A Note and a Tip

Posted: October 14, 2016 in Creative WRiting, NaNoWriMo
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We’re just gonna drop this picture in here, since it isn’t Tuesday or Thursday… but I have a small tip that can apply to NaNo right now as I give you guys a small update. Yesterday, I had a horrible headache. I had a busy day… and I just couldn’t do my other posts for the blog.

I thought about really worrying about it. I thought about forcing myself to do it anyway… but I didn’t. Instead, I made sure that I had my 1k for the day… and I let it go. I knew that I would be able to catch up either today or tomorrow, and I knew that the world wasn’t going to end.

So that’s really my tip for you today, as far as NaNo is concerned – don’t push yourself. There are going to be days where the minimum amount that you need to write is all that you can do. Just do that. Do that and be happy with it, and know that if you need extra, you can always do it the day after. Your health needs to come first.

This si a small little blog, mainly to let you guys know that I’ll be catching up on my blogs (today if I can, tomorrow if I can’t), and you’ll still get a full 31 prompts for Halloween! I figured throwing a little tip in there wouldn’t be such a bad thing!

Until next time, guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
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