So… the July Camp NaNo that may or may not be won… that’s what I’m calling this particular Camp. You see, the thing is… I’m due to have my little baby July 7th >_> The fact is, I don’t know how much writing I’m going to be able to get done in the month of July…

But that’s exactly why I signed up for Camp. I sat my goal relatively low, and I want to see if I can hit it. I very much want to try to push myself to still get writing done, even when things are so chaotic. I’ve just gotten settled into my new writing environment where I can actually sit and write again. I’m really, really ready to get back onto a schedule.

It’s just going to be a matter of figuring out that new schedule once the baby gets here!

I am definitely going to take you guys on a strange journey of trying to figure out how to write while I have a newborn, but I figure that Camp is a great dry run for actual NaNo. My goal is to be able to still win in November.

I think I can do it ❤

Until next time, guys! Let me know about your Camp NaNo plans!

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  1. Jessica Cross says:

    Good luck! If you can get used to baby wearing, more is possible with a newborn than you’d think 😉

    I plan on doing Camp in July, though it has historically not been a successful endeavor… I keep hoping I’ll find my groove, though. Writing a lot of stuff ABOUT Camp atm, but haven’t really thought about what to do FOR Camp. If I want to give myself a shot at a successful run, maybe I should start thinking about that, huh?

  2. July NaNo looks to be my first attempt at finishing two manuscripts by adding a combined total of 50K words. I won a badge with one of them, but at 53+/- words, the story isn’t complete and the other is hovering around 35+/- words and definitely is no where near being finished. Not sure how I’m going to keep it straight, lol. I’ll be cheering for you though, both with the new little human and with your writing goal :-). Such an exciting time for you…

  3. siderealday says:

    Good luck, Amanda!

    I’ll be editing for Camp NaNo, a first as I usually write, but I really need to start editing more. May we both make a valiant effort for our goals despite everything life throws at us.

    (And good luck with the baby!!)

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