horror-promptsHey, everyone! So, I warned you, and I’m keeping up with that warning. I’m going to be posting my blogs to try to get caught up as best I can. I can’t guarantee that I’m going to get everything today, but between today and tomorrow I’m hoping that I’ll manage to get completely caught up. We’ll see if I can manage, but I do think that I can! So, without any delay, here is my response to Prompt #18 – write a story about the word Death.

O, death

Won’t you spare me over for another year?

You always heard stories about an angel falling because of their arrogance, because of the fact that they didn’t care enough about the humans that the Father had put onto Earth and given such high position. You always heard stories about an angel falling because they decided that they were better than the humans that they had to watch out for and take over.

You never hear stories about an angel falling because they couldn’t do their job… because their compassion was too strong, and they couldn’t take on the human that they were supposed to pull into oblivion.

This is my story – this is my tale. I am– was a messenger of death, and I was created simply to take and ferry souls to whatever beyond they were destined for. There is not one death for heaven, but hundreds of angels who pull the souls of the dying and usher them into the next life. I never thought that I would waver from my path – I never thought that a human could sway my loyalty in such a way that I would displease the Creator… but then I met the woman with the light brown hair.

There was nothing particularly special about her – she was beautiful, as humans could be. Her light brown eyes were sick, but it wasn’t her life that I’d come for. It was the life of her brother, the man that she clung so desperately to… and for some reason, when I appeared to take him, she could see me. Her eyes widened, and her breath caught in her throat. There was the sound of a small whimper escaping her, and she shook her head fervently.

“Please!” She threw herself over his body – he was feverish, sweating, on death’s door. She looked at me, and I felt something lance through me. I could feel someone looking at me for the first time.

Even my Father hadn’t looked at me in a thousand years.

“Please… don’t take him from me. He’s all that I have.” And those light brown eyes were filling with tears of anguish and sorrow. She held out her hand to me – small, delicate, calloused from hard work and the life that she led. “Or, if you have to… take us both, please…” tears fell down her cheeks, and she continued to look at me. I felt something in my gut wrench.



I’d never felt those things before. I was a commander amongst the Messengers of Death, and I’d never wavered.

But I’d never been seen.

“Please… just take me, too.” And her hand still held out to me, but it meant something entirely different this time. She was offering it to me, palm up. She wanted me to take her with her brother – she wanted to leave this world if she couldn’t stay with him.

I couldn’t help it.

I knelt, but I was careful not to touch her. Instead, I shifted the white robes that I wore aside, brushing strands of icy hair from my face. “How do you see me?”

I don’t think that she understood my question. Her lower lip trembled, and she spoke softly, reverently. “You’re the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen, and that terrifies me. I…” She dropped her gaze, and something inside of me jolted. I didn’t want to be unseen again.

I didn’t want to go on in a world where no one looked at me.

“Don’t fret, human.” I stood carefully, my height making me loom over her, and the white purity of my wings fanning out around her. I swept them into the air once, and I felt a burst of coolness spill from my body.

Her brother gasped, and for a moment terror rocked through her. Just as quickly though, that faded into amazement, because he gasped again, and then took the first deep breath that he’d taken in a week. The woman looked up at me, and I could see the shock and amazement in her eyes.

I don’t think that she’d expected me to listen to her – I think that she’d expected me to take her with him, if anything. But I’d listened… and I’d disobeyed a direct disorder. I could feel the tugging of it in my chest – I wasn’t sure if I had a heart, but whatever made me exist, whatever presence I had inside of me… it was tellng me that I’d made a mistake.

Looking at the woman who was hugging her brother and weeping though, I couldn’t think that way. I couldn’t feel like I had.

I could only feel like I’d done something right, and something good. Before, I’d just done my duty, but this was something different – this was…

Goodness, just for the sake of goodness.

I couldn’t regret it.

Still, my wings were burning, and that energy inside of me felt like a torrent of air. I couldn’t catch a deep breath, I couldn’t catch anything. I looked down to the woman in front of me and had to force myself to gasp out my words.

“Be safe, now. Enjoy your life.” It was still just a human life – so fragile. So short… but at least, for a time, she could be happy. That meant something to me, which was a strange sensation. I wasn’t used to things meaning anything. My only meaning and purpose was to make sure that I followed my duties and my creator.

I’d broken that streak, and now I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I turned from the young woman to answer the call that was pounding hard in my chest, but I didn’t have to go far. Standing behind me were to faces that I knew well. Their light blue eyes and long white hair matched my own – the pendants that identified them as angels of God shone bright around their neck, the light too much for a human to gaze upon for long without being blinded. I could tell by the way that the woman behind me didn’t react that she couldn’t see them. They’d seen what happened with me, and they were taking no chance. They were cloaking themselves.

“Seraphina,” Cartial’s voice was passive, but there was something beneath it. They were enforcers – they made sure that the word and law was followed. The fact that he and Zael were here didn’t bode well for me or what I’d done.

“Cartial, why are you here? I was coming to answer the call, I-”

“You’ve disobeyed the rules.” Zael’s voice was smug – though jealousy wasn’t a thing that angels were supposed to feel, I knew that he felt it for me. I was a Commander, I was loved amongst the ranks.

Though, from the way that he spoke, I was beginning to wonder if I would be stripped of my position.

“I’m aware of that. I’m willing to face Father and explain myself.” I stood tall, proud. I knew that the light of my pendant shone brighter than both of theirs, and I knew that it had always made Zael angry.

“That won’t be necessary. Cartial?” I didn’t like the way that he said the others name, but the taller of the two stepped forward, seizing my by my arms. I instantly moved into a defensive motion, but pain rocked through me. His hand stretched forward and grabbed the pendant around my neck, and I felt the light spill from it. My power – my strength.

Only Father could have given him the ability to do this.

“It looks like Lucifer isn’t the only one who made a mistake.” Zael whispered softly – I’d blacked out from losing my light, and he was behind me. I felt his hands on my wings, and I let out a scream of agony as he jerked hard. Flesh and feather ripped away from one another, and the woman’s head ripped up to look at me.

She could see them now, and she threw herself forward, her hands trying to catch me as I fell. My pendant sparked, jolted, tried to flicker light… and she stared at my face in horror. Silvery blood poured from my back – pain lanced through me. It took me a moment to realize that I was crying.

“You gave something that wasn’t yours to give, Seraphina,” Cartial spoke, stepping forward. The woman holding me didn’t have time to react – he touched her brother’s head and the body that I’d given my wings for fell limp. Dead. I was paying a price for something that hadn’t even been done.

I didn’t understand.

“What did you… oh, God, what did you do?” She tried to stand, to run to her brother, but Zael caught her by her wrist. She screamed, one long, loud scream… and then fainted in his arms.

“If you’re so fond of your little human, maybe you should join her for a while.” He grabbed me by my throat, and I was too weak to stop him. I felt my essence being ripped from me, he’d already taken my light, and now he was taking everything that made me who I was. The limp body beside me jerked once, and I felt myself fly out… out… and into her frame.

I didn’t know if he’d kill her – I didn’t know if me entering her body had killed her, but suddenly my eyes jolted open, and I was looking at my own frame, my own ruined wings.

I was in the body of the woman whose brother I’d saved, and I could still see the two angels standing above me. Zael laughed, dropping me to the ground. His hand was still around the throat of the frame that I should have been inside, and with one clench of his fingers, it spilled into white flames and turned to ash.

My pendant fell to the floor with a clatter, all of the light gone, the silver too hot to touch.

“Enjoy your new life, Seraphina.” Zael’s smile was malicious, and Cartial didn’t stop to look at me as they turned. In a wash of wings, they were gone… and my body, my new, human body felt weak.

I collapsed, and only just managed to get my fingers out and around my pendant before I fainted.

There we go! Death, the Death angel, ripped from her body and put into that of a human. I kind of love it, what about you guys? I’d still love to see how you respond to this as well – if you do, just let me know! I’ll make sure to link back to you when I post the master post at the end of the month. For now, I won’t linger long on this. I’ll get it posted up so that I can keep on keeping on and get to the next prompt! Until then!

Until next time guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
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