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Hey everyone! I’m trying to get this out before I end up going off for the day – I have a few things to do, and I wanted to make sure that I had the proper time to finish my writing prompt! The thing with this is, I usually wait until Saturday to write it, because it gives me something that is a specific goal on Saturday.

My problem this week is that I didn’t even think about what I was going to do, or what I was going to write. So… I’m going into this a little blind, but I’m sure that it will somehow work itself out. It usually always does.

Blood of my Blood

There was blood spattered across the walls. This was the last place I thought I’d see her. The black pitch color that my sister had dyed her hair was starting to grow out – the crimson color of her locks was showing through.

It was the same color as mine.

I’d never known about Sadie when I left the settlement, or I would have brought her with me – I didn’t have any love lost for my parents, but she was innocent. She was just a child… and she was a child with our looks, with our charm.

The only problem was, my little sister didn’t have my confidence to back everything else up.

I’d heard about her when I went back to the settlement that I came from – little Sadie, who had refused to follow in my footsteps and bring prosperity to the town.

Little Sadie, who had run off at a tender age, because she was afraid of what people might do to her, how they might use her.

Little Sadie, who had joined the raiders, because she didn’t understand that when I’d left… I had a position and respect within the Gunners – and the Gunners were organized and militant.

The raiders were savages, and my sister had apparently learned that the hard way.

I heard about her next from an old lover – Pickman, who told me of a beautiful young raider with crimson locks, who he’d spared because she had my full lips and bone structure.

He didn’t tell me what he’d done while she’d stayed with him, and it was probably better that way. I didn’t know my sister, but I was already protective of her – I knew what depravity Pickman enjoyed; I’d helped him to acquire some of those tastes.

I left him at his gallery, and continued my search.

After a few tender nights spent with a group of raiders, I managed to extract the information that she’d left their group, and they hoped she was dead. She’d been a sweet piece of meat that they’d all enjoyed their time with – their callous words were their last. I don’t know where I left their tongues…

And then, there was talk of a young woman, trying to make her way through the Commonwealth with a sniper rifle and stealth armor. She was beautiful, but she was afraid. She was deadly, but her insecurity kept her from being as deadly as she could be.

And when all else failed, she’d pull out a blade and carve her way out of a bad situation.

My little sister – sweet little Sadie. And I thought I’d found her at last.

But when I did, it wasn’t what I expected.

There was blood on the walls, and she was curled up in the corner. It was a raider den, and her clothing was half torn off of her, her armor barely covering her skin. There were streaks of crimson all along her body, and her raider paint was half smeared from her face.

Her lip was split, her nose was bloody…

And I wasn’t sure if she was breathing.

I rushed forward silently, wary of what was going on around us – there were raider parts everywhere, as though some kind of explosion had happened. There was no sound, no moaning… just the slow drip of blood that let me know that whatever she’d done, she’d done a damn good job of it.

I didn’t know if she was seeking vengeance, or if they’d simply caught her again.

I didn’t know if she was alive, curled in the corner with tear stains streaked through the pitch and blood that covered her pretty face.

It was only when I stepped forward, close enough that I could finally see her small chest rising and falling that I let out a sigh of relief.

My little sister was alive, and she was curled around a goddamn fatman that had clearly devastated the room around her and nearly taken her life.

I knelt on the ground and studied her carefully – she was everything that I’d heard about. Beneath the paint, beneath the blood and the bruises, she was a more delicate version of myself – all full lips and a gorgeous face.

She was my sister – she was the only family that I had. And regardless of if she wanted it or not, I was going to take care of her from this moment onward.


So, there we go. It’s a little more of my Fallout characters. You’ve heard about Jack. His little half-sister Sadie is my other character. She’s a raider, and it’s been a lot of fun to develop her back story as I’ve been playing here. I’ll probably write a lot more about these two; I actually plan on giving Jack his own novel (outside of the Fallout world), which means that Sadie will be featured in it as well.

I’m not going to write much more on this, because I want to go ahead and get the blog posted. ❤ I hope you enjoyed the writing prompt, and remember! If you ever respond to the prompts, just link back to me, and I’ll feature you on my blog, just like I’m about to do now!

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Kayla Dore | Prowling Thunder

So, until next time, you guys! Keep reading and writing, and keep being amazing!
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  1. Kayla says:

    Jack is so wonderful ❤ I can't wait to see what you decide to do with him outside of the world of Fallout!

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