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Weekly Writing Prompt: 7/31-8/6 (2016)

Writing Prompt

Look at me, being a responsible adult and getting up early to post my blog.

Kek, that’s a lie. I haven’t slept yet, and it’s 7am. I do have coffee though, so that makes it better, right?


Anyway, before I go completely loopy from a lack of sleep, I did want to get this weeks writing prompt thrown up nice and early! So, without further delay, here is the prompt!

This weeks prompt actually comes from my friend Zoya! (When I ask her what she wants me to link, there will be a link to her page as well!)! So, enjoy:

The assassin looked to their partner. “I’m going on a mission, and I need you to stop me at all costs.”

So, there you have it! The writing prompt for this week should be pretty fun! Whether you take the exact sentence, or use it mostly, it’s up to you. Whatever your story pertains to? That’s also up to you. Just know that it has to be about an assassin who wants their partner to stop them from completing their mission at all costs!

Remember, if you do the writing prompt, make sure to link back to me, so that I can feature you on the blog that I post up with my response this coming Saturday! I honestly can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for this one, and I hope that it’s something fun!

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