Weekly Writing Prompt Response: 8/28-9/3 (2016)

Posted: September 3, 2016 in Creative WRiting
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Writing Prompt Response

So, this weeks writing prompt actually gave me pause.


Lol, I honestly have taken all week just trying to figure out what I would call my first fandom. It’s easy enough for me to figure out what my latest one is, because it’s Fallout. The answer is Fallout. The answer will probably be Fallout for a while, because I can’t seem to get onto anything else.

But my first fandom. Hm. Thats’ a bit harder.

I thought, and I thought… DBZ, I was pretty heavy on that. And then I thought… but wasn’t I pretty heavy on something before that?

And then I realized, one of the very first things that I really, really became obsessed with…

Was the movie Labyrinth.



It’s happening.

“There’s no such thing as goblins, Quinn.” Danse’s voice was stern, and the young man in front of him gave a wide, innocent expression so that his green eyes seemed for all the world like they weren’t mischievous.

“Maybe there were in my time. You know, before the war. Before the bombs.” He teased the older male – he might have nudged him in the side, had Danse not been in power armor. Beside them both, MacCready took another swig from a bottle of whiskey and let out a low chuckle.

“Wouldn’t it be interesting if there were though?” He tilted his green hat back, contemplating for a moment, “Of course, with super mutants running around, maybe we don’t really need goblins.”

Quinn had spent the afternoon explaining some of the things that the world had lost during the time before the war – and one of those things had been myth and fantasy. Though he didn’t seem the type, he’d often found himself lost in the mythical world when he was younger… because that reality was certainly better than the one that he’d been presented with at the time.

“Still, the logical implications of a goblinoid subspecies existing at all is–”

“Woah there, tinman, you lost me at logical implications.” MacCready cut Danse off before he’d even gotten started.

They’d taken down the Institute, and thought the Commonwealth wasn’t quiet, it was quieter. There were moments that they could have like this, where they relaxed in the beach house that Quinn had built on Spectacle Island, away from the prying eyes of the Brotherhood who still wanted Danse’s head.

MacCready had somehow fallen into that pattern, and neither Quinn nor Danse was sad for it. There was room in their bed for another warm body – especially such a lean body, that seemed more content to snuggle between the two of them than anything else. Danse was silent about the situation most of the time, but he hadn’t stopped it from happening. MacCready was there now to spend more time with them both – to bond.

“I wish the goblins were real.” Quinn’s voice held a bit of wist as he spoke, and MacCready turned blue eyes to him with a small smile.

“Do you?”

“Yeah, imagine the adventures we could go on then. No more super mutants, or damn raiders. We could go slay some goblins and get treasure.” It sounded perfect – even to Paladin Danse, who remained stoic through the conversation.

“Well, maybe they’ll come kidnap you, so that we can go on an adventure.” MacCready was leaning forward, his breath smelling like whiskey and his eyes alight with playfulness.

“The last thing that we need is for Quinn to get kidnapped.” Danse’s eyes were the only part of him that seemed alarmed at the situation, but MacCready was laughing harder.

“No, it’s perfect. Quinn, I wish the goblins would come and take you away–”

“Robert, stop tha–”

“Right now.”

And then the lights in their little house went out.

“Quinn? Quinn!” Before they’d even come back on, Danse knew that something was wrong… and when they did, the young man who had been laughing and sitting between the two of them was gone. And in his place was a tall, slender figure – blonde hair stuck up, and mismatched eyes were both amused and widened in interest at the situation that was about to unfold.

Guys, I wrote a Labyrinth/Fallout crossover, and I might have to turn it into a real fic. I can’t help myself. I love it. My nostalgia! My nostalgia!

So, if you responded to this weeks writing prompt, just let me know! I want to list your responses below <3!

Other Responses: 

Kayla Dore


Let me know if you respond ❤ And remember, I post writing prompts every Sunday ❤

Until next time guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
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