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31 Days of Horror Prompts for October (#20, 21, and 22)

horror-promptsHey, hey, hey! I thought about doing three different posts, but then I realized… I could just combine Day 20, 21, and 22 into one post. That way, everyone isn’t getting completely flooded, and the writing prompts still end up getting out there. I really do apologize for allowing myself to get behind like I have, and I’m so thankful that you guys are patient enough to wait while I get caught up. Hopefully by the end of the day, I’ll be there though.

So, without further delay, let’s get to the writing prompts. I’ll try to give you a little variety, as far as the content and what they’re about – feel free to do all of them, feel free to do one of them. It’s all up to you!

Prompt #20:

Morgue, Cold, Decay, Grave, Tomb, Haunting, Feast, Gore, Nightmare, Darkness.

Using at least 5 words from the list above, write a short story/poem/creative piece. 

Prompt #21

The bright light that had blinded you finally faded away, and when your vision returned…

Prompt #22

You realize that the thundering of your heart has an echo that isn’t coming from you.

And there we go! Three different prompts, and I hope that you guys really enjoy it. If it’s too much to take in at once, just choose from one of them and get it done. Writing prompts are really such a great practice, what with NaNo not being very far away at all. I really recommend that you do some practice runs to see if you can get your words for the day. It’s going to help you out so much! As far as it goes, I’ll do all three, and hopefully have them posted up by today or tomorrow! So, until then, I hope that you guys enjoyed the prompts. Make sure if you end up writing one of them that you link back to me! At the end of the month, I’ll get a compilation fo all of the prompts posted up, so that everyone can see what we’ve done together during the month!

Until next time guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
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