m not having to worry about that. I just have to worry about the fact that I need to figure out a new writing routine… and that’s what this is all about, really. I am going to figure out a new writing routine. I know things are going to be a little easier when I get a mobywrap, because I’m going to be able to wear my little monster. He’s a mama’s baby, so he will be a lot happier on my chest. But, I’m going to figure it out. I am determined, and it makes me excited that I’m determined. My writing mojo kinda disappeared for a while during my pregnancy, but it’s come back in full swing.

It’s just a matter of figuring out where it fits into my new life. I know things are different, but just because things in your life change, that doesn’t mean that you have to change your passions.

You just have to figure out how to adjust.

I know for now I’m probably not going to be doing any in depth work on my novels, as much as I’d like to. For now, I’m probably going to work on fics when I can and try to get some writing prompts done. I’ll be doing RP replies. It will help me get back into the proper swing of writing, without being a novel that I’m just gonna have to tear apart again if I end up doing something poorly because I was stressing myself into doing my novel.

I do think that by November, I will have things figured out enough that I’m going to be able to participate in NaNoWriMo. I’m excited about it, even though I’m not sure what I’m going to work on. I had hoped that I would have finished my two novels that I’m wanting to option for actual publishing so that I could work on their sequels…

I don’t know that I’m going to be that figured out… but that’s the point. I’m going to take it day by day, until I figure out how to get my writing into my schedule again.

I’m going to take it day by day and remember that we need to always make time for ourselves and for our passions, no matter what is going on in our lives. I want to teach my little sweet miracle baby that it is always important to pursue your dreams, even when things get hard. I’m not going to fold now and let him be the excuse for me to not be a good role model. No, I want to teach him that dreams are always worth striving for, and passions are what make us burn on the inside.

So, hopefully, when I write my next blog, it will be with an update of the things that I’ve gotten done!

Until then, though! Keep on keeping on! Keep on writing, and I hope that you’re all doing fantastic!

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