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Weekly Writing Prompt Response: 7/31-8/6 (2016)

Writing Prompt Response

All right! It’s coming late in the day, just as I warned… but it is coming. I still have a bit more writing to get done today, so I’m just going to hop right to it! This weeks Writing Prompt went as follows:

The assassin looked to their partner. “I’m going on a mission, and I need you to stop me at all costs.

So! Here is my response! It’s a fanfic for Fallout 4 and my character Malice ❤

Loving Hancock


“I’m going on a mission, and I need you to stop me at all costs.” Her voice was serious when she spoke, her aqua eyes burning with a conviction that she hadn’t expected to feel. She’d never intended to care about the people in the Brotherhood of Steel – Malice had only joined them because she respected the man, Danse, and because he afforded her the same respect. After that, she’d only continued to work with them because Elder Maxson offered the technology and capability to get into the Institute, to figure out what had happened to Shaun.

She hadn’t expected to uncover any information about Paladin Danse, and she especially hadn’t expected that Maxson would react in such a fashion when he discovered that the man who he had trusted for years was a synth.

Malice wasn’t sure of much, but she was positive that Danse didn’t know about it, until he’d been told.

Hancock stared at her with wide, dark eyes, his mouth slightly agape. “What do you mean, I have to stop you?” He finally narrowed his gaze, “Malice, you wouldn’t actually try to kill him, would you?” She could hear disbelief in his voice. He knew her better than that – if anything, she knew what it was like to be cast out from your people, left to die because you weren’t useful any longer.

“No, but I know Danse well enough to know that he’ll try to talk me into it.” She shook her head slowly, so that long tresses of red hair slid over her shoulder. She stepped forward, and Hancock’s arms instantly came around her. The ghoul leaned in close, brushing her cheek.

“What, do you want me to talk some sense into the tin-can? I’m charming, love, but I don’t know if I’m that charming.”

She laughed – no one had made her feel good about herself until she’d met the Mayor. The unexpected connection that she felt to him, in tandem with his acceptance of who she was, her methods, her personality… she’d never found that, this side of 200 years before or after. Only with Hancock.

“It’s not that, but he might try to start a fight. You know how stubborn he is… I need to bring him back in one piece, even if I have to burn down that damn blimp to do it.”

I felt a closer connection to Danse now than ever – I couldn’t let him be killed. I’d been adamant about being the one to take him out – Maxson had seemed all too willing to let me do it. After all, I was a damn Russian assassin. I was a soldier, through and through… and I’d never given an inclination that I wouldn’t do what I was told.

I was going to give one now – I’d send the message loud and clear.

Hancock moved in suddenly, and his mouth pressed against mine. For a moment, the world melted away, and there was just him. He tasted like mentats and booze, and his tongue was soft velvet playing against my lower lip.

When he pulled back, for a moment I forgot why I was upset. I’d forgotten everything but the taste of him.

“What was that for?”

He smiled then, and it was beautiful. His hand stroked through my hair once before he stepped back. “I just love it when you get all fierce and full of conviction – when you show how much you care about the people in this fucked up world.” There was warmth there, and honest admiration, and then, as though he could tell that he’d said something profoundly sweet and he needed to ruin it, he added. “It makes your accent come out – you know how hot that gets me.”

Damn me, but I did love that ghoul.

So, there it is! I love pairing Malice with Hancock, because they work so well together! Anyway, let me go ahead and get the responses of everyone else who has participated!

Other Responses:

Jasmina Offer


Kayla Dore

Make sure to check out those replies! I love seeing how everyone can come up with something different from the same sentence! If you want to be featured on my blog, just do the reply and then link back to me!

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Just remember to keep reading and writing, and keep being awesome!

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