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Hey guys! Everyone did really fantastic with their prompts last week! It’s fun to see that this is reaching out to people and they’re actually doing it! I’d love to watch it continue to grow! If you think about it, share this around! If anyone ends up doing the prompt for today, make sure to link back to me! I will post your response on my blog and share it out to all of my viewers. It is so interesting and fantastic, to see the way that so many people can turn the same situation into things so starkly different. I really do find it to be one of the most interesting and lovely parts of the writing process.

Anyway, for today’s prompt, I’m going to give it to you two ways. You can either write it based on the song that I’ll list below, or the phrase that I list to go along with it! So, are you all ready? Today’s Prompt is as follows!

All right, so, either write a story based on that song (LINK HERE in case the embed doesn’t work for you), or use the phrase, “And I think to myself, what a wonderful world” in your story. I honestly encourage you to listen to the song though, because what’s so engaging about it is how atmospheric it is. So, give the song a listen, and see what you can come up with!

There we go! The prompt for the week. Sometimes, I like to do prompts with songs… because I know that they elicit certain emotions from everyone differently. With the one above, it’s the music just as much as the lyrics, and the atmosphere that it provides. I heard it, and I knew that I wanted to use it as a writing prompt someday soon! So! Let me know what you do!

Remember, if you do the prompt, make sure to link back to me! I’ll feature you on my blog, and we can show everyone how differently wonderful each of our interpretations are!

Until next time, guys! Keep reading and writing, and keep being awesome!

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  1. […] This weeks Writing Prompt was to write a story based on a song. I picked What a Wonderful World, but it was by a different artist, and it had a completely different atmosphere. That’s exactly why I picked it. People might still take the song for the context that it was originally composed to fit inside of. Some people might listen to it, hear the tones, and think that it’s about the exact opposite. […]

  2. […] prompt this week is a song of perfection. It’s soft, and haunting, with a story all on it’s own. […]

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