All right, look at me, actually getting my update on time today! I did just get my writing finished for camp – I’d written a lot for the day already, but it was in RP and other such ventures, so it didn’t get to count towards my camp. However, I just finished a 15 minute word sprint that netted me 1230 words for my Cerulean Darkness revisions, so that topped me off for my Camp words, and I knew that I could start this update! So, turn your eyes to my count below!

When Flowers Fall – 3128
The Second Realm – 1516
Serial Killer – 500
Cerulean Darkness – 5716
Misc Short Stories – 836
Untitled – 865

July Camp Total: 12561/30000

Tada, I’m still right on track with where I’m hoping to be! And since I’m still participating in a crawl with my friends, I think that I’ll get past 13000 words today, so that I can be ‘caught up’ technically, as far as what the day is. Since I want to take the 24th off, I need to get a little ahead. I’m also going to be in San Francisco for most of the day this Saturday, so I need to get a little ahead for that as well. We will see if I can actually manage to bank a few words up.

In a completely non-related note (which is related, still), I went on a fat walk today. I was playing Pokemon Go, and I thought that going on a walk would help me clear my head and get reset for writing… and I was right! As soon as I got back from my walk, I did that fifteen minute word war with my friends, and the words came much quicker and easier than they would have otherwise. I really do think that the game is something fantastic – I might actually write a blog about it, because it’s helping me with my writing. Exercise can really help – getting out and clearing your head can really help.

So, for today’s tip, I’m going to recommend just that. If you’re feeling stuck, or blocked… go out and get some fresh air. If you’re like me, and you hiss at the feeling of the sunlight on your skin xD Wait until it’s starting to turn Twilight, and go then. It feels amazing, the air is fresh and cool… and it can really help you to get into the right frame of mind for writing. And Hell, if you can somehow manage to catch a Kadabra, Nidoran, and hatch an egg while you’re doing it… more the better!


Until then! Keep reading and writing, and keep being awesome!

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  1. I reached over 50% my word count. You are doing a great job. Keep it up. I started playing Pokémon too. I am only at level 3 right now. My regular cell phone model can’t handle the Pokémon app so I am waiting to get a new phone probably from Straightalk at Walmart.

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