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BookWow, so, it’s been a while since we’ve had one of these, hasn’t it? I’ve been doing a poor job of keeping the blog up to date this month, and I do apologize. Things have just been a little hectic, and I suppose that every now and then, it’s okay to have a month where you’re just hitting your minimum goals and getting by on that. I usually don’t settle for it, but I’m allowing myself to this month, and it’s been refreshing. Between the heat and new room mates moving in, I’ve had my mind elsewhere.

Don’t worry, I’ve still hit all of my writing goals, and that’s what we are about to talk about!


So, as you can see… I haven’t been doing a horrible job. I’ve been getting my words in, and a few extra. I’m at 50k for the month. I looked at my yearly calendar, however, and realized that I should really write about 19,000 more words this month in order to be at 700,000 for the year.


We’re going to see if I can manage to do that over the next few days. (I still need to edit that calendar so that the 30th is its own day to count words.) I’m going to have to lay off of my biggest distraction this month (other than everything that I mentioned.)

What is that distraction?

tumblr_od7g68vrtn1r12q27o8_1280Well, this is that distraction. It’s my newest Fallout character, and his name is Salem, and he’s been the biggest damn distraction as of late. I don’t know why, exactly, other than the fact that he started to get a damn good story developing in my head the instant that I started creating him.

Honestly, the stuff that I’ve written for him has taken up a lot of my words for this month. I’ve been thankful for it, because I love creating new characters and worlds. With my Fallout Characters, quite often, I’ll actually end up writing enough original content for them that they could have their own standalone novels, if they so chose.

That’s the case with Salem, so it’s not a complete waste… but when I spend all of my free time during the day playing Fallout instead of writing about him…

Well, you can see how it becomes an issue. So, as much as it wounds me, I might have to tuck Fallout away just a little bit, if only so I can hit that 19000 words that I want.

My poor Salem. I’ll be back to him, I swear.

Anyway, that’s my monthly update as of yet. I’m sorry that I haven’t been doing my weekly updates, as usual. I’m going to try to get back into it, since writing my blog is a good part of me staying on track with my writing ventures. For now, I’m going to get off of here and see if I can’t crack out a few thousand words of editing my novel.

Sidenote: My Discord Group (click to join) is starting to rev up for NaNoWriMo! If you want some help with plotting and a group to stay steady with after, feel free to click and join!

Until next time guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
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Writing PromptSo, guys! It’s nearly October! It’s time for me to get in my list weekly writing prompt before I start doing the writing prompts every day for Halloween! So, we’ll make this one easy for you to do, and easy to figure out.

Just put your music playlist on random and hit the skip button four times. Whatever song you land on, write a story, poem, blurb about ❤ I just want to learn about you, your musical tastes, and what they say to you as far as a story!

Sorry for the shortness of this particular blog. I know my blogs have been a little less lately – starting October, things are going to pick up again, and until then, I really can’t wait to see what you come up with for your writing prompt.

Just remember, if you end up doing it, make sure to link back to me so that I can see what you write! I’d love to share it with all of my followers!

Until next time guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
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Slight Delay

Posted: September 24, 2016 in Creative WRiting

Today is busy on top of me not feeling very well. So, I will have my writing prompt response posted up either very late tonight or tomorrow ❤ I just wanted to let you all know ❤

Life and Writing

So, apparently September is just a slow writing month for me, and that’s pretty okay. I’m still getting my 1k out, and a bit over on a lot of days. But, I’m really excited for the next few months as far as writing goes.

As you all know, NaNoWriMo is in November! National Novel Writing Month is one of my favorite times of year, so I’m extremely excited for it.

I don’t know if you guys remember, but last year I did a 31 prompts for October kind of thing – 31 horror prompts, delivered to you daily for the month of October. I’m going to be doing that again this year (if you have a prompt suggestion and want your blog featured during the month, just drop it in a comment below!) Other than that though, I’m also going to be doing Prep-Tober in anticipation of NaNoWriMo. I’m going to be posting blogs at least twice a week with my own prep tips, tricks, and NaNo advice, so I’m really excited to get to work on that. I think that it’s going to be so much fun.

If there’s any tips or tricks, or anything that you want advice on for NaNo, mentioned it in the comments below. I’ll probably make a few more calls for such, but it’s nice to get a head start.

Until next time guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
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Writing Prompt

Hey everyone! It’s that time again, where I post a writing prompt and see what you guys can come up with. I’m going to do a sentence prompt this time, I think… and I’ll try to gear it towards something that could take many directions. So, if you’re ready… here is the prompt for this week!

“I looked downstairs to see that the flood had submerged most of the house. That was when I noticed a faint light flickering through the murky water.”

There we go! So, what is that light flickering in the murky water? Is it something good, something evil? Is there a fantasy land? It’s completely up to you to decide, and I personally can’t wait to see what you do. My favorite thing about these prompts, especially a prompt like this… is that we really do have the opportunity to show our diversity as writers. We can shape a thousand worlds from this sentence, and elicit a thousand emotions.

I want to see what you shape.

I want to know what you make the world feel.

I can’t wait for you to show us all.

When you’re done, make sure to link back to me ❤ I want to put everyone’s prompts together at the end of the week!

Until next time guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
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Writing Prompt Response

Hey guys! So, funny story with this one. I was writing a chapter to my story yesterday – all week, I’ve been wondering what in the devil I was going to use for my writing prompt, and I was hitting a wall. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

This weeks writing prompt was another song prompt – either a cover of Dust In The Wind or a random song… but I loved the Dust cover, I listened to it all week. I still couldn’t figure something out.

And then I wrote the chapter to my story…

And then I realize… oh, dur. This is clearly the response to that prompt.

So, here we go, another Fallout 4 Fanfic!

Going back to the King’s residence was one of the hardest things that I’d ever done. I’d made more than enough money during my brief time at the Capital Wasteland, and my pockets were jingling with caps. I had all of the supplies that I needed, I’d studied and converted one of my alien blasters to bullets that I could easily pick up at any vendor.

For all intents and purposes, I was ready to go… but there was a part of me that was terrified.

There was a part of me that knew something would break once I went there…

Especially if…


I couldn’t think about it. If anyone could make it through it would be them. If anyone could find a way to avoid the bombs, it would have been Sil and Nora. Artem and Ren would have done everything they could have to take care of them. I just had to think positive, past the aching sensation in my chest and past the knowledge that even if they survived the bombs dropping, there was no way that they’d still be alive.

I had no idea why I was holding on to any hope – I just knew that I had to see it for myself.

I started North and I didn’t stop – sure, there were a few instances where I had to fight. Deathclaws, ghouls, your occasional band of raiders who thought that one lone traveler was a fantastic target. Though I gained a few new scars, nothing put a damper on the pace that I was setting for myself, and nothing could stop me once I’d gotten started.

I was on a singularly tracked mind, and there was only one thing that I could see on the horizon.

Blue eyes.

I came closer to crying in those days of travel than I had in my entire life.

It was strange – in comparison to the time that I’d spent at other places, the King residence wasn’t at the top of my list… but it was the place that I’d felt most at home. There were warm meals there, and people who cared… and there was the bed that I shared with Silas without judgement. It was some of the few times that I could stay with him without having to hide it, even though his father was the General.

There was no hiding emotions like that from Artem and Renigald – there was no hiding what was between us. And they’d seemed happy that Silas had found me, and happy to accept me as a part of their family.

I’d been terrified of them at first – it was some lingering thing from the fact that my own father was an abusive asshole. Renigald had seemed so imposing, so rigid and proper. He was the General, and I was just the Private who had somehow roped his son into a relationship with me.

I hadn’t expected a warm welcome.

I hadn’t expected the offer to come home with Silas whenever we shared leave together.

I hadn’t expected a lot of things, but I’d gotten them… and now I was traveling to that place again.

Probably for the last time.

It took a long time to walk there – two hours outside of Boston was fine when it was by car. Two hours outside of Boston on foot, especially in a wooded area where radiated creatures could lurk wasn’t the easiest of things.

I should have realized when the Deathclaws were brighter and the trees were more sparse that I wasn’t going to like the answer that I got when I arrived.

I should have realized that the scorched ground and the glowing pools of water were all the answer that I needed… but I was too stubborn to listen, and my heart was too intent on getting an answer that it could never have to let my mind stop me before it was too late.

I spilled into the clearing in front of the house that I’d once called my home, and whatever was left of my heart felt like it was shattering.

There was nothing there.

It was like one of the bombs had dropped on the house. It was shambled ruins – there wasn’t even a skeletal frame left so that I could paint a picture in my mind of what used to be there.

I was falling to my knees without realizing it, my heart thundering so hard in my chest that I couldn’t breathe around it.

“Sil… Nora… I–” My fist slammed hard on the ground without realizing it, so hard that I felt the pain shooting up my shoulder and through my frame. I was up then, and running faster than I thought possible.

Running towards those ruins, as though somehow I could undo everything that had happened.

I didn’t realize it when brittle, broken boards and metal were cutting into my hand – I didn’t see the rivulets of scarlet that tracked palms and arms. I could only see the ruin in front of me, the house where I’d laughed, where I’d loved.

The house where they were supposed to be waiting for me.

We were going to have a home together.

We were going to live in Sanctuary Hills, and be happy.

We were going to be a family after the goddamn war.

We were.

We were.

But we weren’t anymore.

I ripped a huge board from on top of what used to be a gorgeous red couch… and I saw it there.

It was in tatters, scraps of cloth really… but it was there, and I recognized it instantly.

Silas King’s uniform jacket.

His blue eyes were all that I could see – and for a moment, I remembered him sliding the jacket over my shoulders and curling close to me on the couch. I wondered if he’d given it to Nora, too, when the bombs were dropping.

My hand came out, fingers trembling as I tried to pick it up… the fabric was like dust between my fingers, picking up in the wind and blowing away on the breeze. The vision of his eyes – of her smile – took to the breeze with it.

I didn’t realize the scream of agony that spilled from my chest until was pouring out… and I didn’t realize that I was on my knees again, kneeling in broken glass and splintered wood. I was bleeding, I was cut open.

But the pain on my flesh was nothing. The pain of the last vestiges of my soul dying…

That was everything.

So, there we go. See how sometimes things just fall into place? I’d been listening to the Dust In The Wind song all week, and I didn’t realize that it was completely shaping and influencing one of my stories.

If you’re ever having trouble doing a writing prompt, sometimes the best thing that you can do is just let your mind wander off of it and let creativity take over you. You might end up writing it by accident ❤

Remember to link to me if you end up doing the writing prompt ❤ I will link your response back here, so that everyone can see what we do together!

Other Responses:

Until next time guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
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I had to think for a minute about what picture I wanted to use to head this blog up, because I wasn’t completely certain of what it was going to be about… but I think it’s a tip. Or a trick.

Or a way of life.

Who knows.

All that I know is that I’ve been taking a brief break from blogging every day, and I thought about feeling guilty for it… but then I realized that it wouldn’t be fair to myself. I’ve had about two weeks where I haven’t been posting every day like usual. I think that I’ve done a blog for about half of those days?

The fact is – things got extremely busy with me. As I mentioned earlier, we had some new roomies move in. Which means we also had an old roomie moving out. It was crazy, and hectic… and turned out fantastically, because we vibe so perfectly well with our new roomies that it’s wonderful.

They’re actually some of my writing buddies, so it’s pretty fantastic, as far as that’s concerned. We’ve been cleaning, and getting the house into just an almost domestic bliss order. So, it’s been a period of adjustment.

Aside from that, there’s a ton of other stuff going on, and it’s just prevented me from having a completely on-track mind when it comes to being able to write a ton. I haven’t re-done my calendar since I moved into my new writing space (Oh, pics to come in a following blog!), and I need to do that as well. The point of this blog is though… that sometimes, it’s okay to step away from all of the things that you schedule for yourself.

I didn’t do it to stop – and I have full intentions of picking it back up properly. Come October, I’m doing daily horror writing prompts again (if you’d like to submit one and get featured, just comment it or email me at, by the way <3). But for these past two weeks, I’ve let myself slide a little. Sometimes, you have to give yourself some leeway. Sometimes, you have to realize that you make goals with a minimum requirement and a stretch goal for a reason. I’ve hit my 1k every day – I haven’t gone lax on that… but there is nothing wrong with allowing yourself a little time to handle personal things, if you need.

And that’s my advice that I’m giving today – you’re okay with giving yourself a little bit of slide room. That’s why you do a small goal and a bigger goal that you know you can strive towards… so that you can have some days of just hitting that small goal.

That’s pretty okay to do ❤

Until next time guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
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Writing Prompt

Hey guys! Sorry this is happening a little later in the day. I actually was out for a lot of the morning! I got breakfast, and then had the privilege of getting to watch Labyrinth in theater for it’s 30th anniversary.

Needless to say, I was a happy little nerd.

Now that I am home and at my computer, I will get back to your regularly scheduled weekly writing prompt. Ahem! So, let’s hop into it!

I think, since Labyrinth has got my musical styling revved up, we’re going to play with music again this week! I’m going to give you two options, since I’m just nice like that. First option is:

This piece of amazing. I really have this thing about epic and kind of haunting covers of songs. So – this is your first option. Write a story based around the themes of this song.

If you aren’t inspired by this, then put your music playlist on, hit the random button. Skip it three times, and then write a story based on that song.

I think I’m going to go with the Dust In The Wind Cover Though ❤

So, there we go! That’s this weeks prompt. If you are sad about musical prompts… seriously, blame the Goblin King.

Remember! If you do the prompt, make sure to link back to me so that I can put all of our stories up as a post at the end of the week!

Until next time guys!!! Keep reading and writing, and keep being absolutely awesome!
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Writing Prompt ResponseHa. I pick this gorgeous picture of a Lighthouse that is super inspirational for this weeks writing prompt… and I’m really expecting it to jilt me straight into writing.

Instead, I have a super busy week and don’t post very much at all… let alone work on this writing prompt.

>_> So. I’m taking a leaf out of my own advice book, because I won’t not do a writing prompt response.

Welcome to a Saturday Session of Amanda Can’t Write Poetry!

A ghost lives in that lighthouse

And it is her haunting gaze that lures in the sailors

Not her song

But her broken eyes

And the pain that shines out through their iridescence

She calls to them with her pain

And brings them to the edge of the structure

Their boats crashing

Their hands scrambling for shore

Only to find the lighthouse door locked

From the outside.

Heavy inspiration for this came from the song Lighthouse by The Hush Sound.

If you’ve responded to the writing prompt, make sure to link back to me! I love posting your responses to go along with my own!

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Life and Writing

Still been getting writing done, though I’ve literally added up NONE of my words for this month to see how much I’ve written. I know I’ve crossed 1k every day, and that’s pretty much it.

But we’ve had a busy month so far – I’ll update you more later. People moving and new people moving in, plus some major house cleaning has kept me from properly blogging.

I should be getting back to my regular schedule soon – I’ll still have my writing prompt response and my weekly writing prompt posted on Saturday and Sunday ❤ You guys are amazing.

I shall return!


-Author Amanda McCormick